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Singapore Orchid Garden

Tropical  & exotic orchid flowers

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Want to see some real beauties in South East Asia / ASEAN?
Not the Singapore girls there is another species this time it won't have 2 legs and a head, we talk about beautiful orchids and where to see them?

In the Singapore orchid garden where beautiful flowers are waiting to show you the colors of the Orient and other places. The appeal of orchid flowers is known and they are not as rare as they once have been until the 20. Century. At the orchid garden, the season is permanent, beautiful varieties are to be seen every day throughout the year, experience these wonderful nature creations and you will have a real good time.

Once the plants were only available in hot and exotic regions, now they are available in almost every country. But to experience these beautiful flowers in the right way it still needs to visit one of the tropical gardens. Of course, you can buy orchids via internet mail order today to decorate your home, for sure a great idea, but to visit a garden or a nursery has a different dimension with several thousand beautiful flowers in a great jungle setting, the next best thing is to visit a big orchid nursery.

They have been among the rarest types of flowers, which is, by hybridization luckily not anymore these days. There are around twenty-five thousand Different species of orchids and you can see them partly at the orchid garden. Sometimes it is difficult to keep all the different plants apart since many look quite similar, it's easy to see the difference between a vanda orchid and a dendrobium but with plenty of other orchid flowers it gets difficult, here they have small cards where the name of the flower is written, so no problems with identification.
Garden and nurseries with exotic plants
Some colorful flowers collectively form the family of Orchidaceae.

That is the biggest family of plants worldwide. They grow mainly in the tropical regions but  some species are also grown and placed elsewhere because of their decorative beauty typical of exotic flowers. 

Here are the Singapore Orchid Garden and the other one in Kuala Lumpur these places are green oceans with great colors in between.

A fascinating place to relax, admire the orchids, the shapes of flowers and blossoms, it's real eye candy. In Southeast Asia, some of these places have been created in an attractive tropical environment notably at Singapore and Kuala Lumpur , buy they are not the only one. In KL the garden is combined with   Hibiscus plantings which have also marvelous blooms  

The environment is more or less a botanical one focusing on orchid plants although often it's more compact to visit a nursery .  Most common are cattleya, mokara, dyakia, vanda, phalaenopsis, oncidium, paphiopedilum and other. Since they are the largest family of plants with more than 20.000 variants plus uncountable hybrids there is something to see indeed.
Orchids in Singapore
Orchid Photos
One of the most attractive botanical orchid gardens in the region is in Singapore.

It includes a lagoon with some swans and ducks gliding on the water and a waterfall where it is possible to walk behind the wet wall. 

The great landscaping gives the feeling to be in a tropical jungle with huge trees, enormous ferns and an abundant flora in general, just as in the movie.

Beautiful flower arrangements, among others with red and blue vanda orchids and plenty of other are set over the whole area interrupting the green with hundreds of different hues. Singapore has several highlights of this kind one is the Bird Park and the other are the flowers.
  1. dendrobium nobile
  2. white orchids
  3. the waterfall in the garden
  4. yellow orchid flowers (1)
Singapore orchid garden
Orchids flowers are epiphytes which grow on trees, lithophytes grow on rocks, saprophytes grow in leaf litter and terrestrials grows in sand and earth and between these categories, there is an abundant number of other orchid plants.

At the garden you won't see all the 20,000 known orchid species and also not the about orchid 100,000 hybrids that have been genetically created but you will for sure see so many orchids that finally you have seen enough until the next time you will touch down again on Singapore soil, the orchids will make your day, trust me! The tropical charisma of Singapore is the perfect match with this great garden including other sultry plants such as water lilies and more.
Singapore orchid garden

About the flower

Orchid Photos
Many hybrid plants are around such as cattleya, cymbidium, dendrobium, oncidium and other orchid flowers and there is no black orchid, that's a myth. Orchid plants such as paphiopedilum, phalaenopsis or phal and vanda orchids. There are the white orchid, yellow orchids, pink orchids, red orchids, purple orchids, violet orchids and green orchids. It sometimes reminds to the color scale of diamonds and other precious stones.  You could buy a great orchid bouquet and take it home, the flowers stay fresh for about 2 weeks if you cut the stem every few days by some millimeters and supply adequate water. The orchid garden at Singapore shows the real fresh flower hybrid culture.

You can make beautiful orchid pictures of the plants which will show colors you haven't seen before, this is not indoor plants, it's all genuine outdoor settings. Get some idea how to grow orchids and some orchid seed to take home with you and give it a try to get some colors into your living room. Just get an orchid pot and get orchid growing, it is not as difficult, the main thing is, indicated earlier, temperature, moisture, and some fertilizer.
You may have your favorite orchid flower, maybe holding special meaning, but orchids at the orchid garden in Singapore are different due to their natural habitat and their incredible colors, they are really among the most 

  1. pink orchid flower
  2. tropical flower in Singapore
  3. phal orchids in the garden
  4. tropical flower in Singapore (1)

Orchid Plants

For growing the plants

A good example are Dendrobiums since they look good and seeds are easily available.
The plants are not expensive and always hybrids no species are on the market (the wild ones) those are protected to avoid poaching which brought a lot of problems until about two decades ago.

Orchid seeds for sale: The Singapore orchid garden has many other varieties too such as cattleya, cymbidium, dendrobium epidendrum, paphiopedilum, vanda, phalaenopsis, dyakia, mokara and other.

Colors are pink, blue, purple and all shades of red and rose, yellow flowers are highly sought after, green and the elegant white which are often used for wedding bouquets. There are no black, they are only a myth, not existent.
Almost everyone enjoys to have a look and the best place is here and similar places worldwide or maybe a great greenhouse. 

Orchid Flowers

Plants Photos
It won't matter what's your special flavor of orchid flowers is or how much of a green maniac you are, there is an orchid that will work for you. One thing that is certain at this orchid garden you will be able to find the right orchid plant you like and you can take some orchid seeds with you to transfer exotic beauty
to your home.-

Many people buy orchids at Singapore and business is booming because the flowers are extensively used at hotels have the plants in the restaurants and around in a multiethnic cultural ambiance. The island is one of the most popular tourist destination in the Far East and after a busy day shopping, the next day is ideal to explore the garden.

You have never seen a flower park of a similar size and diversity before. It's also a peaceful haven for locals and tourists with a small and some artificial waterfalls having a cooling effect in this tropical climate. The lush green surroundings of the Orchid Garden is greatly enhanced by the colors of the orchids, you will feel the touch of mother nature very intimate. The park is also a good educational destination for the kids.

The orchid garden in Singapore is in the center of the city but still a natural environment with jungle, trees, bamboo, waterfalls, a lake and other outdoor attractions. The garden fits perfect into the larger landscape and the local ecosystems and native plant, now what could be the next city attraction? Yes, Singapore Day Tours   there is one which fits perfectly into a Singapore day tour. Another colorful and tropical playground is waiting that's the Jurong Bird Park.
  1. Singapore orchid garden office
  2. Singapore Orchids
  3. yellow orchid flowers
  4. dendrobium orchid flowers
In countries such as Thailand they hold a place in the culture also using them as donation and decoration in a high end restaurant. The state owned airline- present them to women to wear just before landing.