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Southeast Asia is a very interesting travel holiday and vacation destination with all what people like to have for their most precious time of the year regardless of the age and gender. Most countries which are clustered along the equator are tuned for the tourists and have the right spots to make everyone happy. What needs you to do? Not much just do as locals do which means such simple things keep in mind that east meets west but with different traditions and rules. Hotels and resorts are plenty beaches and island too and just think positive there is no need to be negative because everything is not the way you are used from at home. ​​

Phuket entertainment girls are mostly from the north of the country who come down to the south for a quick hit and when the tourist season is finished they return to hibernate in the village somewhere in the north.

There are plenty of pretty women and they use their body to earn money, it's a rather normal stuff, the more pretty she is the more cash comes in.
Phuket Entertainment  Girls
Sensual Thailand Girls

Many of them are real eye candy
Gorgeous Thai Girls Photos
Phuket bar girls are almost a synonym for sexy stuff with plenty of beautiful and exotic girls.

Different ethnic groups and the exchange with foreigners brought a lot of very interesting evolution. Some come from northern Thailand into the big cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai having a white complexion but most have a darker. Many women run around with umbrellas not to be exposed to the sun, dark skin is not preferable.

Every young woman around tries very hard to get or have a complexion as white a possible. This is a serious issue among them and is nurturing the cosmetic industry who try to sell all kind of skin whitener.

As long as the cosmetics are from a respectable company not much negative will happen, but sometimes some local companies brew together with some special mixtures or import this stuff from China and they have a real problem afterward. The further one moves to the south women bring a lot of different skin color variations.Finally the color is quite meaningless since the ladies usually look quite sexy, a little thin and flat (not always), since we are in the "hamburger age" and often very pretty, it's difficult to get a perfect "package" but they have one advantage, you can play with them and how !

Your wildest sexy dreams might come true.
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The complexion is a very big issue

The relation between local women and foreigners.
Exotic Thai bar girls plus 24/7 party fun, maybe your next vacation destination and you definitely won't regret. 

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nightlife girls business generation
girlsgogames in real time
Go with Girls for games in Patong
Almost all young women in Patong Beach are ready to go for a ride, it is necessary to negotiate it first. Prices are from one thousand Baht upwards for a short ride.
girls for gogames
Thai Bar Girls
Patong Girls
Patong at night (1)
Phuket Nightlife Girls hotels & beach resorts 
Once you find your pretty Thailand girl for some fun the next question naturally is? Yes, where to go with here for some sexy games, there are some options.

* Use a short time close hotel in the vicinity of the bars when in Patong, there are many, most in a price range of about Baht 500,- for 3 hours.

* Take here with into your hotel, in that case, better talk with receptionist first, they usually have nothing against it but charge a joiner fee. If you take that option have the receptionist write down that when the person checks out they must phone you first and only let the person leave after say ok.

* The reason is that version you can check if nothing is missing and maybe even worse your "butterfly" might have dropped something into a drink and you fall unconscious. This is very dangerous with ladyboys, in general, if you take anyone with you don't drink anything from a glass when someone else is in the room. To avoid this "casualties" drink only from a bottle which is either opened in front of you, in your hand the whole time or emptied from you right away. * Keep in mind for this "night boys girls" you are a walking ATM machine which is gushing money when the press the button.  Actually, this stuff happens not as often in Phuket but in Pattaya and Bangkok , it's too often. About living for a longer period .
Phuket bar girls in action
Bar Girls Photos
The bar ladies come from the very north of the country plus Bangkok and elsewhere.

Naturally, everyone wants to make some money to decorate the house back in the north with a satellite dish or other things to do. There are beautiful Thailand girls and most of them are free girls.are plenty, black hair, small body or maybe just curiosity to know cute girls, they are plenty. Many "western" guys marry Asian girls such as Thailand girls, Korean girls, Philippine girls and others, they discover more and more the pleasure of being with a Thai lady, while the western man gets fed up with their beauties at home and the never ending blah blah.

Not so often are gay girls or ladyboys. Meet hundreds of positive thinking Patong bar girls around Bangla Road and the "Soi" branching off. Phuket nightlife is also vibrant with countless young women working in dozens of small bars they call them Soi Girls. This is good places for real-time dating.

In our Phuket Nightlife website are plenty pictures of them since it is not possible to imagine this with words.  Girls photos give you an idea what action in the night you can expect when you choose this pretty south Thailand Island for your vacation, that includes plenty of videos.
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phuket girls at night
Nightclub Entertainer in Phuket City
Thai girls Photos
In recent years much more Girlie and Go-Go plus coyote bars  got overwhelmed by ladyboys (TV).

They do the same job and often even look better than the real women but are much more aggressive. This kind of individual won't have their hormones under control, not all of them but many. It usually produces tensions and unpleasant situations so check first what person that is when you get closer.

You could also do a stag party with pretty Phuket girls

A great night party with lots of fun and crazy stuff. This will be not the usual stag party, it will be much better.

Imagine all these pretty Thai girls around with music and drinks, usually, beer is not expensive only about $ 4,- for a large bottle of, let's say Heineken no entrance or cover charge. Thai beer is even lower priced, so what are you waiting for?
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Russian Girls in Phuket
Photos of Russian Girls in Thailand
Guess what Russian Girls from the cold do in tropical breezes?

Do they have enough of the freezing rough time in Moscow or Peterburg? With them, it is a different story as with Thai girls because of the distance it needs some organization and that means Russian and local guys work together to make money with them.

There is some help for the girls from Russian sides that is for sure. Because without some help in the background, it is very difficult to get this "pretty things" moving. 

Basically, it won't need a lot of pushing they like it.  Compared to the rough environment of Russia they almost live in paradise here in the ASEAN, maybe within  Bangkok Nightlife or maybe Phuket. The fact is they even penetrate remote corners such as Dannok at the Malaysian border and other.

They show the Malaysian and Singaporean guys how they do it in Russia or maybe in the Ukraine. All this is not much different to elsewhere in the world.  There is still enough temptation for many men in this part of the world to get such a blonde tall lady into a horizontal position. But it won't come cheap  to show the local guy what a Russian business means. Nobody forces these pretty blondes to come to Thailand to earn some money and stay around. Since the whole is quite difficult it needs their active involvement and during that they know very well what's up in the ASEAN. 

On top of it, most of this pretty East European girls already got some experienced how to work in the sexy business at home. It is a myth which is continuously repeated that they are forced / lured into by the "bad" men.

They probably just do it for the same reason as all the tourist either and it is illegal anyway they know very well what's up with girls around in Phuket.
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