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Malaysia Tourist Spots

Malaysia Tourist Spots in KL

Kuala Lumpur in exotic ASEAN
The country is in the center of South-East Asia and has two parts, the peninsular which is west Malaysia with  Penang and Thailand to the north and Singapore and Indonesia to the south plus the eastern part.  

The east consists of the island of Borneo where Sabah and Sarawak are, they are separated from the peninsula by 640 kilometers (400 miles) and the South China Sea, one more country between this two is the Sultanate of Brunei . It is multiracial which has a lot to do with British colonial times.Malay people and indigenous tribes count for over half of the population, the rest are Chinese, Indians and others, including some of the western type.
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Country size is 342,000 square kilometers (132,000 sq. miles) which is roughly the size of Japan, but only with around 13% of the population Japan.

The peninsular covers around 40 percent of the land area, and around 90 The country's economy is based mainly on agricultural commodities, and it is one of the world's major suppliers of tin, palm oil and rubber.

Since achieving independence from colonial rule in 1957, Malaysia has faced a series of internal and external economic and political pitfalls.
A unique Mosque beside the motorway from Thailand

When you enter the country by road from Singapore or Thailand friendly people you will experience, ok, sometimes they are not as friendly but nobody can be friendly all-time. Malaysia has countless of top notch tourist spots and is open to millions of visitors from all over the globe every year, and its people have changed, absorbed and adapted customs and traditions from far-flung countries to suit the local way of life. 

Best experienced when going shopping

the same goods and behaviors as everywhere. What do you picture when you think of this travel destination? 

Still some remote imagines of beaches and coconut palms, fine sand on an idyllic islands, fabulous coral reefs in a warm underwater world. Have you read some stories of Somerset Maugham? To get you into the right mood, even today they are not so far-fetched. Just visit Penang and these pictures are easily appearing.
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Malaysia and muslim places
There is some indication that Saudi Arabia pumping millions of dollars into the co untry to invest practically buying the country.

In 2016 authorities found that the Prime Minister Mr. Najib got personally over half a billion dollar from Saudi Arabia for which there was no reason. Since the transfer was carried out in Switzerland, everything is documented and cannot be denied.
Extensive modernisation
Exotic Photos, entertaining and informative other content are here to make your visit a memorable one. 
There is s strong trend to industrialization and to make the country known in the world, one of this was the start of Formula One car racing at Sepang near the KL international airport. Despite these developments the country is still dominated by villages, jungles, beaches, rice fields and friendly Malaysian people, most of them are Muslims plus Buddhist, Taoists, Hindi and more and animists.

The slogan of the tourist marketing is, “Malaysia truly Asia”.

and that's correct by any means, including picturesque fishing villages, beaches, hill resorts, islands, tropical forests and a large area of urban life mainly around KL and on Penang plus other cities it's somehow a great travel destination. At KL and Georgetown Penang is quite some hot nightlife, it’s not as vibrant as in Thailand but there is really something going on in West and East Malaysia.

Attractions are traditional arts and crafts

(check the Central Market in KL Chinatown), colorful religious festivals and a wide spectrum of food, from laksa, to chicken curry, satay, pizza, pasta, burger, teppanyaki and mouth-watering Chinese food.

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Malaysian attraction

That includes “soft adventure” in tropical jungle and around the beaches of the South China Sea . The country functions so no unpleasant encounters. Even internet until the very remote corner of West & East Malaysia plus the islands with fascinating places and exotic tribes mainly in Sabha and Sarawak plus a rich culture with empty beaches and touching tropical warm waters plus fabulous tasty food. It is very likely that you pass through KL Sentral when travel in Malaysia in the hearth of southeast Asia.

The myths and mysteries have captured the attention of many writers since the English implemented colonial rule among them was Somerset Maugham. We try to add more knowledge and fun about this exotic places including many maps, fascinating tourist spots, and the Andaman Sea make Malaysia for sure an attractive ASEAN destination

 The marketing people created the slogan, “Malaysia is truly Asia”.

That’s the right focus since the first you probably will see is a smiling Malay, Indian or Chinese taxi driver who takes you to the capital city of Kuala Lumpur or Putrajaya the new administrative capital south of KL.
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