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yangon airport

Yangon Airport

Yangon Airport Myanmar 

Yangon Airport
Yangon international Airport is a newer one in Myanmar which functions quite good only the immigration procedure is similar cumbersome as in Thailand and during the English colonial times.

The Airport IATA code is RGN and it is located at Mingaladon township about 16 km north of Yangon  City center and two terminals the international and the domestic. This two are the only international airports in Myanmar (Burma) are the only in Yangon and Mandalay. 

Be aware that the baggage allowance is not much so the best to do when air-travel is keep you luggage as minimal as possible and try to get everything into a back-bag not heavier than 15 kg to carry on your body and to taken into the aircraft that way it cant lost and you wont have problems. In particular when on a tour in Myanmar and Thailand almost everything can be bought locally for low prices (cheap Chinese imports) and since low priced just dump it when you leave and no overweight charges. 

If you buy anything heavy such as souvenirs or whatever let the seller do the packaging and shipping of the air freight they are tuned for. Usually they also supply insurance and you have a hassle free air travel.

From Bangkok to Yangon a trip for some days with fun and shopping and before starting it needs some travel gear first such as Air Travel Bags Luggage otherwise no comfortable travel. 

After arriving at Yangon airport the next destination most likely is to the city to get to your hotel or a other accommodation there are several variants to do so. Maybe you could have already arranged this via the hotel which is the most expensive tour to town or maybe Chinatown which is a popular place to stay. 

Although the least expensive is take your belongings walk out from the airport down to main street and watch out for a taxi. The taxis deliver their passengers about 100 meters further up and must turn back to the city so its easy to get one back to town for a much lower fare actually about half of any other fare.
In Myanmar online shopping. On of the best places for shopping in Myanmar for unique designs and rather reasonable prices are the Yangon Airport duty free shops. They are rather a bit expensive relative to the Bogyoke Market Prices but still much lower than Bangkok and Singapore Changi Airport.

In the last few years the flights from China increased dramatically it's very similar to Cambodia also in terms of online services. 

If you haven't been in Myanmar yet you better do it soon since the Chinese are flooding the region and that goes mainly through this two main airports which are Yangon and Mandalay since the road where they smuggled jade is less than lousy.
Yangon International Airport
Airport Photos
Land and fly away for international destinations in Yangon and Mandalay only

From Mandalay they depart to Bangkok and sometimes to Chiang Mai in Thailand all other connections are via Yangon. But this is slowly changing because now it is possible to cross the land border in and out with a regular tourist visa and they also improved the visa handling at the airport in 2016.

Myanmar's are not very keen to work together everyone wants to "cook his / her soup" to benefit somehow. It's very similar to Thailand where everyone struggles against the other to cave out his / her very own niche to gain benefit.

Departure for arrival in Thailand

Departure for arrival in Thailand is a smooth procedure with normally no major problem. If you have any duty free requirement buy the stuff in Myanmar they are quite cheaper than Bangkok or Singapore. Especially in Bangkok they milk the tourist with all possible tricks in Singapore it's not much different but at least there is some added value.
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Want to buy some duty free at the airport before departure do it here because prices are lower than elsewhere in the region especially compared to Thailand  and Singapore where they pull you shameless over the table.
yangon airport dutyfree
Yangon international airport duty free