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Thailand road - bus travel

On the road in ​Asean​

On the road in Thailand with bus motorbikes & scooters
There are a couple of things to do when traveling in Thailand. The first probably is to ask yourself what you want to do in the country of the smile?  Because there are plenty of possibilities.

Visiting beaches, islands, the mountains, lakes, Andaman Sea, nightlife with girls or just laze around and let the legs hang low? 

Want to travel withing the country and maybe to the other areas adjacent to Thailand? For that bus, travels are probably the best way to explore the country if you are not in a rush.  
Road travel from Bangkok to Phuket is about 12 hours it's usually through the night in comfortable double-decker coaches and two classes are available. One tour from Bangkok to Phuket by the normal bus is about $ 20,- and with more space around it's about 30,-

The coaches come in different sizes and drive to almost every destination, on top of it this is quite cheap. The buses are comfortable and make one or two stops.

A bus journey at night


Travel to Bangkok first and start there here is plenty of information about shopping entertainment nightlife hotels it is very diverse indeed.

Amazing things to do such as real low budget trips are still possible in a functioning environment, no need to run around and get stressed.

Just read through our website and you will be fit to hit the road to the south, east, west or north. There are five international airports which are Phuket Krabi, Hat Yai Chiang Mai, and U-Tapao.

An amazing variety of budget trips are possible, but on the road be very careful with more road travel in Thailand keep on reading. Crossing the border on the road is from Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos, Myanmar is not interesting because of their visa regulations, better take the aircraft to Yangon.

Budget journeys are possible with a bit of planning. Low priced hotels to stay are many in Thailand . Find through the internet or just visit a travel agent at your destination (don't believe any taxi or tuk-tuk driver on this subject) and ask what they have. 

They usually have a special agreement with lodges etc. and pass you part of the discount for a great beach, island, rafting of maybe nightlife holiday, this is available almost everywhere. A very similar cheap holiday destination is Cambodia but anyway, the best is use the link above you wont find a better deal usually if you appear in person they will charge you more. 

The other is low-cost travel which means instead the aircraft take the bus it takes more time but it usually costs only about a third when you hit the road. Since the coaches are quite good and comfortable there are no real negative sides.

Some of the best destinations and places to visit in Thailand

Here are a great holiday and other travel packages for north, south, east and west Thailand which makes it perfect all year around even when there is some rain it's mostly only for a short time only during monsoon from around July to November it can rain for some more days. Considering the fact its more or less endless summer combined with cheap travel means great holiday.  

Now if you like to roam around for a change there is no way to ignore the bus and buy a cheap ticket. Using the coach in Thailand is an exceptional experience, why? The vehicles are good, comfortable and if you believe it or not they are on time, better than the aircraft which have almost always delays.

Since there are cheap hotels everywhere this is definitely the top option for an extensive trip in Thailand and it won't end there the best travel to Cambodia is via here, so is it to Malaysia and Myanmar ( Burma). 

A very interesting Thai travel routing has been opened in November 2016 which saves a lot of time. These cuts  travel time from Hua Hin to Pattaya to about 2 hours with a ferry instead of driving via Bangkok which is about 6 hours.  

scooter motorbike

In case of a Road Accident / Insurance / Hospital

First, there is no reliable insurance whatever ( I speak of my own experience with two of them) one was the insurance (Thai Insurence) Air Asia is promoting on their website, they have some connections with Germans Allianz and the other was as also a Thai / foreign I think it Axa or somehow like that. Foreign companies can not operate in Thailand without a local major shareholder. So you need to make a good insurance for the vehicle and the driver already at home. But be aware that if something happens not all hospitals take your insurance usually you need to pay cash and hopefully get it reimbursed from your insurance at home.

There are many crooks around who try to cheat when you return the bike or car, same with jet skies etc. They will just claim something is damaged and you have to pay although nothing has happened, so, to prevent that make many pictures when rentin.g the vehicle and when still having a problem get the police involved in this cases they usually help you. Be very careful since most of the local peoples consider foreigners as walking ATM's and they continuously try to cheat
Kawthaung Myanmar

How to Travel between Thailand & Myanmar

Road Travel Photos
If you want it cheap and have plenty of time use the bus tickets they are worth the price.  

Coaches usually are comfortable, low-priced and start on time, yes its true! There are big buses.  A faster alternative between an airplane and the regular bus are the minibusses, they are a bit faster and cost only a bit more, but never use a tuk-tuk, they will do all kind of cheating, an alternative within the city are motorbike taxis and the usual ones.

The best choice in the capital is BTS Bangkok , that's the elevated train and the MRT subway, that's the underground. Everything within the private sector is quite good organized even Thai airways , but employees always serve their own interest first in particular when eating and mobile phones are involved.

Travel and pay

For your trip, you need some money and the Thai currency is the Baht which is sometimes used as a speculation objects by the ruling parties. There are many ATM machines throughout the country but be careful they charge you almost $ 10,- per transaction.

The banks work quite good, why? Everything which promises quick money is streamlined. E.g. the other day I sent some money to New York out of Bangkok in the morning it was at the account in NY in the late afternoon, compared to this European banks are on the snail line with about 3 days.  Anyway, the Andaman Sea below is the border bay between Kawthaung in Myanmar and Ranong in Thailand.
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Myanmar Thailand Border
Thailand is ideal to travel by a motor bike or scooter
But anyway take your flight and rush to the country of smiles a " Thai wai" (Thai greetings by folding hands) will welcome you.

For a traveler who is seeking sun, beaches, nightlife and some adventure travel it's the perfect environment. The country is for sure amongst the top of the tourist and travel destination and a beach is usually a real pleasure. There are great tour destinations with top notch scenery of the coastal areas and islands are joined by a beautiful nature in the mountains and hills of the western border areas towards the border and in the north Laos with scenic rivers, jungle, and resorts. 

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  8. Mo Chit Bus Ticket Counter
thailand with the scooter motorbike
Travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai Bus Terminal
Chiang Mai Photos
Most destinations in the north have connections to Chiang Mai.

Also to Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and even to the Malaysian Border at Dannok and Hat Yai.

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  1. Chiang Mai Bus Terminal