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Sulu Sea Adventure in ASEAN

A rough ideological ocean

A part of the Pacific Ocean

It marks the south and west border of the Philippines and this is rough waters with myriads of pirates, criminals, and Islamic insurgency.

This widespread island-world is difficult to handle for any government especially this awful corrupt one in Manila.

But now in 2016 they had an election and the former mayor of Davao became president, maybe he can achieve something, actually this guy showed that he can deliver when he cleaned Davao from the criminal scum often with unconventional ideas but in this country as in many other fighting the crooks with the normal laws won't work. Those are always "western inspired values" but in the "wild far east," they don’t care much about values made by a crowd which is 12 000 kilometers away and in a totally different culture environment.
Since the Philippines is a pure Island State it makes some fun (when time means nothing) and explores the ocean. I remember a couple of decades ago when people were not a mad driven by ideological means this area was an ideal holiday destination until this Islamist-run wild.

The picture is more complex, first is the total carelessness of the central government which just don’t care about the people down here and second the Malaysians are too close and they stir up the Islamist trouble as the front end of their Saudi friends who try to spread Islam again. It is basically the same as at the Thailand / Malaysia border where almost exactly the same happen. But the situations came under the control of simple gangster who makes money with this.

The holiday situation

Usually when people are talking about this fascinating tropical region as the Sulu Sea is of the Philippines and Malaysia with the incredible island-world above and under the ocean.  Means Palawan and the main city which is Puerto Princesa (dry season from November to April, wet season from May to October. It’s almost the same as in Phuket Thailand but a different monsoon over the South China Sea .
But as ever paradise has it snakes no wonder that plenty of them are also here around in various disguise no thinking that the natural beauty and scenic environment could be a tremendous money generator producing wealth for everyone if this criminal wouldn’t always fight and keeping the money generator via tourism in the Philippines away.