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Singapore day & night

Luxury Fun Day and Night in Singapore

The city-state is an exotic attraction for a couple of days
Singapore is very well connected by air, ships / ferries move in and dozens of buses connect to Malaysia and the rest of
ASEAN every day. It's a very compact situation just fly in and out no need to waste a lot of time.  

This makes it also ideal for an extended Singapore weekend and we give some ideas what to do and where to go. Although
the place climbed already to the highest priced city on mother earth (before Zurich) there is still something to see without
looting your bank account. 

Singapore was originally a Malay fishing village, the British came in 1819 and the change began after Chinese took over and a merciless struggle for money began. At that time this place was still malaria infested jungle settlement and today the city is considered one of the top financial and business powers in Asia plus a tourist hub in the region via Changi Airport. Lots of people in the surrounding area consider the Island State a save haven investing and bunker their money there.  

Behind the borders are some of the worst corrupt and crime infested countries, it is very common e.g. the other day the heir to the Red Bull empire (which is a Thai company) killed a police men with the Ferrari, he was driving drunk plus other drugs, he managed to escape to Singapore where the guy is sitting now and wait.

The island nation is well known to be the home of different cultures and ethnicity, mainly Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian and plenty of other from around the globe. The place is a rather very small country, its modern, its trendy and a lot of people make lots of money there.

Jurong Bird Park
Changi Airport
Orchid Garden
Clarke Quay

A Bit of History

When coming to Singapore and watching from the aircraft window the unique location at the southernmost end of the Malaysian Peninsular is visible. A strategic important location between East and West as already the British have known who started developing the island just as they did with Penang Malaysia .

After arriving at Changi airport maybe at the Budget Terminal it's a pleasant surprise since the airport is very well organized no need to cue in front of immigration for an hour like in Bangkok when 2 jumbos come in at the same time.

One of this budget airlines is Tiger Airways, they have good flight rates, but they are very strict, even if there is the smallest problem, lets say your passport don't have the officially required blank pages left (on travel to Thailand) etc. they will refuse to check in and your ticket is gone. So think twice before taking this airline you can't trust them. Actually, in the country around nobody is interested in this but some people always overdo it extremely.

They are Australian and have no much idea about this region if you travel here take Air Asia they have the same rates and are local they know the real things.They don't know that nobody in the relevant countries around really cares about such things as long as there is enough space for the in and out stamp. People who go by the book in southeast Asian countries will always create problems and the passenger finally has the real problem so be careful when doing Singapore travel with Tiger Airways.
  1. Singapore Waterfront
  2. Singapore Panorama
  3. Singapore Marina Bay
  4. Singapore Sands Hotel Mall & Casino
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  6. Managing Director
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  9. Singapore Waterfront
The city is also a great place for shopping and entertainment actually already at the Airport if you wouldn't know that this is an airport you maybe would guess here is an high-end shopping mall but don't buy anything there downtown prices are definitely lower that must not be Orchard Road , there are many another possibility.

SMRT to Town

At the Changi Airport arrival halls are banks to change money the downtown money changer give you a better rate if you use an ATM card (there are several ATM in the arrival hall) calculated how much money you will need since the charges are not so low. Airport to Singapore city transport is at best by SMRT or MRT, the station is in the basement. 

After going through custom and no hotel booking yet, use the hotel booking counter at the arrival hall, they have hotels in every price range all the way down to about S$ 45,- for a night. Singapore is known for great hotels but most are quite expensive relative to other countries in the region.

  1. singapore mrt
  2. singapore mrt (1)
  3. singapore mrt (3)
  4. singapore mrt (2)
Busy Orchard Road
Orchard Road is probably the first stop since there are most shops and malls, the whole area screams shopping! tax refunds will be handed out at Changi Airport when you leave. If on transit in the night, take a taxi and get to Mustafa Centre in Little India. Mustafa Centre shopping mall is open 24 hours daily and sells everything including electronics, textiles, jewelry, food, souvenirs on so on.  

Orchard Road shopping is just made for you the area also contains  myriads of pubs, and restaurants of local style, means food courts and nicely decorated bars but be aware they are merciless capitalistic, if you don't order enough they tell you get lost. Which happen to me at orchard road. 

Having a look around Orchard Road almost more Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche are visible than in Monaco, a clear indication where the money is. But keep in mind there are no cheap hotels at Orchard Road or vicinity. This cosmopolitan state attracts plenty of tourists every year aside of the fact that prices are high relative to the other countries in the region. They managed to get a good reputation as being a safe country with lots of green around, maintaining the image as a garden city of the East somehow similar as Rangoon or today Yangon was built by the British.
  1. orchard road shopping (1)
  2. orchard road shopping (2)
  3. orchard road shopping
  4. orchard road shopping temple
Make a boat ride on the river you can board at Clarke Quay.

Enjoy Little India and Chinatown, have a trishaw ride and visit Zoo, do a Night Safari, enjoy the Orchid Garden, Jurong Bird Park and try the endless array of restaurants and food courts, there are plenty of things to do in Singapore.

