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After so many times standing around in front of the barriers the bureaucrats erecting almost everywhere at arrival and departure  it's a pleasant surprise not to get bothered with all this here at Changi Airport.  

No matter at which terminal the arrival takes place it makes a virtual boooom and the traveler is through. All the airports in the region are new but the Singapore at Changi is the best planned and organized. the next one is the Malaysian  airport at Kuala Lumpur which is also a modern structure designed by a Japanese architect. The worst is the Bangkok airport although a gigantic modern construction it is made like a big shopping mall in one huge building with the usual idea in Thailand milk the foreigners. Currently this airport and the old one at Bangkok Don Mueng is totally overcrowded (2017) the other day people had to wait about 4 hour at arrival immigration and over an hour is normal. Here a 19.century bureaucrcy meet fast modern times that cant go good. 

But this is somehow only window dressing because at the land border to Malaysia the local Singaporean bureaucrats run wild. From here it is a SMRT Rail Link ride of about 40 minutes to the hearth of Singapore City at Orchard Road. To get there it needs to change the SMRT 2 times which is not convenient at all since long walks are needed and the trains are always scrammed full. A couple of years ago when the old airport at Paya Lebar become too small and an extension was needed the government made a bold move (this government is known for bold moves, positively).  They opted for a totally new one to be placed into a flat area near the seaside Changi village. Years after Kuala Lumpur International Airport followed and in Thailand the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi was also opened a few years ago. The Changi Airport arrival work quite fast, actually quicker than any other south east Asia airport. Immigration is well organized, to see this organization skills and compare it with another newer airports such as Bangkok Airport you see the real difference between skilled people and other.

Which lets every traveler usually stand 3 to 4 times as long as at Sin Airport. There is practically no custom check, just walk through the green channel unless you really have something to declare, but since Singapore is wide open to its hard to find something you should declare, that includes money. Outside there are already taxis, there are buses and the SMRT Singapore train waiting. If you have to stay overnight have a look at the information counter they offer 24 hour tours and when there is no tour program just have a look at Singapore down town, Clarke Quay, a nightlife area which open until late. 

If this is not in your tour program take one of the airport hotels directly at Sin Airport or another, cheaper one a few minutes away from the airport, such as Changi Village or at Aljunied SMRT Singapore Station. At Aljunied you can also pick up naughty girls, if you like, just beside the 81 Star Hotel are several parlors with pretty sexy girls, available until very late into the night. The city is not so dull anymore, if you don't like them go gambling, the casinos and entertainment are open until late night, maybe you even win some money, who knows? The easiest reachable casino is Marina Bay Sands.
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Two direct hotels which are more of less integrated are available, as usual directly at the airport prices are high, if you are a little bit flexible in terms of timing there are several more available within a time range of around 20 minutes travel time from the SMRT Station means a hotel near Changi Airport is easy to find. 

Hotel Booking.

Just use the link icon at right. Towards the city with the SMRT the first is Lion City Hotel (the hotel is a little bit run  down) a few stations away only about 5 minutes walk from the MRT station and 2 Stations further are about two dozen budget hotels close to the Aljunied MRT Station the hotels have everything a traveler need, is clean and has naughty girls parlors just a few meters away. Book all this hotels online or through the reservation counter as indicated before because when you just walk in they always ask for a higher price and be aware that from Friday to Sunday hotel prices are up about 20%. 

In general always opt for a accommodation close to a MRT Station, they are not real top notch like the Changi Airport Hotels but since they are so close in terms of travel they could be considered as and on top of it they are much cheaper.

This huge very modern style airport has a rather decentralized architecture with four terminals at present, one of them is the Budget Terminal airport transfer , it connects the 3 main terminals by a small bus which is a fast and easy travel within the area.

The East Coast Parkway and several airport bus lines from strategically located departure points serve the city. Reflecting Singapore’s economic, commercial and tourism aspirations, this hub act for international travel to distribute passengers around the region. The airport architecture follows the relatively conventional arrangement of several free-standing satellites dedicated to allow the passengers moving around without a lot of walking, since no one is really interested to walk long distances with luggage, trolleys won’t be a option since sometimes they are available, sometimes not. 

Plus the other terminals by a railway station called SMRT Singapore Changi Station at the very basement this train link unites the airport with the city. Also at Sin Airport terminal 3 are the connections to all other terminals via the Skytrain and the bus to the budget station.
All terminals have a longitudinal pier to serve dozens of aircraft, at the Budget Terminal the passengers walk from the piers to the aircrafts, no expensive tubes have been installed keeping it as it’s defined a budget terminal for low cost operation. The main airlines operating here is Tiger Airways.

Changi international airport has 4 end / start point, that is terminal 1,2,3 which are more or less the same only each is bigger than the other reflecting the expansion over time. The latest was is for the Budget airlines.

The budget terminal is reachable by a free bus ride from terminal 3 at the basement level around the same level as the MRT Singapore Station. Departure works quite ok, only the check in is quite slow. There is also a sales tax refund counter in the terminals.
Plenty of airport shopping, restaurants and space to rest is available, restaurants are for different tastes, such as Chinese, Noodles, Hamburger Station, Malay Style, Japanese and more.