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Conflicts in the South China Sea

The sea is claimed by the Chinese

Deep Sea Creatures
This part of the Pacific Ocean
This is the  ASEAN area roughly from Singapore up to the Strait of Taiwan with around 3,500,000 square kilometers. It has a strategic importance since almost half of the world's international shipping is on container ships through these waters.

That is an important trade route for China since they carry their merchandise through here since about two thousand years. Actually, the present ownership claims of this water body of the red emperors in Beijing is ridiculous since there are more countries around it appears as if the communists want to ride on a nationalist tsunami so they resurrect the Emperors ideology of medieval ages.
Although everyone believes the area hold huge oil and gas reserves underneath nothing substantial has been found yet but the strategical importance in trading products over the sea is undeniable. But one asset the Pacific Ocean in that part has, this are fine South Sea Pearls grown in different colors and sizes up to 15 cm diameter.
Some of the most interesting trading products of the region are are South Sea Pearls in various color just have alook at this beautiful golden and silver spheres. Although entirely traded as cultured pearls they are are absolute gorgeous and have the same quality as natural beads by any means. The beads pictured here are from the warm waters of the Andaman Sea in south Myanmar and they mostly sold at Bogyoke Market in Yangon in various forms. I also saw them in some shops in Davao Philippines with very unique colors in the dark red spectrum,  
Why the Chinese do this?

Officially Beijing's claim history data as the reason: Since ancient times, crossed Chinese fishermen operated in the waters around the Paracel and the Spratly Islands. They say it is only logical that Beijing claims these islands now beside and defending. Few international legal experts accept this argument, and hardly anyone expects it will follow in the Hague Court of Arbitration.

What are the Indonesians doing in 2017?

How dangerous is the island dispute?

The real reason for Beijing's island expansion seems to be a strategic one. China, the largest trade and second-largest economy in the world, faces the sea of two "chains of islands" surrounded: one stretching from Japan through the Philippines to Indonesia, the other from the Aleutian Islands to the Marianas island of Guam. Almost all of these territories are either with the United States in alliance or as Guam, itself part of America.

If there were ever a conflict with Washington, so fear China's generals, they were encircled. At least they're maritime court so the South China Sea issue must be under their Chinese control they could think. Not to forget, they are still hanging on to a communist totalitarian Philosophy of the 19th-century and they simply are notorious liars they will never give up their pathologic mental state.

What about the US?

Chinese settlement off the Malaysian coast 16th Century
Chinese Junk Vessel 17 century
The USA sees itself as born in Hawaii President Barack Obama says, as "a Pacific nation", since the end of World War II, the ships of the U.S. Navy Cross in the western Pacific. They have secured the Pacific at least since the Vietnam War, the maritime routes in the region and countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Japan the economic advancement allows.

Washington and its allies actually disrupt China's expansion in the South China Sea a decade’s proven status quo. Beijing erected with its artificial islands a "Great Wall of self-isolation", so warned US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter at a security conference in Singapore which is also an issue for the ASEAN nations.

Most military and defense leaders of the region agreed but won’t call China by name because their economic dependence on its big neighbor is overwhelming but
asusual politicians don’t know what’s really going on. Because they are the biggest consumer crowd in the Chinese backyard, the communists need them as a market for their usually substandard goods nobody else in the world will ever buy. That means they have the  leverage of their consumer base which finally means Chinese need them more as they do China. The background is that most politicians and rich people in the ASEAN are of Chinese origin and that is what the communists are counting on. 
Broken blue and white Ancient Ceramics from a old Chinese merchant junk in the south China Sea off today Malaysia
News about the conflict from Thailand and Vietnam
For years, incidents accumulate in the airspace over the South China Sea, which comes close to American reconnaissance plane and Chinese fighter dangerously getting close to them, in mid-May a collision was avoided only by 20 meters at this games. Here are South China sea news about conflicts and other more interesting things to do.

