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Ubud Bali arts and crafts
With good vibrations in Bali
Ubud's Arts and Crafts show a creative lifestyle. Almost every shop has something to do with inspiration and art it really radiates a positive mood.

Ubud is the cultural center of the island, a crossroads for countless numbers of painters, sculptors, and designers who exchange experiences and find inspiration in its thriving art scene. Avantgarde, local style and other are embraced and practiced here by Western Indonesian and other Eastern artists.

Amazing what is on display for sale in the shops and not only Buddha Sculptures and other subjects around the same theme. Just watch the painter who does its job carefully in the backyard where he has the right light and a quiet environment except in the monkey forest. In the area are not so many forest roads anymore. Naturally there is no beach around such as Kuta Beac Kuta beach in Denpasar is quite far off which is difficult to reach because of the bad roads.
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Kuta Bali
The villages are embedded into the hills and the river produces a cool air circulation which again makes a pleasant micro-climate.  Although most forest has already been cut down in the past the secondary nature which came up including terrace rice field made it an attractive place to live. This is exactly what people call great tropical living.

People will not bother you and a peaceful mood make the soul happy and the that inspires art and culture, undeniably a pleasant place to live also dont forget the many Ubud art markets. Although art markets are around in dozens locations on the island.

It makes sense to call Ubud a center of culture in Bali.

No traffic jam and tourists who expose their ugly fat bellies and butts at Kuta Beach. Maybe you might miss the shopping temples of Seminyak it's a different atmosphere here. 

But there is no need to miss anything it's just less hectic smaller and more relaxed than on other places. Great restaurants with spicy food are available and all modern amenities someone needs.  

The tourist areas of Kuta and Ubud saw a lot of influx by foreigners starting in the late 197x until a government directive was issued to build new structures with Bali Style in mind. Luckily there was no much changed except in Denpasar Kuta's area so what we see today is still more or less the same in terms of Bali style but the quality of most buildings   locals pulled up are not as good, small and very basic.

Get some inspiration in this central Bali Village

Photos of Ubud
The village is more in the center of Bali Island where there are no beaches around.

Here are several villages who do a thriving art business around the   Ayung River .

For the location and how to get there check the Ubud district map at right.
The two main culture "streams" are clearly seen in the pictures at the right side. Talking about culture in Ubud or Bali always means Buddhism and common means that we cannot free from talking about Hinduism in Bali. The whole art scene fits together perfectly which means sculpturing and painting plus architecture and not to forget dancing. There are no larger shopping malls around they are all built around the bypass road in Denpasar.

The slow motion dancing can be found almost everywhere in ASEAN. A good example is Khmer dancing in Cambodia which is very similar showing the sources definitely are in India.
  1. shopping in Ubud
  2. Chinese inspired Buddha Head

Ubud and the hanging garden villas of Bali

These Bali villas with hanging gardens have probably more exotic green to show compared to the original ones.

The original hanging Gardens of Babylon
  1. Ubud hanging gardens
  2. Ubud hanging gardens villas sleeping room
  5. The hanging garden villas of Bali swimming pool
  6. Bali villa interior
  7. The hanging garden villas of Bali
Ubud Bali Villas Interior

known as the ones created by Queen Semiramis a legendary Assyrian queen from around 810 BC. The hanging garden Villas pics are from their website, book here

Nobody really knows how those looked like but since they persistently come up as one of the eight wonders of the antique world they must have been something special. Actually, this jungle hotel creation is also a special one with dozens of high-end  prices Bali villas around.  

Bali and art

Indonesian Photos
Ubud is an interesting place in Bali to stay for a while and let the legs hang down.

It's a rather small place on a small island but there are an amazing amount of hotels resorts and villas plus all other variants of accommodations cheap and expensive. From the millions of visitors who come to Bali, some arrive in Ubud and feel quickly at home because of the pleasant environment.

The problem is just to come to this place a bit off the center of the island since the roads on the whole islands are real lousy and the stress which accumulates already after a few minutes on this roads let your positive mood melt away quickly. After a couple of minutes, you will learn quickly that too many are around and they are real and even more than reckless.

  1. terraced rice fields at ubud
  2. Working in Ubud
  3. Buddha in Ubud
  4. Pretty artwork from Ubud
  5. Ubud with Chinese style sculpture
  6. Ubud view
  7. Ubud on the road
  8. Bali streetfood
I am living in Phuket and have some experience driving in Thailand and Cambodia plus Myanmar and Malaysia. But these persons here are real rough rider once they hit the surface with their scooters. There is also no public transportation which means roaming around in the tropical heat might be no pleasure at all.

Anyway, this small Balinese town is the island's art center and also from the touristic side some low-level adventure are offered. That makes it a great place to stay for a while and although no seaside is around it's for sure a "feel good" countryside with the fresh paddy fields. There are possibilities for trekking and rafting maybe do some hiking in the low hills and enjoy the laid back of the rural lifestyles.

But first keep in mind Ubud has the image as the arts and crafts center of Bali. The town also has a somehow soft light which makes the painters doing their work outside as you could see in the panorama picture here. The artists can hang the painting right into one of the galleries some having modern works other Bali traditional pieces plus combinations with various styles.

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Do something for your fitness and head to the foothills of Mount Agung and you will feel fine. There are some offers for whitewater (rather brown water) rafting on the Telaga Waja River a scenic floating between the rapids.