This is a real great tropical city by any means, only sometimes the authorities are overdoing it, they are very tough if something won't go the way they want to have it go. Browsing the malls and shops are the prime idea of most people in the city, not only the tourists. In the evening have a look at Clarke Quay a great place for dining and entertainment at the waterside real attractions Singapore.
  1. Clarke Quay
  2. Clarke Quay Entertainment
  3. Clarke Quay River
  4. Clarke Quay Restaurant
Like Macao? Enjoy Las Vegas? Probably like Singapore, relax, have, fun and a good time, hand over your money and bye, bye.
They all search for jobs since the construction boom goes on since years and the newest additions are the Singapore casinos such as the Marina Sands and the RWS Casino on Sentosa Island. Singapore travel shows a place in Asia where the urban meets the traditional, modern architecture integrates greenery and high tech merges with age-old historical cultures. The Lion City offers plenty of unique experiences, shopping, sightseeing, partying, dining, nightlife,
greathotels and resorts plus other attractions such as food and a vibrant nightlife.
Singapore Nightlife
Attractions in Singapore also means casinos and exotic women a typical red light zone in Singapore is at Aldjunied.

Actually, the girls are usually not from Singapore, rather from Malaysia, Thailand, China, India, and the Philippines. The big gambling halls are on Sentosa Island and Marina Bay although everyone knows most people loose in a casino only the state make the profit via taxes and the owners make the cash but in any case, visit the "Lion City" its a great exotic Asian City-State. 

By any means, people are awful greedy and constantly trying to pull money with any trick. I actually only met some trustworthy people in the Singapore Information Shop on Orchard Street.

Among other, in the Aljunied area, you even get an extra bonus. I don't know if you like it but this is one of the areas in Singapore where the nightlife girls hang around. 

But no problems, nobody will ever bother you if you won't do the start, it's not like Bangkok, Phuket or Kuala Lumpur Nightlife where they run after you, on the other hand, its no as vibrant and spicy as Thailand nightlife. Many Singapore food courts are open 24/7, this is a real customer friendly environ, in almost all other southeast Asian countries the restaurants and food courts are closed at least by 11 pm.

Naughty Girls are not as vibrant as Bangkok nightlife but quite ok, the hot go-go and bar girls environ is not available in the city and this business is mainly run by Chinese and Philippine of the hard core version there is no pleasure like in Thailand or Myanmar Nightlife .
A simple example concerning a Singapore hotel, around Orchard Road, the main shopping mile in Singapore no hotels are available below around S$ 150,- but if you choose a hotel lets to say around Aljunied SMRT train station it's about S$ 70,- and the only difference is that the hotel rooms are a little bit smaller and have no bathtub, just shower. 
That's also the area with most of the naughty girls in the city. The ugly ones hang around on the roads, the pretty ladies are at the office like shops in the side roads.

The city has a strong economic system greased by the money of the rich people in the countries around the island state who are moving their cash into Singaporean banks known as a safe haven. A lavish Singaporean lifestyle often copied from London, Paris and New York attracts luxury tourists into luxury hotels and resorts.

Singapore what to do is a good question which is difficult to answer because there are lots of attractions Singapore one of the main reasons to come to the island state is to be in a typical Asian country without the chaos around in particular when comparing the city to other chaotic places in south-east Asia such as Manila and Jakarta.
Bangkok is somehow in between and the Thai are making real progress unless the red and yellow shirt groups wouldn't fight and protest continuously creating almost anarchy and ruining the country for the ego of some politicians. The culmination of the green idea is the Singapore Orchid Garden .

  1. Orchard Road Nightlife (1)
  2. At sexy Gayland Road
  3. What about some hot stuff
  4. Naughty girls at Aljunied Station
Naughty girls at Aljunied Station (2)

Where are the naughty girls?

sexy business
Singapore Office Center
Culture and Art
Buddhism Taoism Hinduism and Islam are a reminder of a rich culture.

Fine antiques are available in the Tanglin Shopping center which is one of the prime antique Buddhist art shopping complexes in Asia. Many artifacts which disappeared in Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar miraculous appeared in antique shops in Singapore with plenty of Buddhist art .

A good blend of European and Asian cultures makes the city an excellent choice for overseas companies to put their regional operation offices there. Skyscrapers, clean and attractive parks, a ban on chewing gum and other strange things add exotic flavor, Singapore is an expensive country in relation to the other states around, but with a little information, it is easily possible to keep vacation and travel costs at bay. 
  1. Singapore Culture
  2. Singapore Chinese Art
  3. Singapore Art Shop
  4. Singapore Buddhist Culture
singapore sands hotel casino mall
An amazing Hotel and Casino at the waterfront
is for sure the Sands Hotel & Casino  & Mall
Great local food
Singapore shopping and feasting in restaurants plus bars and food courts

They are the main attractions for most tourists with the premier destinations around Orchard Road area the most expensive places are usually in the hotels.

On your  trip, you will experience great bars and lounges plus exotic things to eat. It seems like Singapore has the highest density of restaurants and food courts in Asia, virtually at every street corner a other eatery is offering some exotic food. The good news is you can eat the stuff from this street restaurants and not running 2 days to the toilet afterwards as it is with most street food elsewhere in the region.

There are almost endless varieties of food such as various Chinese, Malay, Thai, Japanese, a dozen of Europe verities, Arab food and even Russian, Mongolian, Myanmar and so on. You could eat through this multi-cuisines for a whole year and try a different one every day. Also, all this fusion food, fast food, burger etc. is available, in Singapore what to do? it's for sure visiting restaurants for excellent food that is a real attraction.
  1. Steamboat restaurant at Aljunied
  2. Singapore street food
  3. singapore open air food court
  4. singapore open air restaurant
There is a couple of beaches around and plenty of food courts, hawker and beer garden, get some fresh seafood. In 2010 Singapore got a new Landmark it's at Marina Bay including the Marina Bay Sands Casino, it's the ultimate gambling travel destination. Within the casino complex is a great upmarket mall there are plenty of things to do in Singapore a good example is the Jurong Bird Park , Orchid Garden and shopping on Orchard Road.