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Ethnic jewelry from Myanmar
Ethnic Jewelry
Myanmar (Burma) Jewelry with gems
Myanmar has a few highlights well known over hundreds of years this is jewelry and Burmese gemstones such as rubies another are the famous jade and the great Buddhist monuments in form of pagoda and temples. A very interesting facet is the ethnic diversity of locally made jewelry of about 130 different tribes.

Most only speak their native language which somehow reminds to ancient Babylon. This results into exotic jewels with gold plus silver and gemstones in the land of ruby and sapphire cultures pearls and more. 

Starting to dig a bit deeper into the gem world of the "golden Land" is to visit the Bogyoke Market in Yangon . This oriental style bazaar has dozens of shops with all treasures of the orient including beautiful and exotic ethnic items with all colors and metals imaginable.

Here are the Burmese jade and gemstone supplier which often are front ends of the mines upcountry and some jewelry workshops somewhere in Yangon. even when you already bought your souvenirs visit this place anyway, the sheer amount of good quality glittering items with great colors is a feast for the eyes of an amazing variety and quality. 

Myanmar gold and diamonds

Pls. note, when talking about ruby and sapphire stone many people also mention corundum gems.  The ruby stone color is in the red spectrum and any other color is defined as sapphire and corundum all this might be a bit confusing but this is going on since several thousand of years. Including several countries such as India and China plus Sri Lanka and in newer time also several African countries such as Madagascar and Tanzania.

The Burmese gold and diamond jewelry shown in the above pictures are all from local sources. The country has a substantial supply since hundreds of years for river gold. Diamonds are produced in south Myanmar in a very secretive way. Actually, most of the mainland of the south (not the islands) are under control of a private company belonging to several old military figures who are shy of the public.  That's the same model as with the Central Hotel in downtown Yangon (Rangoon).

Probably the biggest jewelry producer in the country is "Myanmar Ves" of Yangon where a good job is done. Even before 1990 they already their designer and related people to the US training including buying the latest technology top make top quality Myanmar jewelry.


Sapphire Jewelry
Semi Precious Stones jewelry
Semi Precious Stones

Ruby Jewelry
Myanmar fashion jewelry

Myanmar ethnic jewelry
Ethnic necklace
loose rubies
Loose rubies
Plenty of second or third quality minerals are also on sale means with some searching and bargaining a good deal could be made. Items available are from simple jade for $ 1,- up to $ 20.000,- and more, actually only the sky is the limit, start to be very careful over the $ 500,- price range since that's where cheating on gemstones really starts.

The Emporium, Myanmar's gem sale fair at Naypyidaw hit another record (2014) taking in about $3.4 billion this year, never ever in history, something like that happen before, read more.

Jade Pendant
Jade pendants

It's a hit and runs business but it is still much less than in Thailand where this is already the normality. There they even dilute gold and silver to squeeze the customers who are not aware of it.

When you intend to buy some nice gemstones, fashion or novelty body decoration take plenty of dollars, euro or some other currency with you but the best deal is always in the US currency. Since the money infrastructure means ATM's, withdrawing per credit card etc. only works at a few places in Yangon (they issue the local currency kyats) take plenty of cash with you also smaller bills because almost nobody is able to return small bills.

Bracelets with precious stones gold ruby jade and sapphire
Bracelets with gold, ruby jade, and sapphire gemstones
Beautiful Myanmar Jewelry at Bogyoke Market

Myanmar has a few highlights well known over hundreds of years this are jewelry and Burmese gemstones. One is the rubies, another is the famous jade and the great Buddhist monuments in form of pagoda and temples. Another very interesting facet is the ethnic diversity of about 130 different tribes who often only speak their native language, somehow reminds to ancient Babylon.

Burmese gemstones cabochons
Gemstones cabochons at Bogyoke Market

Ball Chains made from colorful beads

Chains made from colorful beads
Chains made from colorful
jade and silver beads

Simple beads made up of chains from jade and other stones
Simple beads made up of chains
from jade and other stones

Pretty Mogok rubies, cabochons and spinel have the highest quality second in the row come from Mong Hsu, read more.

ruby and spinel which look much alike
Mogok rubies and spinel which look much alike

Some different precious gemstones, rubies in various forms, cabochons, cut gems and crystals still on the rocks. This is a pretty colorful garden of gems and there are many similar stores.

Cultured pearls from the south
Cultured pearls from the south

Burmese gemstones for sale
Burmese gemstones for sale

Diamond and ruby necklace pendant and ear clips set
Tourmaline and Diamond Pendant

Loose jadeite jade cabochons
Loose jadeite jade cabochons

Imperial Jade Cabochon
Imperial Jade Cabochon
Jadeite jade is the good stuff mined in Kachin State, this is the far northern part of the country, the lesser valuable stones are nephrite. Burma is almost the only source for jadeite, nephrite comes from China, Canada and elsewhere.

Both are used to make gorgeous pieces in the whole color spectrum, people buying items made from this mineral are mostly Chinese, they like it since several thousand years and they interpret some mystic values into the stone. It can be made into beautiful sculptures and objects, the more translucent the items are the higher the value is, preferred and most expensive is imperial jade which is green gemstones.
gorgeous Myanmar ruby jewelry

Gorgeous pieces of ruby

People create beautiful pieces of body decoration sometimes very creative as pictured above and often just bulky as below right, both look great it's just a different design for a different taste here are rubies in a yellow gold setting. The red stones can become quickly very expensive when bigger clear stones are required which are difficult to find. At Mong Hsu in Myanmar, they work around that problem by doing some heat treatment on every crystal mined right at the plant, this is located east of Mandalay.

Myanmar gold and diamond bracelets
raw Mogok rubies