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Exotic bar girls at Patong Beach

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This is about nightlife on Phuket Island.

A travel destination which attracts about 4 million tourists every year from all over the world. Conde Nast’s Magazines call it one of the top ten tropical holiday destination on the planet.

It's endless summer around here with tropical temperature and lots of sunshine, so it never gets cold.  This definitely is a good message especially to Russians who took over some parts of the island and had many tourists from Europe moving to other spots in recent years in particular to Khao Lak, but there is no nightlife similar to Phuket.

This is the entertainment center of the Andaman Sea 

Phuket is the top spot in the nightlife business in the Andaman Sea Region. In 2016 they expect around 4 million visitors and most of them have nightlife activities in mind. To take care about that they doubled the capacity of the airport, but it looks like most tourists coming now from China and Russia which from an economic point of view are not very interesting since they are not the "big spender" as the western were. Actually, most tourists coming from the EU switched their destinations to Khao Lak and Krabi. 

In the bars and nightclubs are many pretty and exotic young women and guys to entertainment the men. What kind of entertainment, you know? The top is karaoke where the ladies "help" the men to sing and to drink in a great atmosphere some guys are Muslim they only drink coffee or tea, that is no a joke.

Most drink beer and whiskey or brandy which is the same for Thai and they also use ice with both most is watered down anyway. 
These nightlife venues are the perfect place to leave your troubles when you vacation in the Andaman Sea of tropical bliss.
After you have gotten all of your energy reloaded go on a sight-seeing tour day or night, it won’t matter its always great and Phuket is not short of beautiful and interesting things.

The night in Phuket Town
If you want to do it rather quietly and girl-oriented Phuket Town is probably the better destination at night.

Want to scream it out and do it quickly and hot Patong Beach and the Kata - Karon seafront villages are the right choice. There are dozens of night clubs where you get exactly what you want including tasteful food for the mind and stomach.

Everything is oriented to a comfortable environment directed to have fun with young women. Shake off the usual prejudices many people have in everything which is women / men related.

Just visit a bar or pub in the EU and see all the guys sitting around drinking beer and beer until they are filled up. In Thailand, all this is enhanced by women interaction who try to guide you through the night and let you feel good. Ok, they want some money for which mostly it's worth it. Here no need to be a dedicated "womanizer" this "pretty things" are after you as long some money could be expected.

It's functional oriented since usual much time is not availabe, what about manually unter the table? Maybe in the car? In the karaoke box? Who knows?
It is delicious brainware and great imagination and the physical stuff follows "en suite" no need to give it up half way.

What makes Phuket also enjoyable is all this gooddies are not only for the men definately not the same is available for the womens. Phuket Island has one of the largest gay and lesbian population in ASEAN, actually about 30% of the women you see on the page are lesbian oriented and many are bi-sexual , so great adventure is waiting on the shores or the Andaman Sea .
  1. Nightclub Girls in Phuket Town
  2. Songkran Party
  3. Songkran Party Girls Phuket Town
  4. Songkran Party Girls Phuket Town
  5. Songkran Party Girls
  6. Songkran Party Girls Phuket Town (4)
Here are the sexy oriental goodies
Bangla Road in Patong Beach
You might ask yourself what to do and where to go
This is one of the epicenters of action in the night, sizzling at Sukhumvit just a few minutes off BTS Nana Station. The plaza is full with dozens of bars and myriads of young and pretty girls at go-go bars, nightclubs and pubs around. Life is at full speed and speed dating is on until around 2am.

But if you like you can party into the morning, since the bars and clubs beyond 2am are illegal you could fall into a trap and wake up totally stripped of any valuables and money, means be careful.

Thailand is more or less the top nightlife destination in Asia and plenty of guys from around the world are trying to have fun with bar girls and a 
  1. Happy Thai Guys at Bangla Road
  2. Bangla Road Bar
  3. Activities at Bangla Road (1)
  4. Activities at Bangla Road
If you touch down on Phuket on holiday / vacation don't take your girlfriend with you. The availability of positive thinking sexy Phuket Girls is overwhelming and the temptation to try something new irresistible.
The young ladies from the whole country and some neighboring areas come together. Plus pretty women from East Europe and China raise the temptation level.
Phuket nightlife bangla road

At Phuket summer is on for almost 12 month

It rains sometimes but the temperature still stays around the thirties and what to do you after having enough energy accumulated at the beach?

Yes, visit one of the great Phuket clubs which are better in town then in Patong or elsewhere on the island.
After a bright and sunny day, this is the real stuff to enjoy, the island is one of the friendliest places on earth, especially when money is available and distributed for no reason, Thai love money, and every foreigner, called farang, is seen as an ATM machine dispersing cash.

The best places to visit in the town are Pink Chamois and Buddy Café but there are many more, where nice ladies are around, here maybe the start of your vacation will be because it will give you an emotional kick letting you feel the tropical heat on the island.

Luxurious massage, hydro bath, and Jacuzzi is available at The Pearl Hotel which also has a music club at lobby level and a great Chinese restaurant on the top floor with a beautiful panorama over the city. Using their massage facilities all the worries will fall off your shoulders and a happy ending is guaranteed.

Phuket Girls in Town
Patong Photos
At night in Pink Chamois Nightclub
This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition. This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.
GALLERY of Phuket Town Girls 
  1. Phuket Club Girl
  2. Phuket Club Girl (6)
  3. Phuket Club Girl (5)
  4. Phuket Club Girl (9)
  5. Phuket Club Girl (4)
  6. Phuket Club Girl (8)
  7. Phuket Club Girl (7)
  8. Phuket Club Girl (1)
  9. Phuket Club Girl (2)
  10. Phuket Club Girl (17)
  11. Phuket Club Girl (10)
  12. Phuket Club Girl (11)
  13. Phuket Club Girl (13)
  14. Phuket Club Girl (14)
  15. Phuket Club Girl (16)
  16. Phuket Club Girl (18)
  17. Phuket Club Girl (19)
  18. Phuket Club Girl (20)
  19. Phuket Club Girl (21)
Active Nightlife in Phuket

is spread over the whole island although the intensity is different there is plenty in between Patong Bangla Road and one of this karaoke cottages on the road between Chalong to Rawai and elsewhere.

Basically, it consisting of bars lounges and restaurants and the quality and beauty of the young women is different. That's the same with bars and food.

The places have different styles and decoration which spans from rather primitive to top notch interior which is always reflected in the prices of the goods they offer including the girls. Every level of tourism is taken care not only by decoration but also by sex which means women, men and the ones in between called ladyboys. Usually, the men drink beer and whiskey. Actually, almost high spirit runs under the definition "whiskey" inclusive gin and brandy.

The tourists are not much interested in definition they are rather interested in an enjoyable night with girls.