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Just visit some oft he well known nightlife places at every bigger city. They work in various nightclubs and one of the most popular versions are karaoke girls. Many like singing and dancing that's the reason why quite a lot of them work in karaoke bars, actually they call this places "Cafe". This name in context to this venues come from Japan, they use it since long time ago. Here are Asian girl picture of nightlife, modeling, karaoke bars and night shows.

Many of the girls are real eye candy.
Gorgeous Thai Girls Photos
They are almost a synonym for sexy stuff with plenty of beautiful and exotic girls. Different ethnic groups and the exchange with foreigners brought a lot of very interesting evolution. Some come from northern Thailand into the big cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai and Dannok . Having a white complexion but most have a darker. Many women run around with umbrellas not to be exposed to the sun, dark skin is not preferable.

Everyone try very hard to get or have a complexion as white a possible. This is a serious issue among them and is nurturing the cosmetic industry who try to sell all kind of skin whitener. As long as the cosmetics are from a respectable company not much negative will happen, but sometimes some local companies brew together with some special mixtures or import this stuff from China and they have a real problem afterward. The further one moves to the south women bring a lot of different skin color variations.

Finally the color is quite meaningless since the ladies usually look quite sexy, a little thin and flat (not always), since we are in the "hamburger age" and often very pretty,
its difficult to get a perfect "package" but they have one advantage, you can play with them and how ! Your wildest sexy dreams might come true. 

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The complexion is a very big issue

Countless of Thailand girls travel to Pattaya every year to find a job in the nightlife business. The reason is simple it will bring quick money when they look good and are cooperative .
In terms of nightlife ladies Phuket is very similar to Pattaya which means a totally freewheeling athmosphere at night.
Danok at the Thailand Malaysian border is a magnet for Malaysian men who are attracted by the easy going nightlife across the borderbecause there is something going on they dont have in Malaysia.
Thailand young women working at night 
They do a good job at massage and karaoke clubs almost in every larger town in Thailand.
Asian girls, in general, have a good image, they are cooperative and Thailand girls are always ready for a smile.
There are more or less two variants of working Thailand girls, the ones working during day time and others working on the night shift. Night work has many facets, there are bar girls, nightlife girls, massage girls and other businesses which are usually a crossover of the three mentioned before.

Thai girls have an exotic touch and are excellent companions by any means, usually not tall but with a strong mind and a stable psyche. Just look at the Thailand girls pictures, they tell more, this cute ladies can be met at all nightlife places in the country and in particular where tourists are. Prominent places are at Bangkok, Patpong, Nana Plaza, Thaniya Plaza and dozens of alleys called Soi in the Thai language along Sukhumvit, Surawong, Silom and Rachadaphisek road. At Phuket, it's Patong Beach and Phuket City, at Pattaya it's walking the street and around plus places at Hat Yai, Sadao, Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, Hua Hin and elsewhere. Thai ladies at those places are usually cute singles also called free Thai girls since they come and go as they like.

They are very flexible when it comes to getting some money into the pocket via “winkle-twinkle’ with the guys, this are naturally not all Thailand girls but for sure thousand of them who work in the nightlife business. They work in Karaoke parlors, go-go bars, massage parlors, life show bars at Patpong, Nana Plaza and elsewhere in Thailand.

Pretty and sexy Thai girls often come from northern Thailand; some of them from the "hill tribe areas" in the hilly border area between Myanmar Thailand and Laos. This is in the best tradition as we know it from the Sumer, old Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Babylonians and others have to know what’s going. Today there are plenty of so-called “Good doing” people who earn a living by blaming others of this is not good and that is not good, unfortunately, stupidity never dies. Thailand nightlife with Thai girls is on 7/24, as long money can be made there is hanky panky business.

Young Thai ladies working at night

Famous Phuket Girls

Phuket Girls are not the only ones in the southern nightlife business for more just look in the vicinity of Thailand.

That could be extended to almost every country in the ASEAN or southeast Asian region. There are great Myanmar model girls working in the nightclubs and Cambodian girls in the nightlife bars of Phnom Penh.

Sihanoukville and nightlife in Siem Reap are not very developed means rather boring. In Angkor Wat / Siem Reap they have many UN and NGO people who siphon off European taxpayer money do nothing and use the money as a leverage to get nightlife out. You need to know what is going here the UN people earn above $ 3000,- per month and pay no taxes and watch out that the local people who ever hardly earn over $ 100,- month can't work in the nightlife business to feed their families at home. Who is financing this disturbing games? The EU, US and Japanese taxpayer.

They work in the hospitality business, massage parlors, singer, dancer and all imaginable entertainment business. For the girls, it is very difficult to earn some money since most of them have no proper education which is needed to get a good, well-paid job, on top of it because of the continuous overpopulation the competition is incredible.

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Nightclub show
Ladyboy Show at Soi Crocodile Patong Phuket
The nightlife girls are mostly from the north of the country who come down to the south for a quick hit and when the tourist season is finished they return to hibernate in the village somewhere in the north. There are plenty of pretty women and they use their body to earn money, it's a rather normal stuff, the more pretty she is the more cash comes in.

It's no wonder why they work the night shift because usually salaries are low and cost of living is rather high (for them) here are no western standards although Japanese, Chinese, and other live styles are copied, actually everything is copied.