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Best Myanmar (Burmese) Beaches

South & North Myanmar Beach Resorts & Hotels

Myanmar Burmese Beaches
Sandy beaches on islands and the main coast.

The lengths of all seafronts are about 3000 kilometers from the Bay of Bengal to the remote border in Thailand opposite Kawthaung . That includes the islands in south Myanmar which are almost genuine pristine because after WW2 when the British left no government allowed foreigners in. Some tourism started only in 198x with many "strings attached" so only a minimum of traveler came and most of them were from the USSR and East Germany.

The country could truly be a beach destination with resorts since it definitely is one of the potentially most attractive tourist destinations in Asia with endless waterfronts. But until now it attracts not foreign tourists every year and the one who comes usually are bound to other destinations and not to this beautiful seafronts, here the oceanfront at the Bay of Bengal at Ngapali is known for endless sandy beaches until now there is no nightlife with parties and girls.

The cuisine is mainly seafood and the festivals are the usual ones celebrate in the whole country. Luxury resorts and hotels are rather rare as you can see on the picture above which is. The whole infrastructure is not very good that means the hotels must operate independent (often no electricity) which raise costs and means high-end prices

 Accommodations are from makeshift huts (at Chaungtha Beach) to true luxury resorts at Ngwe Saung a bit to the south and Ngapali in the north of Myanmar (Burma) and the other places indicated here. These factors bring in travelers who have more money to burn than the average. ​​

The most high-end property has spa and massage available. Package tours to the seaside are not as common here, just hit the search hotel and let them make the arrangements. Only one destination is reachable by air that is Ngapali Beach. The other two beach destinations which are Ngwe Saung and Chaungtha can be accessed from Yangon via a five-hour ride through the Irrawaddy Delta.Not many waterborne sports are available such as jet skiing, parasailing, and scuba diving, sailing, and windsurfing can be done. The most interesting vicinity is at Ngapali where there are some very exotic tribes not far to the northeast. This is the Chin and a sub-tribe of them the Naga.

Considering that Myanmar (Burma) is as big as France and Britain combined) not much have changed since the governments do almost nothing to improve the situation. Actually, they could do a lot but they are just not able to do that is an intelligence problem definitely not because of the military. 

The beach at Cox Basar in neighboring Bangladesh to the north receives almost no foreign tourists. Although they have a couple of pretty places there are simply too many people. Today (2016) their boat people roll over South East Asia (almost all ASEAN) like a Tsunami.
myanmar beach life

Even today in 2017 only a few good beach resorts are around 

Myanmar Beach Map

Beach holidays in northwest Myanmar (Burma)

Beach holidays in south Myanmar (Burma)

Beach vacation at the waterfront is currently possible either on the coast of the northern half of the country along Ngapali Beach plus Ngwe Saung and Chaungtha which all have seen some little expansion and improvement.

In particular, Ngapali Beach has a rich undeveloped "hinterland" with Chin and Naga tribal areas where they offer great tours to see and experience them and styles you have never seen before. It rather reminds to Sub-Sahara Africa and New Guinea (no joke, just see the pictures). Local restaurants are around in small villages off the hotels.

Only one real beach resort was built at the south Myanmar by a Thai company on island right across Kawthaung opposite Ranong in Thailand that is the Andaman Club a respectable hotel including a casino, they carry every day Thai and Chinese people with the ferry to this property and everyone hope that "Golden Times" come now.

In the last 20
years, they didn't even manage to build one beach resort in the island world of the Myeik Archipelago . This is between Mawlamyine (Gulf of Martaban) and Kawthaung the southernmost city of Myanmar.
Just look at the map above, they never managed to make a real road from north to south there is old and rotten one already the British used until Myeik and after its the ship. Even the British of the 18 Century were more advanced because it was possible to use the Isthmus of Kra a bit to the south and cross to the Gulf of Thailand on elephants and continuing to the north of Thailand by ship.

Today if any foreigner 
wants to cross this border they need to go to a Myanmar Embassy (Consulate Bangkok) apply for a visa and only with that visa it is possible to enter the country on a road or sea crossing. Although they have a full border infrastructure in place at Kawthaung which can do the same as any embassy and airport including the internet etc.

Now why they are doing all this nonsense? The simple reason for that is the Embassies live on the money they receive from the visa fees and they can’t find a key how to share this. That is going on since years and they just ignore it but they are building palaces in the new capital although there is almost nobody there burning all the money the earn. Why? because each of the "palaces" projects is given to different cronies of various politicians who cash this via kickbacks and elsewhere in the country. Many kids have nothing to eat and no proper education 
these people
are really corrupt do the bones.

