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Myanmar Sapphire loose Stones  & Jewelry 

Corundum sapphire stones blue pink and more

Sapphire Heat Treatment
Colorflul Gems from around the world
This is another version of the corundum family. Keep in mind, when you see the word "created" it means synthetic which again indicates not natural.

Physically sapphires are the same like rubies (corundum) but other colors which include pink and white plus yellow and more. In the pink spectrum, it is an excellent substitution for a diamond and who tells about the blue gem only just watch the header picture. 

It is one of the gemstones with a timeless value. There is quite a wide color spectrum the stones are available, there are pink, yellow white and some variants from, if the gem is clear has a so-called cornflower blue, good cut and a bigger size a premium price can be achieved. Under the definition corundum sapphire and rubies are known. Although rubies are only in the red spectrum and all other colors (there are many) are defined as sapphire. 

Now, why people buy Myanmar (Burmese) Rubies which always have the highest prices? Because they are the best in terms of clarity and color and that is visible even by the naked eye. Most popular colors are blue, pink and yellow sapphire, often people use them as a diamond replacement because their physical parameters and visual appearance are amazingly similar. 

The color of a blue sapphire result from an entirely different mechanism than of rubies, the process is known as intervalence charge transfer. Involved in this are traces of both titanium and iron. The mystery of the magnificent blue color was not discovered until recent times. Auguste Verneuil, the “father” of the synthetic ruby discovers that titanium and iron were responsible for the blue color but the mechanism involved eluded detection until much later.

A few hundredths dot percent of titanium in corundum produces no color whatsoever; while the same amount of iron imparts only a pale-yellow color appears. However if both iron and titanium are present together, beautiful deep-blue color results. Iron and titanium both substitute for aluminum in the corundum crystal structure.

Fascinating Blue Gemstone Colors

Corundum Photos
Together with some diamonds to add "fire" or sparkling it could give a perfect engagement ring in blue or pink colors. The demand for the stone is maybe a bit less as a ruby with the right parameter but quite similar. Since this two gemstones come from the same family which is corundum they are always found in the area, they are also on the market as synthetic stones.

Now, what is the main difference? If the stone has no inclusions at all it’s probably a synthetic one just the same as the red version because natural gems of this type without inclusions are extremely rare.

The blue stone is a bit like jade when sold and someone asks for quality parameter and will find out there are none like it is with diamonds. Every dealer makes his own price and this leads to manipulations. If you stick to the four "C'", color, cut, carat, the clarity you are on the way for a good buy. This is the parameters which are valid for every gemstone, all color variants of sapphires.
  1. loose sapphire cabochon with various colors
  2. sapphire and diamond necklace
  3. corundum with different colors
  4. sapphire and diamond jewelry
Further values to check are the origin, Burmese stones are higher rated. Heat is often used to melt out impurities, but this is a difficult subject because without a proper laboratory environment nobody can find that out. The problem is heated stones always have a much lower value but since you are not able to know, yes or no.

The dealer usually always tells you whatever you want to hear so keep one thing in mind if you buy let’s say over $ thousand have the precious stone evaluated in a lab to be on the safe side. You can be sure everywhere they sell them there is an evaluation possibility somewhere, in Yangon check at Bogyoke Market.

The other divisions is, is it a cabochon which usually is round and diffuse inside, this is the least expensive of the natural sapphire family. Actually, there is one exception and this is star sapphires which for a star when a light source is pointed to them because of the internal structure with rutile needles, that's the same with rubies.

loose burma sapphire

Precious stones in blue, the oval shaped precious items above are full of inclusions that are the nature of this type means they are usually heat treated to enhance color and clarity. This is often done already at mine e.g. at Mong Hsu in Myanmar where the mined stones are on average less valuable than at Mogok because of this issue, they sell for up to $ 200 per carat but the main parameters are still the 4 C's .

There are others which have been diffusion treated with beryllium to enhance color, they are available for a lower price if the dealer is honest, but most are not. There is rarely a business like gems and jewelry where cheating is so entrenched.  Prices for natural unheated stones with excellent four “c” can easily rich $ 5000,- per
and more but they need diamonds to make them sparkle.

The blue version of corundum is a sapphire known since several thousand years similar to the red edition which is the ruby. Because they only can be cut and polished in a good manner since about 150 years they never were able to show the real beauty, but that has changed.

On this page, you find great engagement rings and other, expensive and cheap. If the prices are the low first thing to do is to check if it is a natural stone or a synthetic. The basic idea to see this is, take a magnifying glass and look for inclusions if there are none it's probably a synthetic gem. On this page are sapphire gemstones and some other combined in beautiful jewelry.

Bright, dazzling, glitter there are some attributes people fix on this colorful jewelry but it always needs some diamonds to make it shine. Although the precious stones mostly come as blue gems they can be found in a variety of colors as you can see in the first picture above, in recent years pink become very popular for jewelry.

If you every buys one of this precious stones in any form take it out to daylight to have a close look since jewelry shops use special lights to enhance the color. Great bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and another knickknack in various designs are made from. With a shiny piece of sapphire jewelry, you will always be in the spotlight and add elegance to your dress. Keep in mind that these little precious stones need some care to preserve its beauty. Just clean them with a toothbrush and make sure to remove any remaining liquid afterward.

Here are some pretty cabochons in the blue spectrum with different colors and shapes but sapphires not only come in this version they are available from white to almost black in recent years pink is highly sought after. Smaller ruby jewelry often paired with diamonds set in white or yellow gold are popular with younger ladies. They are still in the low-end price spectrum and very decorative, of course, it also depends on of the design. Actually, most Myanmar creations are rather conservative.

