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Slow but steady that is Myanmar Railway
The British introduced train travel to the country which quickly became the top means when someone wanted to visit places in Burma. It managed a quantum leap forward in terms of travel speed. The local version also became very popular but here was another short distance version already before the British moved in.

Mandalay, they had the first Streetcar in Asia already before. At that time Myanmar was "au par" with the Meiji Dynasty in Japan all this was stopped by the English who streamlined the country to function as a raw material source only.
Yangon Photos
Since Myanmar (Burma) is a large country 
Just consider the size of Myanmar which is Britain and France combined.

In the north and west are the most populous countries on the planet what make a huge travel market. But even today some three hundred years later nothing has been done.

But doing nothing to improve traveling has mainly to do with suppression the British and USA brought to Myanmar via embargoes since they didn't make "the Kotau" to the old and new colonial masters.
  1. Anawrahta Road
  2. Yangon Street Food
  3. Anawrahta Road Night Market (1)
  4. Anawrahta Road Myanmar Fast Food
  5. Anawrahta Road Night Market
  6. Yangon shopping at Anawrahta Road
  7. Intersection Sule and Anawrahta Road
  8. Anawrahta Road Yangon Street Food (3)
Yangon Car