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MindanaoTourist spots

Mindanao Island  Roundtrip
Mindanao tourist spots
Visiting the Sulu & Celebes  Islands in the South Sea
A journey to the Philippines should always include Mindanao the southernmost island in the country.

Unless a traveler sees the great beaches, thundering waterfalls around Iligan and the saturated green of the paddy field plus more he / was not really in the Philippines.This would be an ideal vacation destination but, yes it's always 'but' I went there for many years.

The crime rates and the Islamist are not a good environment for the holiday there is an awful mixture of religion & violence. 
Anyway, experience Philippine travel in some focused destination such as Manila  Boracay  Mindanao and much more, keep a low profile and hopefully, nothing will happen. We will explore several fascinating tourist spots in the south Philippines.
This would be an ideal vacation destination but, yes it's always but I went there for many years but gave it up. The crime rates and in the south the Islamists are not a good environment for holiday.

The young pretty women in Malate they locked away etc. there is an awful mixture of Catholics, violence and so on. Anyway experience Philippine travel in some focused destination such as Manila, Boracay, Mindanao and much more, keep a low profile and hopefully, nothing will happen. 
The picture right I took at the Royal Mandaya Hotel they have a very positive aura radiating and a tasteful and decorative environment with high-quality rooms furnishing is a bit US style meaning contemporary baroque.

Actually, the place is ok what makes it a good deal is it' downtown means no need to drive around a lot. For other hotels pls. use the search box from
Because of the tropical climate and position in the Pacific, it could be a great tourist destination. No need to tell a lot about white sandy beaches and the clear water of the ocean around which offer fantastic scuba and snorkeling spots, great waterfalls, rivers and nice people on the three main islands, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and another about seven thousand islands in the South China Sea.  Yes and they have attractive handmade products made from South Sea Pearls .

A fascinating exotic countryside but unfortunately with an often very rotten environment partly thanks to the Catholic Church which opposes any birth control and that brings far too many people and that is the core problem of this ASEAN country.
Royal Mandaya Hotel Davao City
Davao city tour
zamboanga city
Zamboanga City & Spaniards  plus dream settings with endless beaches and green countryside with wide panoramas of paddy fields, a hamlet, and coconut groves is around everywhere.
day trip to mt. apo
samal island beach
Cagayan de Oro City Harbor
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Island-hopping in the Philippines from the very north to the south until Mindanao with plenty of colorful underwater excitement duing scuba diving in southeast Asia passing Puerto Galera south of Manila with great panoramas and coral reefs with colorful fishes and a bustling nightlife.

If you want to have a good time during the most precious days during the years and love a tropical multicultural environment thats the place to travel but there are many more similar destination in southeast Asia Zamboanga also was a great place to make holidays that was before the Islamist came and more or less trashed tourism on Mindanao

Most  islands are with light yellow white sandy beaches and some such as Boracay have real white sand. Food is also not bad at all with crispy BBQ fishes and all what the sea delivers. All water sports activities are available on most ilands such as parasailing snorkeling and more. The Philippines have some other positive features such as almost everyone speakes English and the girls are really sweet and positive thinking. So 7000 islands are a great destination for exploring.
  1. seafood restaurant at General Santos
  2. Zamboanga Philippines
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Since Mindanao is not only the southernmost Island there are also good air and sea travel connection to the rest of the country. The most popular tourist spot around is Samal Island opposite Davao but the infrastructure is as everywhere on the island really lousy although attractivve beach hotels are available. When travel the Philippines and in this case Mindanao only use light luggage and travel gear.

When considering buying travel gear and luggage for your trip dont buy the cheapest it will be brokwn after the second rough day. Also dont buy the stuff locally since that is usually imported from China with a low quality. The source to get anything with a good qualty and a low price is srough the ad below