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Yangon nightlife with girls

Yangon Nightlife (Rangoon)

Nightlife entertainment with girls in Yangon

Yangon (Rangoon) at night with pretty Burmese women
Visitors to Yangon (Rangoon) usually have the impression (before they arrive) not much going on at night in the former capital but they are wrong.

There is good vibration in Yangon's tropical air at night with plenty of girls and things to do and eat as well in new Myanmar restaurants and bars plus nightclubs. Everyone can feel the determination to move into a brighter future there are less lazy people around as before and some are even working which is a good sign. In the night have a look at new fashion  show venues with cute young Burmese ladies Kipling and Orwell already found interesting  but at their times there were no nightclubs and bars yet but they had their 
colonial clubs and the sexy things just went on in the hotel or houses.

This is for sure not approaching Bangkok similar to flashy Soi Cowboy. Nana Plaza in the
Thai capital is also an interesting nightlife destination but Yangon (Rangoon) has its own
vibration and that’s not bad at all. Albeit in decay and most places awfully rotten
without even the most basic hygienic at most street food stalls and open air environment
but it’s improving.

In terms of nightlife Yangon (Rangoon), today is very much similar to Thailand although
without go-go bars all is just a little less obvious but once the critical tourist mass is here it
will come. A good example is Cambodia nightlife around Sisowath Quay in Phnom Penh.
The picture right shows the Gallery Bar in the Sule Shangri-La Hotel a
pretty bar to kick off a great Yangon night. It is a typical example that the
government is not very useful. They travel around everywhere in the world and beg for help etc. looking a bit closer to this bar and practically all other clubs in the upper price range show all imported spirits.

The fact is there are a couple of Myanmar companies which makes better alcohol drinks than the imported one so why they don't sell them in the country? I am sure about that because I took a few bottles with me some time ago and had it tested in a government laboratory in Germany and all gave it top ratings and issued permission to import to the EU.

What makes it also interesting is there is almost no chemical additive in it just pure stuff. So since the big hotels, which are almost all under some international brands won't use local material the government should tax them higher.
Gallery bar in the Sule Shangri-La Hotel

Before you kick off your night adventure a decision should be made go partying with Burmese Girls or not

The nightlife heat is on in Yangon (Rangoon) Chinatown

Plus at Ahlone Road, JJ Entertainment, Power light at Kandawgyi Lake and some nightclubs in the top hotels such as Sedona, Park Royal, Kandawgyi Palace Hotel with plenty of seductive women, be aware that most of the ladies support a whole family which means you will do some social positive things to them.

You won’t be one of the "gooddooer" from UN, Ngo's etc. who emmit plenty of hot air and bla-bla but only serve themselves with the high dollar tax-free salary the EU and US taxpayers donate.
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Photos at Yangon by night
Yangon Clubs with Bars Girls
It won’t need lots of effort to feel good.

A big bottle of excellent Myanmar or Mandalay beer (0.6L) is around $ 3,- (big hotels charge much more) and the usual cocktails are available for substantially higher prices. Burmese Girls in the nightclub know how to handle a lonesome foreigner there is no much need to do from your side, they will pick you up to make you happy just take enough cash with you either dollars or the local kyats about hundred US should work out for everything.

Young Burmese women in the night shift are special and quite attractive beauties they definitely aren’t dull, they can charm you and get you into a positive mood which often has a happy ending because they try to understand you to raise the positive experience.

What I don’t understand is, in the bars they always use imported spirits such as Bacardi Rum, Scotch, English gin and other, the fact is they have better liquors made locally ( that’s a British legacy and some buy the concentrate elsewhere such as scotch whisky and blend it with clean alcohol, they do the same with brandy of excellent quality afterwards) but they never use it in nightclubs.

That is different with Mandalay & Myanmar Beer which are the most popular the very positive with this two brands is they have an excellent quality which can match any European brand and is great compared to all these beers they make in Thailand and throwing plenty of chemicals in instead of quality, the Thai can’t control them self they do everything to squeeze some more money out they don’t care about quality, only profit.

Yangon nightlife becomes interesting at nightclubs, cross over restaurants, bars, and lounges. The places are spread around the city with some major highlights such as Anawrahta Road.

Most are in Yangon Chinatown and around Kandawgyi Lake plus at Mingalar Zey Market such as   JJ Entertainment   and Asia Entertainment Plaza which spreads over several floors. 

Some more venues are in other Rangoon areas but rather isolated and it needs a long drive to get there and on the way back the visitor falls prey to the taxi sharks since no other transportation is around. All is mainly a blend of discos, karaoke and life music with some dancing plus maybe an acrobatic folklore or fashion shows with plenty of pretty Burmese nightlife girls.
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Some of the nightlife places already started more than 10 years ago (today is 2016) which shows that Yangon had a vibrant nightlife already long ago. 