There are reports that Beijing is planning the establishment of an air traffic control zone over the region. Which would mean that traffic has to register with the Chinese before they enter the airspace over the South China Sea? 2013 Beijing had declared such a zone in the East China Sea. The Pentagon sent two B52 bombers, and the pilot did not report into the Chinese. Beijing left it a diplomatic protest.

Neither Beijing nor Washington is likely to be really interested in an escalation. Too much is at stake. China and the US should work together to strengthen an "Asia-Pacific Security Network" suggested US Secretary of Defense Carter in Singapore. Even China's President Xi Jinping played down the significance of the conflict after meeting with John Kerry, “The relations between the two world powers were "quite normal," he said. The Pacific was "no arena for rivalries".

What does the conflict mean for Europe?

Lots of traffic is here since almost one-third of the international maritime transport routes running through the South China Sea, including the massive oil and gas supplies from the Middle East to China and Japan as well as the majority of China's exports to Europe. 
Actually whatever happens China's dominance in the western Pacific is increasing year by year.


Chinese business in the South China Sea
South China Sea Photos
Chinese Merchant Vessel off the East Coast cost of Malaysia in 17th Century
Why is this? 

Since the inauguration of Mr. Xi Jinping in 2013 as head of state, the Chinese are strengthening their presence in the strategically important, fish- and resource-rich sea area between China and Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Dredgers pour islands and reefs on which Chinese forces build ports and airstrips, even stationing missiles. Many of these islands and reefs are also claimed by other countries in the region, most of them are US allies.

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0n June 8 2016 the US Pacific Command spoke of a "precarious" interception of a Chinese pilot: Over the East China Sea, a fighter airplane of the People's Republic approached at high speed and came within 30 meters distance to a US reconnaissance plane of the type RC-135th
The US machine was on a "routine operation", as a total of two Chinese fighters of type J-10 appeared, Spokesman Dave Benham from the US Pacific Command explained: "One of the two intercepting Chinese Jets approached the RC-135 aircraft too fast". "There seems to be a case of insufficient knowledge how to fly an aircraft because no other provocative or unsafe maneuvers occurred." It was the second incident of its kind between aircraft and ships of the United States and China in just three weeks. Already on May 17, the US reported an "unsafe" corrective maneuver of a Chinese fighter jet.

This seems to be related to the disputed South China Sea. China set claims on the Chinese Diaoyu and Japanese Senkaku Islands.  ​By the end 2013 China had imposed an air defense zone around the country. Foreign military aircraft are prompted thus to identify themselves and to follow instructions of the Chinese Air Force, which the US and other countries reject. Whether the recent incident had something to do with it is unclear.
Indonesian Navy fired on Chinese Vessel
Brave Indonesian Navy countered the force od darkness
Violent incident in the South China Sea on June 18.2016: The Indonesian Navy is said to have fired on a Chinese fishing boat. A fisherman was injured, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Indonesia took the seven-man crew into custody. The Indonesian Navy itself had reported at the weekend that it had stopped a Chinese vessel because of illegally fishing in Indonesian waters. The incident is said to have taken place on Friday.

China claims the affected part of the "South China Sea" for itself. The boat had operated in traditional grounds, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Indonesia however sees the area as part of its exclusive economic zone - thus only Indonesian boats ae allowed fishing there. The red emperors in Beijing responded with a strong protest to the incident. The Indonesian navy had "misused military power" their declared and ask Indonesia to stop, "to undermine peace and stability". It is at least and third incident in the South China Sea since March 2016. In May Indonesia had already fired on a Chinese vessel after they refused to stop fishing.
During the communist occupation in East Germany they called this people "the red socks"
Fishes of the South China Sea and around
Photos of the Sea
The Sargassum or Angler Fish is a strange-looking  sea creature with a perfect camouflage which makes him very lazy.

They are not actively hunting for the pray they are just waiting until another fish more or less swims into their mouth. The seaweed habitat gives them a perfect shelter.  Actually, he /she just waits until another fish swims almost into the mouth.

The marine creature can change color fast from light to dark and never leaves his surrounding which usually is a patch of seaweed.   The Sargassum Fish 
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