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The Sule Pagoda in the City Center
Rangoon is the largest urban area in Myanmar (Burma) with over 4 million inhabitants and a great landmark the Shwedagon pagoda.

Visiting Myanmar usually starts here because of the airport and the harbor. There are plenty of other attraction in this truly old fashioned Asian metropolis where the visitor can feel colonial times almost at every second corner.

Yangon Map

This could be a great place but actually, there are mega-problems such as the daily electricity cuts etc. most time there is no power at all if the relevant house doesn't have their own generator.  Now (2016) the problem is a bit less since the installed a huge new generator from General Electric in the harbor area.

The new part of the Airport is functioning quite well but since they always copy everything the Thai do they also imported the negative stuff as it is at every international arrival there, means many immigration counters but no staff. They are around somewhere chattering on the mobile phone eating and so on the result are long lines waiting with arriving passenger.

Now how to travel to Yangon (Rangoon)?

Best price Airlines are Air Asia and Myanmar International Airlines and today's ticket prices are usually around Baht 4xxx,- for a return ticket from Thailand all the way up to about Baht 9xxx,- the most expensive are Bangkok Air and Thai International. Flights are plenty and yours will probably be from Bangkok or Singapore Changi Airport. There are also other flights from Kuala Lumpur, several cities in China and from the Indian subcontinent.

A new international arrival and departure terminal has been built some years ago which looks good and works excellent. The domestic area is still the same, from there the state-owned Myanma Airlines and privately owned Yangon Air, Air Mandalay and Bagan Air are operating. But it still needs a visa, get this is the Bangkok embassy they issue it within a day.

Cheap trips are available from Bangkok to Yangon

From the airport, you can easily reach the center using the airport taxis waiting outside. You need to negotiate the price, there are also limousine counters inside the building, their cars are substantial more expensive but they are also much better when the taxi is around $ 15,-. A cheaper taxi ride to downtown is about $ 5,-, but these cheap taxis are usually really rotten, just moving junk and no air-condition.

For another flight to elsewhere in the country check with a travel agent. Air transportation has been increased in the last few years quite a lot after Chinese airlines started with flights.
The big hurdle is still the visa problem also it's issued very quick in Bangkok it won't help much since it always needs a stopover and many don't want this. From countries where there is no Burma embassy, it's also very cumbersome. It is a real puzzle why the government is not able to solve this problem, maybe the way Cambodia is doing it.

Yangon Rangoon main road what you can see

The City Center

Rangoon Photos
Along Anawrahta Road which is more or less the premier main road with hundreds of shops and fast open air street food. Along are also plenty of markets right on the boardwalk one of them is a great tropical flower market around 38th street but only in the afternoon.

For tourists, this is the most important place if anything is needed such as have the photos copied to a DVD, have your Mobil Phone fixed, buy some cheap clothing, get a new pair of glasses within 24 hours and more.

Or just hang around in the wide Maha Bandola Garden and watch the lover populating the greens doing what they do everywhere. Another "Lavers Lane" is at Kandawgyi Lake close to the Karawaik Barge.

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  2. mahabandoola park in yangon
  3. Clock tower at High Court Building
  4. street market
  5. high court building yangon
  6. ferry over the yangon river
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  8. At the Yangon River
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  11. Yangon at night with bars
  12. at the Rangoon River
  13. Yangon City Center Walk
  14. Yangon Street Walk
Photos of a busy place
Pictures tell more for a better understanding. A long time ago Bogyoke Market was "Scott Market" not difficult to guess why plus relevant pictures. The Scotts were very busy in the country during colonial times.Today this is the place every traveler must visit, but not only foreigners, local people are still the majority. There is no other place in Yangon like this one.

The bazaar is packed with jewelry shops

Here are countless fashion stores, antiques seller, clothing, souvenirs, art, handicrafts, lacquerware and more. Many are very exotic and not cheap at all.

The Buddha statues above at the right and center are over $ 20k, the left ones are from around $ 200,- up to 5000 naturally prices must negotiate. The two mirror below including the frame carved from teak wood cost about $ 30,- each, just to give an idea. 

Watch the Bogyoke market video and it will bring you to our youtube channel with more than 400 clips. The creative artwork is on sale which gives any room an exquisite exotic aura, you need to visit the place are least once during your holiday. The people are very helpful also in terms of shipping / insurance etc. Here are the photos of the busy market in the center of Yangon, go virtual shopping.
  1. Bogyoke Market Sale
  2. Bogyoke Market (3)
  3. Bogyoke Market Jade Buddha Sale (1)
  4. Bogyoke Market Store (1)
  5. bogyoke market
  6. Bogyoke Market Sale (1)
  7. Bogyoke Market (5)
  8. Bogyoke Market (4)
  9. bogyoke market store
  10. traditional carved teak mirror frame
  11. traditional teak mirror frame
  12. Bogyoke Market Jade Buddha
Buddhist Nuns

The harbor at the Yangon River

This is the largest sea and river port in the country

The harbor is stretching along the waterfront from Insein in its north-east to Botathaung Township and the mouth of the Pazundaung Creek in the south-eastern part.