Have a look: In a Yangon Night

burmese days by george orwell
Pioneer Disco Club
Music Club Park Royal Hotel
Music Club in the
Park Royal Hotel
Zero Zone Roof Top
Beer Garden 
Yangon International Hotel
Pioneer Disco Club
Open Hours: 8 pm to 12 pm

​Location:  No.330, Ahlone Road, Dagon Township
Tel: 951-2316001-4, Fax: 951-229228
Email: [email protected]

The Music Club in the Park Royal Hotel is a bar / dance floor just as usual in a international hotal, they charge entrance. Pretty Burmese Girls are around prices are high end.
Opening Hours: 7 pm till late
33 Alan Pya Phaya Road, Dagon Township, Yangon.

Open Hours: 8 pm to 11.30 pm

Location: Ambassador Building
Thaingyizay Chinatown
Sakura Tower Yangon Sky Bar Top right
Asia Entertainment Plaza Yangon
​DJ Bar Yangon
Sakura Tower 
Yangon Rooftop Club
Open Hours: 8 pm to 12 pm

​Location:  Right opposite the Sule Shangri-La
JJ Entertainment & 
Asia Plaza Entertainment

Address: U Htun Nyein St, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Phone:+95 9 45369 2635
Open · 8PM–4AM

Open Hours: 8 pm to 11.30 pm

Location: Mingalar Zey Market
Near East Kandawgyi Lake
Rangoon nightlife girls
Nightclub Images
What makes Rangoon attractive is (among other) the colonial style flair.

This is still visible at every "second corner" actually it’s a look and feels rather of Mumbai but not so much ASEAN alike. But anyway it's amazing holiday destinations with exotic atmosphere, George Orwell, and Somerset Maugham was among the many which were fascinated by Burmese Girls which are in the nightlife business still today. Actually, the fun after eight came with the British before there were not many things to do except some “Nat Pwe” dancing shows which often went for several days and night. E.g. when people moved into a new house and maybe an anniversary your some festivals. Here is a Yangon nightlife video made at Christmas.  
  1. Myanmar nightlife show
  2. Bangkok Nightlife
  3. Yangon nightlife show
  4. Yangon nightlife show at zero zone
  5. Burmese show girls
There were also lots of dancing and singing during the Water Festival (Thingyan) and certain Pagoda Festivities. The nightclubs and cocktail bars, ice bars plus shows with a bit of a cabaret style came with the British and vanished quickly when the “clever” US guys were floating Myanmar (Burma) into the hand of the Russian Communists. The American and British had a big share that Myanmar slid into this disaster after WW2 and everything disappeared including Burmese & Yangon (Rangoon) nightlife.

One of the first which already opened in the 198x was the Zero-Zone Rock Restaurant in the heart of Chinatown  at Theingyizay, with music, reasonable priced food, pretty ladies and kind of fashion shows which are performed between 8pm and 10pm. This is at the roof top of the Ambassador building; there are several more places at other floors in this building. Find this places on the Yangon nightlife map above. Since Myanmar is rapidly growing at present times (2016) also night entertainment is blossoming, actually, it becomes a real Yangon (Rangoon) attraction thank the beautiful Burmese nightlife girls. 

Currently, the top spot where also the locals are around is 19th. street at Mahabandoola, it reminds a bit of Khao San Road in Bangkok. That’s in Chinatown with the other entertainment spots are very close, all reachable by a short walk.
yangon nightclub

Yangon Clubs & other night spots

Nightlife photos
Maybe the best nightclub location in the town center is the entertainment spot at Ahlon Road around the International and Summit Parkview Hotel .

Great for partying are the  Pioneer Disco , Pool Bar, Singapore Kitchen and Coriander Indian Restaurant plus some more bars, don't use the Black Canyon, they import their food from Thailand in frozen form but don't know how to handle it after you eating this disaster is looming. If you want a great dinner and being on the safe side use the restaurant at lobby level in the Summit Parkview Hotel .

This is one of the places where nightlife girls are available. Don't worry with the ladies they are singles and no pimp or mama-san behind but they have many clubs in the city where "Mama Sam" run the show, that is not visible to you.
On the other side of Ahlon Road is My Garden Music Lounge with life music, a pretty place for a quiet date. No women around need to bring your darling with you.
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  13. Yangon Chinatown club girls
  14. Club girls in Yangon Chinatown

Power Light Entertainment at Kandawgyi Lake

Powerlight Entertainment is one of the better full-service crossover nightclubs and restaurants.

Beside of enjoyable music and some pretty Burmese Nightlife girls they serve various locals dishes and the menu is not bad. Also, the day after no stomach problems which means they work in a somehow clean environment.