The Beach Front start at the Bay of Bengal 

Waterfront Photos
Best current waterfronts are in the Bay of Bengal and are accessible without problems.

This is Chaungtha and Ngwe Saung west of Yangon plus Ngapali in Rakhine State a bit south of Bangladesh

Chaungtha is the most popular sandy waterfronts west of Yangon beyond Pathein which can be reached by a couple of hour drive. Other seafronts are not developed although there are countless but there is no infrastructure especially electricity is a constant problem.
  1. native style beach village
  2. salone beach bbq
  3. salone festival
  4. spear fishing

When seeking one of the best oceanfront destinations to enjoy the most precious time of the year Myanmar should be definitely considered. The combination of nature, rich culture, colorful festivals, natural beauty, temples, museum, stupas and temples plus wildlife available is really overwhelming.

This exotic and amazing places for holidays with memorable moments and unforgettable impressions is somehow unique. Though Myanmar is not a well-known beach destination the vacationers will for sure find wonderful spots.
  1. Max Chaungtha Beach Hotel
  2. Ngapali Beach Walk
  3. south myanmar beaches
  4. getting the fishes
  5. ngwee saung beach
  6. At Dawai Andaman Sea
  7. Bay of Bengal Waterfront
  8. Myeik Archipelago
  9. coconut island village
  10. chaungtha beach front
  11. Ngwee Saung Dinner
  12. In the Irrawaddy Delta

In the south of the country beyond Dawai

Burma Beaches in the Andaman Sea

Indian Ocean Photos
There are a couple of scuba diving sites in different parts of the Andaman Sea and until now all cruising adventure for live aboard trips (2016) are made with bigger luxury yachts in comfortable surroundings, it is not cheap at all but it is this cruising motor yachts and sailboats are able to justify the price. 

This is “wet charter” charter with a dedicated crew and enjoys the scenic beauty and colors of the sea plus the islands and the interesting sea gypsies which still live on their houseboats between the islands. Snorkeling and diving plus exploring the islands with a sea gypsy guide to get an idea what's up. Travel in this part of the Indian Ocean always needs a permission from the authorities including to do around a while for immigration to obey certain regulations.

There are always some from the security site with. But in general only to make sure to be on the safe side and haveing a good time in the Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago .
  1. Salone Myanmar Sea Gypsie
  2. Myanmar Sea Gypsies on houseboat
  3. south Myanmar Islands
  4. Andaman Sea Sunset
  5. the south Myanmar Steamer
  6. fishing in the Andaman Sea
  7. Andaman Beach Party
diving in the Myeik archipelago

Hotels & Resorts

On the west coast and the islands are about 2000 km quite pristine since the country had almost no tourist activities until the 198x ago and today it is only concentrated on four spots on the Bay of Bengal.

Although the ocean environment is not as developed as Thailand or Malaysia it's an excellent and exotic one. If you like it top notch and luxury try Ngapali, Ngwe Saung and Chaungtha Beach some of the resorts are even in the luxury category including restaurants performance. The seafood is clean and good stuff such as fishes, lobsters etc. it won’t come from the pond as with many in Thailand. Since Burma has no real tourist areas yet you will rather feel as a single, maybe you can take a Myanmar Girl with you from Yangon.

Local food also has its own tradition in particular curry and chilies flavored and since this is a big country with over 130 ethnicities and the size of France and Britain combined you can expect some diversities with such a geography .

Try the buffet of local food

This is often diversities into international flavor it's good and interesting food. When you are in Yangon take the Summit Parkview Hotel they have a different buffet every evening which is reasonable priced and often includes excellent wine and beer free flow. Actually in the country they produce very good local beer with top quality just as in Europe and US. Plenty of fish dishes and chicken plus pork etc. are available in the hotel restaurants.

Plus other oriental favorites served steamed and with great sauces onions, garlic, local pepper, spices and what ever. In recent times the resorts are also trying Italian, Indian, Mexican, Japanese and Chinese dishes, it's definitely not boring hanging around on a Myanmar Seafront.

Internet etc. is available no need to miss anything on your Burma Beach Holiday.
Experience a beautiful environment in the Myeik Archipelago and the island world down to Kawthaung which is the southernmost city in the country. Under British Burmese rules nobody was interested in beaches.

Ranong is on the opposite side of the bay and was famous for the visa run from Phuket, Samui and other places in South Thailand but after the Russian invasion including the girls for the business, they were overwhelmed by tourists and an administrative manipulation almost stopped it.