Sampans are crossing and your trip won't is complete without a cruise, they make tours with small sightseeing vessels, quite old but still moving. From here the passenger ships in the western delta and south Myanmar all the way down to Kawthaung are leaving. The people have no much choice because roads are really lousy and behind Myeik it's almost a "no go" and from there to the south is only the ship. Although some adventurous minded people take the bus between Kawthaung and Myeik .

The harbor today, since the city is expanding very quick many people live on the other side of the "Yangon River" they are shuttled by river ferries.

This is often real ships but mostly some flimsy bigger boats which collapse from time to time because the stream in the delta is very wide and strong winds can pile up some waves.The Myanmar's (Burmese) slowly start to understand that they can’t let their cultural heritage rot forever so they recently revamped the center to present a piece of green in the city center.

In 2016 they also started to renovate some of their beautiful monumental buildings made from bricks because they all are in a bad condition since the British left. Currently, they work on the old railway station opposite the Sule Shangri-La Hotel.  

The next architectural highlight (although awful rotten) on a Yangon City tour  to have a look for are within the “Ministers Office” which is about 20 minutes from City Hall which is the white building with the arcades and the High Court Building (also in brick technique) with the clock-tower.

One important tip take some breathing mask with you because the air in the main streets is extremely bad since all coaches are around 40-50 years old and most private cars either now imagine the air quality better protect you. You won't find any masks in the country buy them either in Thailand ( 7-11 or Tesco Lotus) they also sell condoms which are difficult to find in Myanmar see the nightlife section for more. .

The Irrawaddy Delta and the Creeks

Here are many seas-going and river vessels coming into the harbor from up country and the "Andaman Sea". They anchor either mid-river or just along the closed part of Strand Road.

Already since the 17th century, that's the destination for foreigners, but before the 18th Century when the Portuguese made most of the overseas visitors they also arrived at Pegu (Bago) and Sittwe in Rakhine (Arakan). This is a very old part of Asia which communicated with the outside world since more than one 
thousand five-hundred years. Until the 19th Century, the trading was mainly in precious stones and during English colonial times with Teak logs. Today it's less export, now is more import business because this the only bigger gate to the country, the border trade to Thailand, China and India has very limited capacity. 
  1. Busy Yangon River (7)
  2. Busy Yangon River (1)
  3. Busy Yangon River (9)
  4. Busy Yangon River (11)
  5. Busy Yangon River (5)
  6. Busy Yangon River (6)
  7. Busy Yangon River (3)
  8. Busy Yangon River (8)
  9. Busy Yangon River (10)
  10. Busy Yangon River
  11. Yangon River
  12. Yangon City Hall
together in Yangon with a virtual travel guide
Yangon Chinatown is a fascinating place
Chinatown is the busiest quarter in the city after sunset. 

People enjoy life at streets around when it gets a bit cooler in the evening and at least now some electricity is available. During the day most time electricity is off if they don't have their own generator they are really in problems. 

Here was the center of nightlife until recently the only place where some substantial things happen when darkness came but this has changed. Parallel to the reforms there was a real upsurge on investment at other parts of the city from entrepreneurs who immigrated years ago and are coming back now. This is a very positive development and shows that people are able to see the chances.

Roaming around Chinatown everyone who is really interested in the country should do. A recommended walk would be to have to start from the Sule Pagoda up to Anawrahta Road towards the west. Because that would give an interesting perspective first into the Indian part of the city and after that part. 

Last but not least, the Bogyoke Market also right in the center opens at 10 am and closes at 5PM sharp, not open on Monday. Since this is one of a fascinating bazaar in Asia ( feel like Marco Polo) it would be a real miss if you don't have a look. Actually, this and the Shwedagon Pagoda are the top highlights in town.

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  1. Yangon Chinatown
  2. Yangon Chinatown
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  6. Chinatown Yangon
  7. Chinatown Yangon
  8. Chinatown night lights
open air dinner in Chinatown
Along Anawrahta Road
Photos of Myanmar Flowers
Here are street markets right on the boardwalk one of them is a great tropical flower market around 38th street, read more.

Chinatown is a great place to explore the city, if you like to see the old stuff without modern influence that's the quarter to have a look around there is action day and night. Also, a couple of interesting Taoist and Hindu Temples are there. What is the most amazing? You won't see even one Chinese letter.

