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Malaysian Nightlife

Malaysian night with bar girls

Kuala Lumpur Nightlife
Penang Nightlife
Kuala Lumpur and what to do at night
A substantial nightlife in this southeast Asian Country is only in KL and Penang.

Only there is the critical mass of foreigners and forward thinking people who are able to break the mental chains they usually experience because of Islam. Actually, the most open-minded place is Georgetown Penang, thanks to the Chinese population and a part in Kuala Lumpur along Jl. P. Ramlee with the Beach Club and the Thai Bistro Club.

In between are plenty of ladyboys and freelancer forming a real sexy oriental mélange which should be a nightlife destination when in KL at least once to have a look because it is hardly seen elsewhere in any other Muslim Country except at some spots in the main cities in Indonesia and the islands between and Singapore. All other places such as Bali and more are not girls oriented they just offer the usual Australian disco nightlife at places around Kuta in Bali.

More and more people are discovering how amazing Kuala Lumpur nightlife can be. Although Malaysia has the image as a Muslim country it is not backwards oriented at all and enjoys a steady increase in tourist visiting the country. The funny thing is, much more tourists come to Malaysia than Thailand, one of the reason are the continuing disasters Thai politicians push the country into, but where do the Malaysian guys go when they want some fun with girls in a nightclub and elsewhere? Yes, they go to Thailand and their favorite spots are Phuket nightlife Hat Yai and Danok the latter is just across the border.
Exploring Kuala Lumpur nightlife in the "golden triangle"

KL's golden triangle is fun and excitement at weekends the beach club KL and Thai Bistro are filled to the brim with people dancing and having a good time.

All this places have an entrance fee but not every day which is also good for a small bottle of beer and actually pays itself for the great atmosphere. The places rock until the morning, these KL bars are trendy nightspots and you better arrive early to be able to sit down, its drinking, live music, disco sound, show and whatever.

Kuala Lumpur is a well established business and tourist destination in South East Asia and has still a long trail of heritage to be seen which attract tourists; it’s not only the Kuala Lumpur girls, bars and nightclubs. At the big hotels are great bars serving cocktail, several big Kuala Lumpur hotels also have discos and extravagant styled nightclubs.

But there is a certain type of nightlife which is not available this go-go dancing and strip shows. All the big hotels at the “golden triangle” which is more or less around that area, Jalan Ampang and Bukit Bintang have some kind of dress code either related to shoes, pants or whatever which makes them off limit for the crown anyway. No traveler wants to get around fully dressed in this tropical heat.

If you want some gambling on your visit to Malaysia it needs to travel to Genting Highland close to Kuala Lumpur or enjoy a Singapore casino further south.

The following picture set is from a dinner show

The Kuala Lumpur Dinner Show is on almost every evening at the Malaysian Tourist Center it includes several colorful parts especially considering the multi cultural aspect of the population of west and east Malaysia. It makes the diversity of southeast Asia very visible. The price includes dinner with typical Malaysian food.
Malaysian nightlife show