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Sihanoukville Beach Night

Several Asean countries have beaches bordering the South China Sea, a rather untouched piece of nature until now which has mainly to do because of the long time war in the countries which was also fueled from China and some more mad communists more about the Sihanoukville Beaches .
Nightlife at  Ochheuteal Beach

Nightlife at Ochheuteal Beach

The Sihanoukville Islands in the South China Sea

Cambodia's attractive islands have always been an  for backpacker romance as everything is underdeveloped but if you look at the development of the last few years with the Chinese tourist tide and the casinos plus players who come from the "rich of the middle" you can imagine that will change something very fast, for example are in sihanoukville z.z. nearly 70 casinos (2019) are in operation and even more the chinese tourists are bringing strong growth every month