Max Hotel at Chaungtha Beach west of Yangon on the Bay of Bengal.

Ngwe Saung west of Yangon on the Bay of Bengal is a bit south of Chaungtha Beach.

Andaman Club   south Myanmar (Burmese) hotels and beach resorts

Ther is not much is going on about tourism. The government does nothing to promote and encourage it. Considering the tremendous tourism potential just look at the Phuket - Krabi region this would catapult the whole southern part forward in terms of tourism. The needed hotels and beach resorts plus infrastructure would follow immediately since there is a lot of money in the country for local investment on this level read more.
Now what is the government doing? The run around and ask foreign companies to invest instead of encourage local sourcing. On top of it the old and new colonialist > English & US already try to influence them into their colonial scheme again.
If they would implement a law frame favorable to local companies an avalanche of investment would pour in and when foreign companies see that they also will invest. What are they doing? Political in-fights in the capital without anything positive.

Instead they are quarreling about the deep sea port at Dawai because the Thai would like that but what they could do with a similar result for the people and local investment they don't do. What a crowd of incompetence is sitting around in the capital.

Just look how poor the people are in the region all this could take off immediately but the incompetent administrative layer in the capital city blocks any progress, especially in the island world of the south.

Even with the
visa they do everything they can to block the flow of visitors, e.g. they haven't got a simple solution such as everywhere in ASEAN to get the visa on arrival (with ridiculous high prices), at every border although the technical possibilities are for sure in place. One of this visa problems is that they run their embassies / consulate worldwide from this fees and obviously only think about their money not about how the country could prosper by handling that reasonable such as in Thailand.

south Myanmar island beach
Here is a island beach in the Myeik Archipelago of south Myanmar about 300 km north of the Thai southernmost border at Kawthaung. There are about one thousand pristine islands in this part of the Andaman Sea. The natives living there are the Salone (known in Thailand as Moken).

Pristine island beaches in south Myanmar Myeik Archipelago, the current solution is cumbersome and costly , it definitely discourage tourism. It looks as if they are too busy with their personal in-fights in the administrative capital Naypyidaw. This people still stick in their old communist / military ideology and don't think about the ordinary people. Because opening the border by arrival visa would immediately bring a lot of tourist money to everyone not only to the few current travel hot spots such as Bagan, Yangon and Inle Lake, for many tourists als incuding Mandalay.

This remote part could prosper immediately, just look at Phuket which is just a bit further to the south. There are almost thousand pristine islands waiting for the travelers. With an exotic Sea Gypsy (Salone / Moken) population an amazing south sea pearl farm and more. The pearls below are all south sea pearls grown here and pictured at Bogyoke Market in Yangon.

Above is the Kawthaung Waterfront

The is somehow the Burmese version of "Lands End". A Thai company built the "Andaman Club" on the island opposite Ranong which is a pretty beach resort and casino some years ago which is the only top notch hotel south of Yangon. In south Myanmar are myriads of attractive beaches but no infrastructure.

The distance from the former capital to the southernmost point is about 800 km by air and ship. There is a rotten road still from WW2 which is about 1200 km and at most parts only with one lane and the politicians are fighting in Naypyidaw the new capital who can grab the bigger share of the palaces in the new capital.

There is nothing around similar to Bagan or other culture destinations but the place gives a good example how life was during colonial times. The next similar town is 280 km to the north by aircraft and ship plus about 350 by road travel if someone dares to drive on this trail. But whatever it is even a bus connects this 2 places. 
Making the visa run from Ranong to Kawthaung
Not only from Phuket
The visa run from Phuket went to several destinations over many years.

This is still Penang / Malaysia and Ranong Kawthaung between Thailand and Malaysia the Thai started blocking when the first "Russian Tsunami" came. There were always around 200 travelers per day and with the Russians suddenly there were 600, the Thai couldn't make it anymore so the immigration started to invent a couple of nasty things to keep them away. 
The idea of the visa run is to get a new visa when the old has expired and the nearest location in south Thailand to get a new one (although) shorter is Ranong / Kawthaung and the Malaysian Border and Penang since there is the next general Consulate which can issue longer stay visa under certain condition. To Penang, it is not a big problem to do the whole trip within a very long day with a van. An alternative route is to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore if thinking about this check with the Thai government website since they change this stuff almost every month at will. Often the immigration officer invents some of their own ideas and writes something into the passport. It's often chaotic and everyone does something else but at least it works and there is no need to get confronted with the bureaucracy of the government as it is in Myanmar .