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Day tours to the Sale Monastery

Day Tours to the Sale Monastery

A Trip to the Sale Monastery

Tours around Bagan
Visiting central Myanmar means not only pagodas and temples there is more for sure. Although this is the driest part of the country with all the negative effects there are plenty of attraction.

Here are a few of the major short trip destinations

  • The Sale Monastery
  • Mount Popa the Abode of the Nats
  • An Irrawaddy Cruises
  • Visiting some workshops of the famous cottage industry
  • Hire a horse coach or bicycle for a pagoda and temple trip
  • Or just laze around the swimming pool
  • Visit a local market
  • In the evening enjoy dinner in a restaurant at the river banks
  • Some places offer acrobatic shows and puppet theater.

  • Maybe just climb up the Shwenandaw Pagoda in the late afternoon and watch the sunset behind the Irrawaddy. But do it early since you wont be alone.

Irrawaddy cruise in the afternoon on turbulent water

A Irrawaddy Cruise either with a sail boat or a bigger one with an engine is one of the best turns around. The most interesting is to move along the banks in a distance and watch the people. Their live is dominated by the stream with lots of surprises and colors, give it a try, read more.

Day Tour to Mt Popa abode of the Nats

A short trip to Mount Popa, during that drive you can get a good insight into the countryside and the real spiritual life of the local people. Because although Buddhism is the official religion in the country since at least more than 1000 years the believe in the ghost and spirit system is just as strong as it was thousand years ago. Interestingly it is identical in Thailand, no difference including the spirit houses in front of every building, read more.

This is a detour into the past and gives an idea what happen in the country before Buddhism, when the Nat Spirits where the ghosts the people prayed to.

Nat Spirits are still very popular in Myanmar similar to Buddhism

About Myanmar Buddhism, this is a very conservative version since they even wont allow women to get ordinate similar to monks. Considering that this
happen in the 21th
Century it's a bit strange, read more.