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Patong Phuket Nightlife

Patong Tiger Bar Complex

This is about Patong Nightlife

Phuket is a travel hot spot in the Andaman Sea which attracts about 4 million tourists every year from all over the world. The main stop for most traveler's head to on Phuket island is Patong Beach.

Conde Nast’s Magazines call it one of the top ten tropical holiday destination on the planet. Plenty of this travelers come to the island to enjoy a freewheeling time after the sun sunk into the Andaman Sea. It's endless summer around here with tropical temperature and lots of sunshine, so it never gets cold.  This definitely is a good message especially to Russians who took over some parts of the island and had many tourists from Europe moving to other spots in recent years in particular to Khao Lak, but there is no nightlife similar to Phuket.
At Bangla Road
Patong Photos
At Bangla Road are several Soi and yards with contless nightclubs and bars in many of this nightspots Russians got a hold in.

I wonder how they are doing this (its similar to Pattaya) because it is stricty prohibited means via the money.

Anyway just watch the one at the far right thats either a Russian or Ukraine women. They are doing their business with the local and Arab Indian Chinese and Pakistani guys.
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Go-Go Bar in Patong
Avoid this Roxy bar pictured left the Thai people around the entrance are on drugs and  immidiately get physical when they dont like something. The problem is that in this business they can do everything they like as long it is against foreigners.