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Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

Nightlife tips and bar girls in KL

KL Nightlife Tips Girls
Kuala Lumpur nightlife guide with plenty of interesting tips for a night with girls and ladyboys and maybe a different one without them. There are two nightlife oriented clubs with girls in Kuala Lumpur which are theorethically almost impossible in Malaysia. They are in the center of action at night just opposite on Jalan P Ramlee  that is the Beach Club and "Thai Bistro Club". There is more nightlife at Bukit Bintang but thats mainly beer bars. 

At Bukit Bintang is also an Arab restaurant and in some house entrances girls are sitting around offering massage guess what kind of. Kuala Lumpur has a vibrant nightlife with girls even hard core clubber will nothing have to complain and when something to complain about they are the whores in Beach Club KL which are really aggressive one suggestion is secure all your belongings.  Actually in the Thai Bistro Club its the same but the young women and transvestites are much less aggressive. 

​The interesting thing is Malaysian men use various escape ways to get their desires under control first is Danok at the Thai border right in the north. Another version is Singapore in the south where every evening the Malaysian pimps bring their ladies over the border into "contact rooms" at places such as Aljunite where in the evening plenty of them arrive from Malaysia to do their job. It is easy to see this because of the license plates of the cars. There is another nightlife and daytime destination with plenty of Malaysian registered cars at the Sands Casino which clearly shows what a hippocritical society Islam is here are some tips.

Jalan P Ramlee >

Malaysia at night.

Petronas twin-tower at night
The Whores House Club aka Beach Club.

Want to run into trouble visit the "Beach Club" there are mainly Filipina and Chinese plus a couple of African ladies (didnt see any Russian yet) . But here are some really nice Chinese sex workers but that's not very interesting. This are mainly freelancer trying to make a hit on foreigners.

No many Thai girls Interestingly there are not many businesswomen from all over the world. The same is with young from Myanmar although there is a large Burmese community in the country that has a long colonial tradition but not even in Penang. In both places there is a great party atmosphere with live music and pretty girls..

It's certainly not like the Nana Plaza in Bangkok, but a nice place to explore. Both bars charge an entry fee that includes a beer, but not every day

The Thai Bistro Club Nightlife.

Thai bistro club in KL nightlife
Aldjunied in Singapore
Just for comparison this is Aldjunied in Singapore a typical red light district with plenty of freelancer around. Actually there is nothing to say against it this is all totally legal according to Singapore law.
Girls working in the night
Since the young women sitting here stepped out from cars with Malaysian license plate in the late afternoon it makes sense to assume they are from Malaysia. 
The Kuala Lumpur nightspots where something is going on.
A lone ladyboy in KL
sexy lady-boy freelancer in a KL night.
A good alternative could be just have a look around in the hotel nightclub maybe after 11 pm young local women are around who usually are positive do meet guys but keep in mind most are around for business have a look Malaysian girls in the night-
shift have a positive attitude

This are the main nightlife tourist spots in KL most oriented to dinner and beer bars definately no girls pick up. The whole athmosphere in the night is not like it is in Thailand or Cambodia and Myanmar in Malaysia it is business only very rarely it turns into somehow romance. So if you want to have a good night in KL with some add-on never forget to take some money with you the more the better. To make things easier  ATMs are set up everywhere at the important points which allow a quick access to cash and take high commissions for it.

In the Thai Bistro Club the ladies are much less aggressive. If you need money for any reason there are several ATMs that are about 3 minutes away. Jalan P Ramlee is named after a famous Malaysian artist and a monorail station is just a 10-minute walk away.

Do not think too much about safety, even at midnight the area is absolutely safe although there are some ladyboys at the monorail intersection

beach club music
petronas towers at night

KL Nightlife in Chinatown is around the Petaling Jaya night market.