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  Flower Market in Yangon (Rangoon) 

Tropical Plants in southeast Asia

Exotic flower market in Yangon Myanmar
This flower and vegetable street market is on Anawhratha Street in the Center of Yangon.

It's a fresh market and starts in the afternoon, no ice involved so it needs to be very fresh which frankly I have my doubt's, anyway I am here to make some pictures and not to eat. Since this also is according  to the traffic one of the dirtiest street in the city it needs a good wash.
Selling tropical plants.

There are countless street markets in the city along Anawrahta Road a interesting is the tropical flower market in front of the old Methodist Church 38th street.

Not only have they tropical plants there are also plenty of "temperate climate" flowers from Shan State. Since the whole area in the northeast around Inle Lake is above thousand meters all plants known in Europe also grow here.

Myanmar is blessed with different climate zones that are perfect for growing any flowers, from the glaciers of the 6000 meter high mountains in the north to the temperate level in Shan State at about 1000 meter height to the tropical flatland elsewhere.

An ideal environment to grow many different flowers among them are marvelous orchid flowers.
Yangon Map
Yangon flower shop