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A day trip south of Kuala Lumpur

Putrajaya is situated between KL and the Airport
Putrajaya reminds to the early days of Brasilia when bureaucrats and architects put something on a green piece of land.

An attractive place for a quiet afternoon, the new administrative capital looks nice but I couldn’t find a restaurant when I was hungry. Remember all this great Malaysian curry chicken I already eat since 40 years. Not even a simple coke but huge administrative and religious temples where bureaucrats showed that they are there. But it looks like they consider the people rather as a faulty incident. From an optical point, this is for sure a marvelous setup.

The striking white-pink Putra Mosque is a unique attraction and the Seri Saujana Bridge is another one but that won't serve the hungry stomach and won't let the kids laugh, lets get some curry chicken, laksa, fried noodles, coke, ice cream and other stuff to the people, got the message?, the capital is for the people not for the bureaucrats only.

A suggestion, get a couple of boats there for rent so that the people have a nice water fun, get some bicycles for rent to move around since the area is quite large. Get open buses circle every 15 minutes on the main road, make the Putrajaya cruise every 30 minutes and connect the whole to KL. Currently the buses go at very long intervals and the train is (relatively) very expensive etc.

I think the Malaysian government people should think (at least a little bit) that they are here to SERVE the people so give them something to make them happy don't be selfish the people pay your salary!

Malaysia is a country to discover truly exotic South East Asia or ASEAN with a long history, today the country is attracting the large numbers of tourists every year, one of the most recent attractions is Putrajaya a new administrative capital an hour with the bus south of Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia had a striking progress in the last two decades, despite their historical past with political conflicts of the different ethnic groups which are less and less visible but there is a massive Islamisation effort fueled by Arab money from the Gulf States including Saudi Arabia. Plenty of great tourist sites and beach resorts are all over the country.

Old and modern architectonic structures and large metropolitan areas such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang Georgetown, and other places makes the country an excellent travel destination. Most holidaymakers prefer visiting Penang .

and signs that there are not only bureaucrats loitering around. To bring a bit of life into the place several events have been implemented such as a Power Boat Race  a Fireworks Competition the OIC Summit and some more. From the architectural side to mention are seven pretty designed bridges connecting the island Putrajaya is placed on. Definately the top daytrip destination when in KL.

Slowly Putrajaya shows some evolution.

How to travel to Putrajaya

Putrajaya in Malaysia