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On a Phuket Tour
Our boat moves slowly from the pier on Phuket east coast in southern Thailand we want to find some wild orchid flower on the islands of the Phang Nga Bay just off Phuket Island.

In this area they usually grow on mangroves, stalactite and granite boulders of the islands. We are not out to make a movie but we will show you them online and beautiful pictures and a video.

The eight cylinder diesel which once a truck drove howls and we rush quickly along the mangrove forests through the canal to reach open water.

The kayaks to paddle into the caves of the islands are stowed on top of the cabin. Roy goes through the tides table again we have to be back at the pier approximately by 3 pm otherwise we will get stranded in the channel. From the hazy air the mighty bizarre-molded stalactites materialize, they somehow shape Phang Nga Bay. Somewhere left in the fog lays "James Bond" island one of the James Bond films was partially made here.
Phuket kayak attraction
A very private Phuket Day Trip
This can be a very private Phuket Tour since it is no problem to take the road off the island towards Krabi and turn into the Phang Nga Visitor center right behind the Phunga Hotel.

That is an a all 4 lane road travel and the road it not bad but very dangerous since the curves are rather unusual it just needs to drive slowly. Take a longtail boat at the Phang Nga Visitor center and dont forget earplugs since all engines are unmuffelded local creations and they are awful noisy and there is no other choice the drivers are already deaf.

It needs hard negotiations for the price otherwise they pull you badly "over the table" dont pay more than one thousand Baht for about 3 hours and tell the driver were you want to go which is usually "James Bond Island" Ko Panyi and around. Make sure the guy also visits a "Hong" which is a island cave where the top fell down due to erosion this are great places to visit.

The waterworld in the bay is magnificient it's very similar to "Halong Bay" in Vietnam but not as overcrowded.
  1. james bond island
  2. limestone island beach
  3. bungalows at Ko Panyi
  4. sailing around Phuket

A very interesting  tour is a Phuket Town walk .

Phuket attraction sino-portuguese villa
The Phuket Town walk is good for daytime and the evening/night. During the day the attractive spots are around Dibuk Street with a few Sino - Portuguese old style villas which expressivly show the rich cultural heritage created by "Chinese Tin Barons" starting in the 17th century. Unfortunately the current people have no more interest in heritage they just destroyed one of the villas which was almost the most attractive between Southern Thailand and Penang.

Almost all other constructions are ugly contemporary Thai style Baroque. A few Chinese Temples are around and some wooden teak structures which were popular until the century. The picture left shows the Chino/Portuguese style villa which was demolished isn't that a shame? Read more
maya beach Phi-Phi Island

Another very popular Tour is from Phuket to Phi Phi Islands.

This is the boat / ship ride from the Phuket Rasada Pier to Phi-Phi Islands and can take around 3 hours with the big ferry. With a speed boat it takes about two hours when trying to do this on a Phuket day trip use the fast boat because otherwise it is difficult to come back the same day.

The reason is the ferries never go streight  to Phi-Phi island they always include a couple of other destination to pass such as Maya Bay and because there are plenty of other tourists around it can take quite a while so the best is to plan at least one night stay in Phi-Phi check the hotels here .
Similan Island
Similan Islands   Is a marvelous trip destination not only for scuba diving although it would be good to make the trip out of Khao Lak and stay overnight there. It is very unlikely to find a beach hut on the island where they have some since they are always full in advanve and the Thai style bungalows are not the best anyway.

The best would be a live aboard diving trip out of Phuket on a private yacht but that has its price. If you are on your own visit the the pier south of Khao Lak and see if you can find a slot on one of the speed boats. They carry the pax around but they want that you book a trip with the travel agent because more profit. 

Wat Chalong for a local trip

Wat Chalong is probably the most prominent Buddhist temple and monastery on Phuket Island although there are many other but no other temple has this "radiation" to bring such a lot of south Thailand people to the island.

The number of visitors reaches the peak during the annual Pagoda festivals they come with buses and cars and some with the ship there is no train connection to Phuket Island.

Nearby the "Big Buddha" statues was built on a hill actually it has nothing to do with the Wat. Someone bought the place had the Buddha Sculpture erected and leased the land around around for shops. Now they make quite some money with "The Big Buddha". Trying to make money with the Buddha is very common in Thailand and Myanmar.
  1. Wat Chalong
  2. Wat Chalong Temple
  5. wat chalong side view
  7. a replica of a  former abbot of wat chalong
Phang Nga Bay Weather

A day trip to Phang Nga Bay

Thailand Orchid Photos
We glide through the turquoise water on our quest for this beautiful plants. Great panoramas are around and wade through the small opening just over the water surface into the formation.