They are only a couple of meter away from Kandawgyi Lake just beside the Shangri-La Apartments a nice place altogether. Definitely, the right destination when you like a night in local style, check it out they are easy to reach and also handle a taxi for you if you like.
  1. sexy Burmese girls
  2. Yangon girls clubs
  3. powerlight entertainment
  4. sexy show girls
  5. powerlight bar girls (4)
  6. powerlight bar girls
  7. powerlight bar girls (3)
  8. powerlight entertainment girls
  9. pretty singer
  10. show time in Myanmar
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Myanmar Beer Shop

Rangoon Images
Some amazing good beers with top quality are brewed here and "Myanmar Beer" tops them all.

Other are Tiger and Mandalay Beer sometimes other brands come up and disappear. Times ago they even imported Chinese Beer and Heineken plus another brand from Belgium.

When the EU & US imposed their foolish embargo also all foreign beers disappeared so some companies who already had some experience in brewing started the local brands and many native Myanmar beers appeared in supermarkets shops restaurants and the usual nightlife venues.
Luckily large parts of Burma have a similar climate as Europe so there was no problem to source the raw materials locally. This also had an additional effect not to buy chemicals from elsewhere as the Thailand breweries do producing some of the worst beer in the world because they overdo everything in the case the addition of chemicals such as aromas, the foam stabilizer and other. 

Actually, all breweries use as base pure alcohol from rice which is ok but the Thai throw simply to many chemicals 
sensual nightlife girls

Nightmarket in Chinatown

Market Photo
In recent years a couple new places popped up having a bit of a newer style with pretty styling and feel better. It will still take a while but sooner or later Myanmar will match the other countries around similar to Thailand Vietnam and more, a good bootstrap is always a job in the Yangon nightlife

Spicy oriental soups are around which taste quite good but again needs a lot of attention, why? It has several reasons such as all water they take is from the public waterworks and that is not clean at all. In Thailand e.g. they come with one bigger bowl filled with water and push it under the table into this they clean everything, again and again, the whole evening and the liquid is no changed just imagine what is accumulating there over this few hours they do their business and so on. Soups play an important part in the Far East with local ingredients and spices.

Known everywhere are Chicken Noodle Soup with variants such as Singapore Noodle Soup or Ramen which is more Japanese and local steamboat versions. Many serve special fast food from the countryside they come from, typical is Shan Food plus some other Indian and Chinese food . Until now (2016) no KFC and Macdonald’s is available but sure it will come in the near future. 
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  8. family run restaurant
  9. strange Myanmar dinner
  10. Gambling at Thein Gyee Zey
  11. Thein Gyee Zay Market at night
  12. Myanmar girls working at night

Some sexy fun tonight

It's nothing new around the ladies are interested it quick cash and the guys in having a good time.

There is a continuous stream of new faces moving into the biggest city of Myanmar and it is interesting and if you try a bit more you could even find an ASEAN pretty for a longer lime relation.

Here are countless people from all over the country who see a chance in traveling to the delta for a better living. Although the environment is still quite rotten Rome was also not built in one day.

Many young women in the Myanmar nightlife business know some English and that at least makes some conversation possible, it's always the same try harder baby sooner or later it will work out.
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  11. Beerstation in Chinatown
  12. Dance show in Yangon

Myanmar Girls & Fun

At night with Burmese Girls entertainment, the night in Myanmar is not boring at all and Yangon nightlife girls are of top quality.

Not at a proportion like Bangkok but it is quite amusing and especially if you are a guy you can easily experience some outstanding pleasure since there are plenty of nice girls around who like the handsome locals and foreigners.  When visiting Myanmar try it, it's interesting, especially Japanese and Koreans who usually like them and care much about money since the prices here are still far less than at home.
Starting in the harbor city.

The large city beside the Yangon river is a melting pot of east and western ideas since hundreds of years, only in the last few decades, some lunatic communists closed it down. Now as the country it's re-emerging with a lively nightlife scene and developing with a fast pace, great parties every day since people have a brighter and more optimistic outlook. Most are happening around Chinatown, the Kandawgyi Lake, around Ahlon Road and the International and Summit Parkview Hotel. A more moderate one is on at the big hotels which have their own bars, clubs, and pubs.

It’s a dynamic scene, people here are fun-loving and the nightlife girls are ready for an adventure to earn some money. There is almost nothing illicit going on like in Bangkok and other places. The city is definitely the right place when looking for a fun night but all is closed around midnight with  Yangon Nightlife in Action .

Different venues are catering to a specific crowd until recently the number one spot was at Theingizay in Chinatown now many other spots went into business with a live band, Burmese girl’s entertainment, KTVs, dance clubs, discos and other.

The hygenic situation is not a good one

Many restaurants with Chinese, Thai, Indian, Singapore Noodles, Korean, Japanese and street food are around.

For those looking for a cultural night, theme check at the hotel since this is different every week.

Commonly there are plenty of possibilities for shopping, try Bogyoke Aung San Market , which is by far the best from the travel point of view.

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Yangon nightlife girls