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Tham Lod Cave Soppong North Thailand

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Thailand is ideal for Caving
Caves are everywhere underwater and above ground. Here is the Tham Lod Cave located in Soppong north Thailand near the road from Mae Hong Son to Pai also known as "Coffin Cave".

Some wooden boxes were found decades ago and actually from the size they rather look like boats may be used to navigate the cave lake. Today they use a bamboo raft to navigate the cave lake where the visitors sit down on them and local people pull the bamboo rafts.

Thailand is limestone country and this stone is relatively soft which means water streams can easily produce holes which become larger over time.  
Soppong on the road between Mae Hong Son and Pai in northern Thailand is a great scenic area with a Thailand adventure touch, spectacular views along narrow winding mountain roads with scenic overlooks and beautiful views with probably the most interesting cave tour above ground level in north Thailand. Somehow remembers to a Swiss Emmentaler Cheese with plenty of holes and caves in the limestone.

Also other countries in the ASEAN region have similar caves e.g. in Sarawak east Malaysia and the famous one near Kuala Lumpur where every year the Thaipusam piercing extreme festival starts.
Soppong or Pangmapha is known for the Tham Lot or Coffin Cave and once you made a tour into the Tham Lot (Coffin Cave) you have virtually toured every cave in Thailand. Through this huge stalactite - stalagmite cave complex a river runs through, navigation on the river is by bamboo rafts costs one way Baht 300,-two-way Baht 400,-.

The two-way ride guarantees a great tour sitting on a bamboo raft and being towed through the dark mystery of the huge cave. The trip is good organized and it's on you to wear real good shoes the higher the shoes or boots the better. The reason is it's very slippery and once you wade through piles of bat and swiftlet droppings which are about 20cm deep. Slippers are not the right "cave gear" to go through this. The guide a north Thailand lady from Pai has a kerosene lamp but since the grotto is a real huge one it needs to be very careful.

The name of the place indicate “coffins” but the coffins I saw rather look like ancient dugouts, coffins are not several meters long. Here are some pictures of the Tham Lot Cave

Soppong - Tham Lot or Coffin Cave

The guide - a lady- with a kerosene lamp is always in front and knows the way and some highlights.
ThailandSoppong Tham Lot Coffin Cave entrance
ThailandSoppong Tham Lot Cave entrance, Tham Lot cave.

ThailandSoppong Tham Lot Coffin Cave Exit
ThailandSoppong Tham Lot Cave Exit emerald cave.

There are a couple of trails that provides great hiking in the Soppong area. This trails in the wilderness won't need any particular preparation, but they bring a spectacular panorama almost ever half hour. The challenging is it the trail in this hilly jungle goes up and down on steep slopes it really needs good physical conditions. There is still mountain rainforest around, with plenty of hill tribe villages.

Some waterfalls, small rivers, caves and other natural formations are all along this hilly jungle trail at Soppong. Making it an excellent location for outdoor oriented people who enjoy the beauty of nature and are in good shape. 

Trekking in northern Thailand and elsewhere in the country is a way to enjoy the wilderness and beauty of this unspoiled countryside, different types of trails and camping grounds make it a real adventure trip

Stalactite Stalagmite Thailand Tham Lot Coffin CaveSoppong Stalactite - Stalagmite Thailand Tham Lot Cave
Stalactite - Stalagmite Thailand Tham Lot CaveSoppong Stalactite - Stalagmite Thailand Tham Lot Cave
Thailand Cave Explorer from the MonasterySoppong Tham Lot Cave Exit pulling out
Thailand Cave Explorer from the Monastery Trang Archipelago, adventure, pre historic cave painting Thailand, Soppong Tham Lot Cave
exit pulling out
ThailandSoppong Tham Lot Cave Explorer by Bamboo RaftThailand Soppong Tham Lot Cave Explorer by Bamboo Raft 1
ThailandSoppong Tham Lot Cave Explorer by Bamboo Raft Thailand Soppong Tham Lot Cave Explorer by Bamboo Raft 1

Some Lisu, Lahu, Shan and Karen villages, only accessible by steep narrow roads into the valleys of Soppong are around.

If you try to visit these hill tribe villages don't do it during the daytime, you won't see anyone because they are out on work, only elderly and kids are around during daytime.

Some small pretty river resorts invite to stay for a while, it's typical rural Thailand, real beautiful.
ThailandSoppong Mae La- panorama
ThailandSoppong Mae La- panorama

Soppong Thailand Panorama
Soppong Thailand Panorama, Thailand tours, bat cave, canoeing, cave, cave art, cave diving, Thailand adventure, Thailand
adventure tour, Thailand adventure tours.

At Soppong. outdoor cave tour adventure

is offered in a clean, fresh and exciting environment. Trekking the valleys between the steep hills, beside caving, kayaking and rafting are on just behind the hotel, guesthouse or resort.

The Morakot cave or emerald cave in the Trang Archipelago.

is a great outdoor caving adventure a real cave tour with all bell and whistle.

The cave entrance about 10 m wide is partially underwater, no way to walk in even at low tide. Either one can paddle in with the Kayak or swim in through the approximately 80 m long canal.

The little problem in the cave tour is, for a about a third of the channel distance it's total darkness, you won't see even your hand in front of the eyes, so it's easy to get lost.

The best way to handle this cave tour is to book a cave tour at Trang town, there are several tour operators and they carry everything necessary within the small ship, including lift vest to swim through the channel.

