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Pyu of Srikshetra in Myanmar

Pyu of Srikshetra

The Pyu of Srikshetra

The Pyu of Srikshetra were some of the first larger group of people entering Myanmar rom the north within today’s boundaries of the country. Three capitals are still known, the oldest is Beikthano, the “city of Vishnu " , 16 km west of present Taungdwingyi which is located in central Myanmar.

Thayekhetaya or Srikshetra was the biggest of the cities with a number of well-preserved architectural monuments it is located 10 km east of present Pyuy ( Prome ) and 130 km south of Beikthano. The third capital was Halin located 15 km southeast of present Shwebo and 275 km to the north of Beikthano and around 100km from the last capital of kings Mandalay.

The Heydays of Beikthano fell into the 1st to 5th Century , Halin was top from the 2nd to 6 Century and Thayekhetaya from the 5th to 9 Century .

All three cities were in the Irrawaddy River basin on the border of the dry zone. The extent of their walled cities was considerable and ranged from 6 km2 ( Halin) up to 14 km2 ( Thayekhetaya ) . But it is more than likely that only a part of the metropolitan area was urbanized. Usually the cities were like fortified territories within which the population and livestock lived. Under their control were the surrounding agricultural areas whose population could rush into the protection of the walls in imminent danger.


Thayekhetaya is an old Pyu (Pyay) city
Pyay Photos
If it ever happens that you visit this place take a local guide with you because the area around the museum is infested with snakes in particular cobra and banded-craft snakes which are some of the most poisionous Myanmar has.

Burma is a country with a very high death rate through snakes. Since a high rate of rats and mouses are available which makes the country very attractive for serpents.

Since the road from Yangon to Pyay is not bad and the scenery quite attractive it could be a interesting destination for a day tour when in Yangon .
  1. old pyu pagoda 15 century (1)
  2. old pyu pagoda 15 century
  3. Museum of Thayekhetaya
  4. urn of the king in Thayekhetaya