Beaded jewelry is always popular because most are fashion items in the low price segment but still look quite attractive. They come in all variants but mainly as beaded chains and necklaces, maybe with a pretty pendant. Blue and pink sapphires are magnificent opaque and clear gemstones, they can be fine when polished and somehow shine but all are topped by the star version.

The star sapphire and ruby shows a 6 point or very rarely even a 12 point lighting star.
Sapphire Photos
  1. Myanmar  Mogok Sapphire color
  2. Sapphire color (1)
  3. purple star sapphire
  4. Sapphire color (2)
The variety of gemstones cabochons and especially the colors are overwhelming these stones are colorful and precious indeed. 

This reminds me of an incident in Thailand which made a lot of people quickly rich, how? somewhere in southern Thailand, a policeman died and people made it up that he is a protective spirit now.

Rumors came up that certain amulet with gemstones have been blessed by the man (post mortem!!) and they could avert evil spirits. People bought these things like crazy and made some seller quickly rich that's not a joke, even in the 21th-century people believe such things.

Variants of Sapphire Jewelry

Jewelry with star sapphire gemstones is something special, although it is mined in the Mogok area in Myanmar but the real dealing is going on at Chanthaburi Thailand .

They show a star effect when exposed to a pointed light source or normal daylight. If the light source has the other form it won’t show. Usually, there is a six ray star but very rare 12 ray sparks have been seen.

If you are on a slim budget an alternative would be to buy the precious item with synthetic sapphire rings, these stones are physically similar to the normal gem, actually even better because they don’t have inclusions and the color can be manipulated. They are much less expensive and it is not visible to anyone unless someone has a trained eye and a big magnifying glass. Many people buy those items, have some diamonds around and it is a perfect sapphire diamond ring.

Heating them up

By using temperature the gem can get different colors this is the same with rubies, sometimes the producer enhances the stones by a heating process which makes the stone more saturated and brilliant too.  If it is made is must be declared to the customer because if this precious item is sold again and carefully inspected the enhancement show up and the price drops dramatically. 

In general, when buying any sapphire rings for more than about $ 1000,- have the item checked in an 
independent lab because lots of dirty tricks are going on in this business and don’t believe any certificate or talking of the sales person, that only sound and smoke. Actually, it is a common problem with all these precious stones, they are found somewhere when they are moved out of the production country not much value is raised.

After the stones left the country to let's say for Thailand, India, Europe or Israel the prices made a jump upwards and people in those countries make the real profit by cutting and polishing them.

Raw Mogok Sapphire

Being Magic?

It has been a common belief that this blue stone bring magic, charm, and good luck to anyone who gets a hold of them.

Pictures of a stone go with blue flower, blue water, and blue sky. They depict blue color somehow since the gemstone is effectively corundum, yellow, violet, purple, pink and orange colors are also within the spectrum.

Most common is still a blue sapphire and the highest value is "cornflower blue" that looks really gorgeous. Only rubies show similarities they are not faceted, actually, they are cabochons with an amazing effect. The word means rounded and the star effect comes from inclusion.

They are tiny needles known as rutile and because of that, we can see six rays and twelve pointed white stars but only when the light source is a pointed one. When moving the gems the star moves also this is called asterism. As usual with gemstones the value of a star sapphire or star ruby depends on the intensity of the color and the sharpness of the star, it should not have any distortion. Good ones are rare and make fascinating jewelry, usually as rings.

Highly sought after by collectors

Blue and red corundum stones are sought after. Many gem seller and the buyer like sapphires in the form of cabochons but also used for applications in making jewelry. Probably the most famous are star sapphire which shows a six pointed star and very rare also a 12 point version. The stones come in many colors and are somehow fascinating.

Opaque sapphire gems and others with inclusions have reduced value; they are used as ring stones, for brooches, colliers, and pendants etc. As fashion jewelry with fantasy forms and carvings, they are popular in the gem business.

Most cabochons are oval shaped but there are some fashion streams to get them into circles and some creative artists carve them into other stuff e.g. flowers. It’s a kind similar to jade carving. The stones come in a variety of sizes. Smaller ones work good for rings and earrings, actually, they are better used as larger stone, e.g. using a simple ribbon and a large sapphire cabochon it will create an amazing choker. What they all have in common is they are Mogok Sapphire just like most of the famous Myanmar Rubies.

The term cabochon was actually the classic way of making a gemstone because until the 19th Century it was not possible to do some faceting since the machinery were not here. Naturally, there were attempts but no good results, cabochons are conventionally dome-shaped. Having a more narrow base are bullet cabochons, other are with a more oval base, square, octagonal base and sometime in between. Shaping a cabochon is also a good method of stabilizing and working gemstones whose hardness means they are too brittle to be faceted, amber is a typical example, but it somehow is a bit different anyway since it is an organic gemstone.

A star would not be visible with any other cut. To put it “flat out” cabochons are usually made when the gemstone is not got enough for faceting or it just with a different idea in mind.

When talking about these pretty little things it appears that precious stones related are corundum which is sapphire and rubies . That means it’s a good buy because of durability and hardness, for colors have a look here.

To get an idea what manipulation attempts to push prices and more attractive colors and luster look under heat treatments and enhancements.

Most people always think about sapphire stones of blue colors but there are much more just watch to pictures above, they are from the Bogyoke Market in Yangon Myanmar.
Other colors are pink, yellow and purple and white the fact is that corundum stones have the widest color spectrum of all real precious stones. In the year 2000 and upwards fancy sapphires became more sought after similar to colored diamonds and a suitable cut.

Sapphire stones are corundum gems 

They are often used as a substitute for diamonds because their hardness is just next to diamonds and another property parameter can often match diamonds the clear stones. Prices are not artificially inflated by a cartel of English, African and Russian companies which control the diamond market.
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