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Soi Cowboy in Bangkok

Fun with bar girls at Soi Cowboy

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A crazy night with Thai girls 
Soi cowboy at night is a genuine Asian red-light district.

The street (Soi) is about 300 meters long and probably 100 bars and clubs are around. It’s just fun, drinking, enjoy the ambiance and bang the girls, many are real pretty, they like it and you like it, prices start at around Baht 1500,- for a quickie. This street (soi) got the name after Mr. Edwards, a retired GI who missed the plane back after the Vietnam War and started with the first bar in 1977, he was the one with a cowboy hat.
The wild sexy east is always good for some surprises and Soi Cowboy at the BTS Asoke station in Bangkok is one of them. The surrealistic "melange" with eastern girls and transvestites illuminated into a bright decoration plus amazing bars and clubs tops even Nana Plaza which is only one train station further down.

Soi Cowboy Girls in Bangkok and the red neon lights makes a great place with an unbelievable aura, of you, visit the capital this is a "must visit". Located just beside the BTS Station Asoke at Sukhumvit, means it is easy to travel there. This is part of the nightlife scene in Bangkok and one of the best of this kind worldwide.

Definitely, the girls and transvestites (ladyboys) play the sexy music virtually there is only three entertainment center of this version in the capital. The other are Patpong and Nana Plaza, a special one between is at Silom and Surawong Road it's "Thaniya Plaza" which is with karaoke and massage dedicated to Japanese men with the highest prices in town.

Soi Cowboy with Bangkok Girly Bars

At the entire road left and right are one girly bar after another. Here are probably up to 500 young women plus 200 ladyboys working in the night-shift and all of them are working on their own. Here are no pimps this are all free Thai girls who do their job to earn money and most have fun with it which are the prototype of Thai nightlife

It is bright, loud, flashy and has an abundance of "willing" Thai nightclub girls ready for business. This strip is close to Nana Plaza and Asoke Station of BTS Bangkok at Sukhumvit opposite the Terminal 21 Mall which is one of the latest "in" mall. Cram packed with amazingly young and hot go-go girls there are rather fewer lady-boys only pretty young women who go there because they like it. Just have a look at the images below it tells more this is genuine Thailand. 
Soi Cowboy Girls Photos

One of the most attractive Bangkok Nightlife Spots

Having been in the Thai capital and not visiting this place you really missed out the Bangkok essentials. 

See "Cowgirls" within a typical red light district with an unbelievable aura.
If you visit ASEAN and touch down in Bangkok this is a "must location to have a look around" even if you have nothing in mind with the girls. Just sit down and watch the action packed Bangkok's red light district. It's incredible you have never see activities with girls and ladyboys like this.

 This is part of the nightlife girls scene in Bangkok and one of the best of this kind, actually there is only three of this top version in the capital.

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Soi Cowboy is one of the most entertaining  red light districts in Bangkok

The other are Patpong and Nana Plaza and a special one is between Silom and Surawong Road it's "Thaniya Plaza" which is with karaoke and massage dedicated to Japanese men with the highest prices in town.

One of the better spots is the insanity nightclub which is a somehow suitable expression for what's going on here it's often hair-raising. I think if some of the usual EU moralists is coming around here they fall into a coma. It is really good that such places are existing, they show that we are not degenerated totally by giving way to all some stupids want to press us.  Pls. note the soi cowboy ping pong show is indoor.

The Thai Bar Ladies and Go-Go Girls of soi cowboy are officially working until early morning about 3 pm but maybe there is some extra business waiting who knows.

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Soi Cowboy Bangkok
Nightlife at Asoke Bangkok
Soi Cowboy Photos
Along the small Soi are about 3 dozen dance clubs girly bars nightclubs "beer bars" open air restaurants hawker stalls.

Some people just have secured a space on the roadside where they sell cold drinks from the refrigerator. There are BBQ stalls smoking soups boiling and some exoric stuff such as cockroaches spider rats and grashopper are offered amazing what the Thai's are eating.

I Talked with a local guy the other day he said the real danger with the insects and vermin is not the animal in itself but the insectiziede these eat and then migrate into the human body where the poison can unfold as the meat is usually not well done. As it is usual in Thailand quick-quick and nothing neat. 
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Busy Girly Bars at one of the top red light districts in Bangkok that is Soi Cowboy at Asoke.

There are plenty of cheap hotels (about Baht 500,- for short time) around to handle a quickie.Almost all visitors are tourists who want to get a glimpse of the sexy atmosphere, even if you are not interested in the horizontal business having a look around will also satisfy your curiosity because there is really plenty to see.

Spice girls club in Soi cowboy strip at Asoke

Just sit down in front of the go-go clubs and enjoy what you see it’s incredible. If you are hungry just take some BBQ chicken or pork at the street food stalls other hawkers are selling snacks and soups. Here are countless of naughty girls at Soi Cowboy Bangkok and clubs such as Tilac nightclub which  is a busy place with plenty of girls and a pretty interior decoration plus lighting and some features of a sports bar with wide TV screens. The girls shake their butts some have it even vibrating business dress is almost nothing. Anyway, they are here to show their body and not the dress, take one that's the best thing to do in a Bangkok night, read more.

A other sport is usual here although done in a horizontal position elsewhere. Several stages make sure that the pretty go-go dancer (up to around 25) are visible. Prices are around $ 6,- for a small beer. Tilac means darling in Thai language and there is for sure one waiting for you and plenty of Soi Cowboy Girls waiting for the big spender

The kiss club won't need a lot of explanation the question is rather how long does it take until it happens, "butterflies" are here enough now it's up to you to get it finally moving.

It won't need a big effort around 20 young women are ready for you and they really mean it, no need for a lot of blah-blah they are always ready.