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Ethnic jewelry from Myanmar

Ethnic Jewelry from Myanmar Burma

Ethnic & Exotic Jewelry 

ethnic jewelry
Myanmar creations have a touch of fascination
Ethnic jewelry from Myanmar is made by using local materials such as pearls and semi-precious stones plus silver and corals including lapiz-lazuli and other.

Because these combinations of colors blend almost perfect with most dresses. Since ethnic jewelry is usually not very expensive it's easy to buy with different colors to always have one which fits. The only problem is sometimes it becomes quite bulky and often has` sharp edges and corners which can be not as comfortable in many cases. The jewelry should be tried a few minutes before buying them.

The Bogyoke Market in Yangon is one of the most attractive bazaars in the Orient for exotic jewelry and gemstones, here are pictures to discover the unique pieces of desire. All objects on display are made from local gemstones and metals such as silver and gold to make sure that the whole is really a genuine piece of ethnic jewelry read more.

Stylish turquoise necklace
Special Myanmar ethnic jewelry with style and great colors from Bogyoke Market Yangon
Gems, beads, and cabochons for sale
Gems, beads, and cabochons for sale
Creative people produce great designs.

Designs are real genuine and unique because made by hand. Since all women somehow want unique decoration they buy it because that’s it. Although all this slowly move to mainstream and machinery is used Myanmar (Burma) still has a unique tradition and style for this since the ancient background ideas are often visible.

Buy coral jewelry ethnic style
drop earrings from gold and jadeSome semi-precious stones and corals used in the creations such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and other are associated with astrology and myths.

People interpret the power of bringing luck to the ones who wear them. Here you can find genuine ethnic jewelry.

semi-precious stones and pearls jewelry
Myanmar jewelry is made from natural raw gemstones

Burmese ethnic style 
jewelry brightening up the body.

They come in myriads of design and colors, values and combinations. Since Myanmar has abundant resources in precious stones of different qualities beautiful designs still can be bought for good prices after some bargaining.

Ethnic necklaces with bright colors and unconventional design have become the hot stuff mainly among younger people. Current trends are finally old trends because of necklaces, rings, and bracelets are somehow timeless jewelry.

ethnic style necklace made from corals
ethnic style pearl and coral necklace red and white

Modern women like to mix body decoration in various styles to fit modern outfit to show some adventurous. They virtually brush away the dull stuff to make the person shine again. Number ones are pieces with multi-colored gemstones.

semi-precious stones ball necklace and mother of pearl
some pendants and bulky necklaces plus silver

A good match also would be with dresses

having some kind of ethnic elements in the pattern. Jewelry novelties and accessories are just important for the right composition to let you stand out from the crowd and that is easy with this and it is a useful thing to make a personal statement by including various blending textures and materials with your outfit, all made from local ethnic jewelry.

semi precious stones necklace ethnic style
semi precious stones necklace at Bogyoke Market
E.g. to wear a rather bulky piece around your neck plain cloth colors on a bigger person are a good match. Always local objects are used in the piece of jewelry such as shells and colored glass pearls give a rustic look.

The best to but these pretty things is when visiting Myanmar and have a look in the Bogyoke Market which is the number one address for it in Yangon.

In the Bogyoke 
Market many shops have collections of ethnic accessories on display to cover this jewelry segment and most are real unique and exotic. They also use colored gemstones for an outstanding appearance, buy
a great jade bangle or bracelet for a great look.    
Stylish Myanmar ethnic jewelry at Bogyoke Market Yangon

This oriental Bazaar has a long tradition of making women shine and is for sure the best native shopping mall in the country the Bogyoke Aung San Market is here

Ethnic jewelry showing ancient culture and traditions. The internet is the tool to open this to a larger audience presenting this to almost everybody to find great creations from artists from around the world with a folklore touch and not the pure commercial streamline.

Ethnic jewelry mostly uses local raw materials used to create a natural touch. Plenty of colors and local elements such as beads and balls beautiful pearls and semi-precious stones They are some basics together with metals and mother of pearl red corals and carved wood and more makes it really exotic.

ethnic jewelry from Myanmar at Bogyoke market
Ethnic jewelry from semi-precious stones

Inexpensive ethnic Myanmarjewellery made from semi-precious stones

Necklaces and beads made from jade
Necklaces and beads made from jade

Unique and attractive Myanmar ethnic jewelry.