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Thailand Caving Adventure

Thailand cave adventures

Thailand Caving at Soppong

Thailand Caving adventure at Soppong
The trip to Soppon and exploring the Tam Lot (Coffin Cafe) is not so easy because the place is hidden in the north of Thailand. Accessible from the west via Mae Hong Son and from east via Pai which again is a stronghold by western tourists because of the excellent climate.

Soppong is a very scenic small village along the Soppong river and the great Tam Lot or Coffin Cave,
Soppong is on the road between Mae Hong Son and Pai, the drive between Mae Hong Son, Soppong and Pai is a great scenic experience, spectacular views along a winding mountain road with 'sharp curves and hairpin switchbacks'. Stop at scenic overlooks and enjoy the beautiful views along the way. Soppong and the Soppong river
with the Soppong river inn is surrounded by steep hills with several Thai hill tribe villages.

Along the Soppong river are some resorts and other accommodation and guesthouses. Kayaking, trekking and a elephant ride is on the program, the people are very friendly just ask if you want to see or do anything, there is usually also somebody who speaks some English if not they will search for someone.

Tham Lot cave photos

Tham Lot cave in North Thailand

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  7. Black Lahu men living there
Around the Tham Lot cave is the Huai Nam Dang National Park with some small rivers just the right Thailand tour destination.

The area together with Pai a little bit further east is a great northern Thailand trekking destination. From the peaks of he jungle mountains you can see Burma or Myanmar, actually the people living in the hills are the same in Burma as in Thailand. This are Lisu, Lahu, Shan and Karen. Further east is Chiang Mai abd at north east is Chinag Rai.

Don't miss a canoe or kayak tour on the Sopping river which just runs partly close to the road, its a great river tour. Check for a festival if you are there, there is always something going on, just ask at the guesthouse or river resort.

The area here and in many places elsewhere in Thailand remembers
Other caves in Southeast Asia a short guide
Photos of caving
Cave exploring and caving is one of the top outdoor adventure worldwide
Famous caves are almost everywhere some gigantic and interesting are in Asia too.

Until recently the largest known cave in the world was in West Malaysia, the Deer Cave on Borneo. Now there is a new one.

The biggest know by today is Son Doong cave in Vietnam. Son Doong cave was discovered only about 20 years ago in Quang Binh province. Expeditions started in 2014 and each group will have up to eight participants.

Cave trip organizer is Oxalis already announcing to have significantly more requests than places for the coming year. A total of only 220 visitors are allowed into the cave in August 2013 a first time test expedition was conducted with eight tourists.

Son Doong is located in the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, about 500 kilometers south of the capital Hanoi. Visitors have to walk 17 kilometers to the cave, according to the Tourism Authority the basic trip is four days and three nights in tents.

In the cave are unique rock formations, pools and a unique flora and fauna. A seven-day tour costs U.S. $ 3000 (€ 2245) per visitor. The national park is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2003.

Native of the region in central Vietnam near the border with Laos had discovered the cave with an underground river in 1991. In 2009, British scientists made a first expedition, they found a 6481-meter-long cave, as the researcher Howard Limbert announced later. It is sometimes 150 meters wide and 200 meters high.
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