It is like in the adventure fairy-tale, the upward open grotto opens oval.
The open cave extense about 30 meter upwards. Crabs doze in the sand, shrimps run under the water surface, I withdraw the foot quickly as one of them comes to near, rainbow colored fishes move slowly, one could catch them with the hand to have a simple sea food lunch.

Cruising the Phang Nga Ba y means plenty of sea-food. The environ in the open stalactite cave we entered through a big hole on the one side is real great.

Tom Hanks was obviously at the wrong island at the wrong time in the stranded movie, or maybe only the script writer was out of date. Above, a horde of Fruit Bats screeches, huge, fat creatures, they have no natural enemies. Roy's son paddles the kayak through the narrow opening above the  water surface, a paradise setting. 

Schools of mini fishes swim along the cliffs, moving quite orchestrated. We pass many greenery who found their niche of life on the stones, orchid leafs are everywhere but naturally the full orchid flowers are not there all the time. Their preferred blooming time is February to May. The flowers bloom once per year.
  1. Dendrobium orchid in Phang Nga Bay
  2. phuket day tour
  3. phuket day tour
  4. ochid growing on mangroves

Phuket orchid flower attractions

The flower pictures show them virtually gluing on the Mangroves. Pretty small flowers, one probably wonders how they came to this place, but we are in Thailand, a standard phrase in Thailand is luuu. meaning I don’t know, me neither.

We had a short swim in the splendid water, its so inviting once you are in you don’t want to get out, better than any whirl pool. In the open grotto the water surface reflects the sky with an emerald shade. Some long tale macaques are having fun jumping up and down on the mangroves they are not shy coming near to say hello, actually probably expecting some food.

We wade back to the boat and the boatmen throw the kayak into the Andaman Sea. I take the front seat, cover the cameras with the shirt from the sun and Roy take the paddle, Siva is following us in the red kayak to function as messenger to the mother boat if necessary.

Some diamond club hanging down looking like cactus, they are a good indication if you can expect orchids around if they are here, the flowers also are. Here are no wild scenes as in the movie, all is peaceful. Just look at the orchid photo and video.  also won't find Mickey Rourke around in Thailand.

There is a simple way to have the orchids visible all the time, visit the nursery. The next day at the nursery, don’t forget the camera, the best time at the “orchid farm” is around 5 pm since at that time the sunrays have the right angle to illuminate the precious flowers to bring the colors out. Anyway we are in a very positive mood but we have to move on since a hazy

phang nga bay tour

Discovering Orchids in Phang Nga Bay

Images of tropical plants
Further in the south Phi Phi islands lays where they did the exteriors shooting for the film 'The Beach" with Leonardo Di Caprio.

Some indications of the unique landscape, a permanent playground for movie scouts. 

We want to explore some of the islands with the kayak and want to find he flowers, not to pick them but to have a look. Since the exotic flowers "nest" in the rock crannies usually far above or make it comfortably on the mangrove plants as parasites, also touching is not possible, however the colors and the graceful forms are unique and worth the trip.

After a deafening ride over the flat waves (the diesel engine is fixed very loosely at the stern of the boot and no silencer mounted, Thai like it the more noise the better,..maybelai, maybelai), we swing in a turn and come to a halt, easily splashing in front of a mini atoll formed by a high rock formation the typical growing area. day means thunderstorm at Phang Nga Bay in the afternoon.
  1. In the phang nga bay
  2. phuket orchid nursery
  3. ASEAN orchid garden
  4. orchids in the garden

The long tail boat gains speed and we pass pristine beaches

Some resorts are behind beaches it’s a feast for the eyes. When we enter one more atoll though a steep and narrow V shape a white bellow eagle materialized out from the green sailing downwards from the top of the cliff.

We had a short dive on the steep sloop many orchid leaves bending downwards, no blooms yet. Within minutes the sky darkens into a dark blue mélange and fat drops of heavy rain bang down on us. We quickly get back to the boat and get the blinds down to continuing another time it’s worth it its a unique experience. An alternative could be a private tour in Phuket Thailand.​ Phang Nga Bay tours are the best around Phuket most top tours are into the bay and Andaman Sea.
Khao Sok Photos
When I finally arrived at the Khao Sok car park in front of the artificial lake an ugly fat women already was screaming ...pan ha.. which means attention all boat men the "farang must pay Baht 1500,-" which of course I wont.

Since it was already 2 pm and the longtail trip could only be for a bout 3 hour. Actually I was already expecting some irrationalities since this place belongs to Thailand's EGAT which is the electricity generation authority which is infamous for their crony / corruption business. 

I had a quick look around actually not much to see anyway and drove back to the west entrance of the  Khao Sok National park. Should EGAT try to milk their own people.
  1. Phuket Khao Sok Day Tour (1)
  2. Phuket Khao Sok Day Tour
  3. Phuket Khao Sok Day Tour (3)
  4. Phuket Khao Sok Day Tour (2)
Khao Sok National Park