The former capital is facing the Indian Ocean or rather the Andaman Sea which is a part of it. All ships come in by the delta and the first they see is the golden dome of the Shwedagon pagoda which dominates the panorama, at colonial times a mystic object of the golden East. Facing the sea and is like Kolkata is the outcome of British rule. All the wealth and the economic power are there, the political power moved to Naypyidaw the new capital in the center.
Imperial Architecture in Yangon

Some imperial architecture is still present and can be explored by a city tour.The town was rebuilt by the English, the result was wide, straight, streets, with a solid architecture of Victorian style. Even today several buildings show the old architecture London had about 200 years ago, the custom house at the riverfront is one of them and there are several more in the center such as the railway station.

But all is in decay, nobody does any renovation to this sometimes beautiful nostalgic architecture, the old railway building is a prototype of neglect. Along the water runs the Strand Road with the famous Strand Hotel on the other side of the street. The area is always very busy and large ocean-going vessels (10 000 to 15 000 tons) are anchored alongside the banks and in midstream of the downtown port area. It's a very "stinky" one because of the never ending truck traffic moving in and out the port most trucks are very old, emitting huge clouds of diesel smoke.

The heart of town is around the intersection Sule Pagoda and Anawrahta Road

This was already planned by the British when they renewed the center of then Burma. this was one of the good jobs they did. When comparing what the neighbors did in Bangkok without any planning and in chaos, the British really achieved something great. This is also visible when looking at Phnom Penh in Cambodia where the French did a similar task.

Peaceful coexistence, the Sule Pagoda and the mosque of beautiful Moorish architecture. The place was defined by the British architects as the center of the city and it still is today. People say that the Sule Shrine is around 2000 years old but there is no evidence for this it is probably the usual interwoven legends and myths. Somehow similar to the other shrines.

The city is dominated by the Shwedagon Pagoda

This is regarded as the center of Buddhist by many people of the world. Plenty of Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world, in particular, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and other make a visit. All of them are devotees who pray at the Shwedagon Pagoda Platform. One of the most important information to visit is if you plan to visit, do it after 3 pm since only then is some shadow along the pagodas and temples.

This shadow cools down the marble slabs before this shadow appears it's almost impossible to walk on the pagoda platform because the heat burns the bare feet. Visiting this large Buddhist Shrine is the first step to getting an understanding what's up in the city. The legend is with it, but there are many more interesting shrines.This is a prime pilgrim destination in the Buddhist world, in particular, Buddhists from Korea, Japan, and China visit here. Pagodas are highlights of any trip to the country, there are plenty and the biggest and most spectacular pagoda is this one.

This is not only one building there are around 300 more shrines on the platform. since the sun heats up the marble slabs to an extreme temperature, you can't walk there between 10am and about 3pm.

Road traffic is often rather unconventional

Although it is very chaotic as in almost every Asian city I have never seen a major road accident in more than 20 years. People are very careful and disciplined, when I am in Thailand I see a major road accident every second day, that's real, no joke.

Yangon shopping from a travelers point of view means Bogyoke market

in the city center, that is the premier bazaar in the country. The right place for the special souvenir you better bring back home from your trip. It is amazing what is available at this oriental bazaar, a visit is a must, it's closed on Monday. They open at 10am and close at 5pm sharp. Jewelry shops offer famous ruby, jade, sapphire and other precious stones plus ethnic items, the little problem is, style is rather old. Pearl business with loose spheres and mother of pearl items are plenty, puppets or marionettes are very popular with tourists, also all kind of wood carved items.

It is the top spot for shopping in the city, an old fashion bazaar with all the goods attractive to foreigners and tourists. One of the very last genuine of this type, most old markets elsewhere in the region were pulled down and changed to some faceless malls.

At street markets

Bazaars are around everywhere selling fruits, also cherry or cigars seller are around with betel and cosmetic items. Fresh vegetables, fruits such as apples, oranges and much more. This is very different to other southeast Asian countries because it is one of the very few in the region who has large parts of lands at a higher altitude, this is mainly Shan State and Kachin State.

Street Market in Chinatown

Women offering lemonade by simply pouring the liquid over some pieces of ice into a cup. Many people have Indian roots, a legacy of British colonial times, in downtown are several quarters where mostly Indian people are living. Busy Chinatown has a strange appearance, its the only one in Asia where there are no Chinese letters visible. Compared to other similar places such as in Kuala Lumpur or Penang Georgetown its real unusual. The city is not only interesting during the day, there is also a substantial nightlife. Interesting young women are in the bars and nightclubs .