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7 Facts about the Myanmar Dating Girls Culture You Should Know

All of my friends have been to Thailand, but none of them has been to Myanmar. Asia is famous for its beautiful women. Millions of men are traveling to Bangkok, Manila or Ho Chi Minh City because they want to date the local women.

But for some reason, everyone is skipping Myanmar. This is a shame. It’s a shame because the women in Myanmar are breathtakingly beautiful and the dating culture is in your favor. In Thailand, you are just one of thousands of expats, tourists, and backpackers. In Myanmar, you are one of the few adventurers who decided to cross the border. I hope that this article can inspire you to visit Myanmar, a country that is beautiful, welcoming, and overlooked by most men. Once you found your love a good idea could go shopping with her let's say to the Bogyoke Market or another more modern mall in the vicinity.

Actually there are many Myanmar singles around here dating in Myanmar is 100 percent free which means no risk on anything.  Although online dating in Myanmar becomes also more popular for singles it maybe makes some sense to use a dating site for services. But anyway it could be a good idea to do some online dating and after meet Myanmar singles physically. Here it is a free site and always keep in mind it needs some love not only in the air. 

1. Talking to Strangers is Not a Part of the Dating Culture

What happens when you approach a beautiful Thai girl in the streets of Bangkok? She might act shy because she grew up in a culture in which acting shy is expected from women. But let’s be honest. You are probably not the first foreigner she talks to. She is used to long noses, round eyes, and white skin. She has already talked to guys who look exactly like you. What happens when you approach a stunning Burmese girl in the streets of Naypyidaw? She doesn’t act shy. She is shy. In fact, she might be so shocked that she sweats, stutters, and blushes. You are probably the first foreigner who ever talks to her. Hell, you might be the first foreigner sees. She’s not used to talking to strangers. This is a big challenge but also your biggest advantage. You are exotic and the fact that a foreigner is talking to her makes her feel special. She wants to talk to you just have to give her time to get over her shyness actually this is the best way for dating Asian girls.

​​2. Communication Barriers are a Thing of the Past

​A couple of decades ago, it was impossible to date in Burma because none of the local women could speak English. I mean, you could spend a year learning the local language but I doubt that you have the time or the patience. Thank God things are changing. More and more Burmese women are speaking English. Try to meet women who are younger than 30 and your chances are high that they can speak at least a little bit English. But I think I don’t have to tell you to focus on the younger women you would do that anyway since dating Asian girls is an exiting task.

3. Because You Give Her Freedom

Compared to other South East Asian countries, the women in Myanmar have more rights and choices. However, just because something is written down on paper and turned into a law doesn’t mean that it’s practiced. Especially in rural areas, women are still not allowed to decide where they want to work and what job they want to do. Sometimes they can’t even keep the money they make because they have to support their family. This makes dating a man like you even more enticing. I don’t want to lie to you. You are her ticket to freedom. She believes that she has way more freedom in a relationship with you than if she would marry a Burmese guy and guess what? She’s right. I really hope that your future Burmese girlfriend loves you for who you are and not just the freedom that you give her.

4. The Government Doesn’t Forbid You to Date

Did you know that it’s illegal to get a divorce in the Philippines? And did you know that it’s illegal for foreigners to date the local girls in Laos? There are a lot of Asian countries that are way more conservative than you might believe. I mean, the Philippines are one of the most popular countries for men who are looking for Asian women to date and to marry. You don’t have to deal with any of these restrictions if you decide to date women in Myanmar. It’s not illegal to date the local girls and in case it doesn’t work out, you can get a divorce. That doesn’t sound that bad, huh?

5. The Women are Traditional and Family-Oriented

Yes, it’s legal to date the local girls and Asian women in general but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. In case you are looking for one-night stands, you’ll have more fun in Thailand. Most of the younger unmarried women in Myanmar would never have a one-night stand. I don’t say that they don’t want to. All I say is that their cultural upbringing and the influence that their family has on them makes it impossible for them. You might get lucky with a girl in one of the big clubs, but with a traditional village girl…no way. However, if you are a looking for a family-oriented and loyal girlfriend or wife, Myanmar might be the perfect country for you.

6. You Can Meet Thousands of Myanmar Girls Outside of Burma

Just because you want to experience the Burmese dating culture doesn’t mean that you have to travel to Myanmar. What if I told you that you can meet thousands of beautiful Burmese girls in Singapore and Thailand plus Hong Kong? Many of them are working as domestic helpers. It’s not a secret that a lot of the maids and nannies who work for upper-class Thai people come from Burma. In fact, 70% of Burma’s overseas population lives in Thailand. In other words, no matter where you travel in Asia you can meet Burmese women. Yes, the world is a tiny place.

7. Dating at Events is Harder than Learning Burmese 

There’s one thing about the Burmese dating culture that’s really weird. It’s so weird that it makes meeting girls at private parties or public events impossible. I’m not talking about their shyness. I’m talking about the fact that it’s normal in Burma that men and women sit separately. As one Burmese woman told me, this has nothing to do with the separation of men and women. It has to do with the cultural belief that men have more interesting conversations with other men and that women like to talk to other women. One of the most promising ideas is dating on location in Yangon. I don’t know about you but I enjoy talking to a beautiful woman more than having a forced small talk with some random guy. In case you don’t believe me, you should visit Myanmar and go to a public event or to a private party that is organized by Burmese people. You’ll see what I mean. Maybe you can prove me wrong.

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