Morakot cave tour Trang
Morakot cave tour Trang
Morakot cave tour Trang swimming into the cave
Morakot cave tour Trang swimming into the cave
Feeding fish at the Morakot cave tour
Feeding fish at the Morakot cave tour At the cave tour play Robinson in Trang
At the cave tour play Robinson in Trang
Cave tour island beach Trang
Cave tour island beach Trang Cave tour Trang near the entrance
Cave tour Trang near the entrance
At the end of the canal, the limestone rock formation opens up into a big hall open upwards. Just lay down on the sandy beach of the hall and wait for midday, the sun now closes in, the water reflects an emerald gleam - therefore the name -, in every case a fabulous optical impression.

Krabi Cave Tour includes prehistoric Cave Painting

Cave Tour Krabi
Cave Tour Krabi
Cave Tour Krabi Limestone Cave
Cave Tour Krabi Limestone Cave
Island Cave Tour Krabi
Island Cave Tour Krabi
Scenic Krabi Beach
Scenic Krabi Beach, Birds nest, bird nests, bird's nest, bird's nest soup, edible birds nest, food soup, ingredients soup, nests birds, recipe soup, swiftlet, swiftlets, the bird's nest, cave bird breeding.
Krabi is dotted with limestone caves, some caves in the mangrove forests have prehistoric cave paintings.

The cave tour to this places usually goes by longtail boat and kayak.

Krabi is also interesting not only for saving but also for other adventure type vacation, offering rock climbing, sailing, and diving for those who like their vacation time spiced up with a bit of action.

The big Headed Ghost Cave or skull cave is located in Ao - Luk Krabi.

The people from the nearby village call it "skull cave" because sculls where found at the first exploration cave tour into the caves.

Cave paintings can be found on the top and the walls of the cave. This cave has the largest number of cave paintings anywhere in southern Thailand.

The paintings depict several subjects, the shape of human beings and animals, hands and feet.
Red, black, yellow and brown colors have been used for the cave paintings.

The cave paintings are about 3000 years old and indicate a prehistoric community living on the fringes of the Andaman Sea.
Krabi Cave Tour Video

Cave Tour Krabi Prehistoric Cave painting
Cave Tour Krabi Prehistoric Cave painting
Cave Tour Krabi Stalaktites
Cave Tour Krabi Stalactites
Half beach cave Krabi
Half beach cave Krabi
Scenic Krabi Limestone World in the Sea
Scenic Krabi Limestone World in the Sea
Thailand caves and the caves in the neighboring countries are the home of Collocalia francica, Grey-Rumped Swift or Swiftlet, they produce birds nest for birds nest soup.

The Collocalia francica which breeds in caves is famed in the Far East, some say that this bird was believed to obtain its nutriment from the air. Its name in Thai means 'wind-eating bird', and it is stated never to have been observed by taking solid food of any kind. The bird's nest, which is fixed to the most inaccessible parts of high caves, is half the size of a small saucer. It is transparent and takes, in the first place, three months to make the fine, web-like threads of saliva secreted by the bird.

Its first nests are collected as soon as complete. The bird then quickly produces a second bird nest, which is regarded as an inferior edition; and when this is taken, a third, of which it is sometimes left in possession. These are 'white' nests, without any foreign material used. A related species of bird, of less "good" habits, produces 'black' nests, containing feathers, flies, and even droppings. These are not acceptable in Hong Kong, the main bird's nest market; but find buyers among all Chinese.

The swiftlet not only does not foul its nests but does not permit its young to do so, although perhaps in view of its reputed feeding habits, the impulse is slight. At all events, nests are as spotless and saleable after incubation as before.
It was inevitable that so remarkable a performance should have attracted the attention of the Chinese who almost eat everything which moves. In about 1750 a Chinese called Hao Yang presented his wife, children, and slaves, together with fifty cases of tobacco to the King of Thailand, then Siam, asking in return to be allowed to collect birds' nests on the islands. He soon became immensely rich and was made Governor of a province.

Realizing the value of the monopoly, the Crown then took over. A corps of hereditary collectors was created; officers of the crown who were not allowed to change their employment, and who were permitted to carry firearms to guard the caves. Bird nest poachers were heavily fined. After an analysis conducted in the manner of their day, a body of early Chinese scientists unanimously declared that the nest was composed of solidified sea-foam. It was a short step to regarding it as an essential ingredient of the elixir of life. Although the elixir remained elusive, a combination of birds' nests and ginseng is still considered by the

Chinese to be the nearest thing to it ever discovered, and capable in nine cases out of ten of restoring to life a patient on the point of death.

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous practices are in the bird's nest trade. One was the manufacture of spurious nests. Such nests were made of jellies extracted from various seaweeds, and sometimes most artfully flavored by the addition of a trifling percentage of the real thing. Sometimes experts are employed to nibble judiciously at samples of nests. Usually, when you order bird's nest soup in a restaurant in Thailand, a fake will be served. Actually, it takes a birds nest-eater of many years' experience to tell the difference between the genuine bird's nest and the imitation. Thailand rafting, Thailand caves, Thailand climate, Morakot cave, Thailand holidays, Thailand tourism, Thailand tours, bat cave, canoeing, cave, cave art, cave diving, adventure holidays, adventure in Thailand, adventure sightseeing, adventure tour, adventure tour operator, adventure tour operator
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