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Visiting Krabi  & Islands

Phi Phi Islands
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Ao Nang
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Krabi Province is a great piece of south Thailand
When people commonly talk about Krabi's seafront it's actually Ao Nang were several beach resort and other waterfront destinations are.

To reach them take a Krabi flights out of Bangkok or maybe Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Krabi actually has an international airport but this is mainly used for charter flights, there are no other international flights to Krabi. This is currently changing but only via charter flights to exotic destinations in Russia and China.

The new Thai government did a quick switch when the EU governments started to spread nonsense  after the coup and they are perfectly right. The EU should rather solve their own problems before they scream at others about abstract human rights. There is really no much difference in terms of human rights between this two. ​
Krabi hotel and beach resorts are plenty 

Either around the bay and the area around Ao Phra Nang which is the "hinterland" Nang and to the north. There are also good and not so expensive bungalows and beach cottages on Krabi islands and at Railay Beach east and west.
A rapid growing Krabi travel segment are luxury hotels. Krabi luxury hotels are north of Ao Nang around the Sheraton Krabi. Krabi 's first real luxury hotel was the Krabi Sheraton. Several more Krabi luxury hotel has been built on the beach near the Sheraton Hotel.

At Ao Nang are no luxury hotels and Railay Beach is to the south with several nice low priced beach resorts which all are quite far from Krabi town. It needs some travel to reach the city from the popular beaches.

Where is Ao Nang & Railay?

Just have a look at the Krabi province map above right. The place is squeezed between Phang Nga and Trang with countless islands and beaches plus an International Airport with all needed airline connection even including Russia and China via charter flights. 

It is well known as a tropical holiday destination with great beaches, affordable Krabi hotels and restaurants, crazy nightlife and more. Touristic evolution cause more attractions which are slowly developing such as rock climbing, caving, jungle trekking, sailing the Andaman Sea, diving and more.

If you come with the car from the north which means Phuket just drive straight at the intersection where the bypass road to Trang turns left, after a few kilometers you will see the road sign pointing to the right at the Kings Palace, the turn is a bit further behind. To reach the place it's sometimes difficult since various road signs pointing in different directions. Just keep on driving towards the sea and you will end up there.

Near this road is also the Sheraton Hotel Krabi and a few other four and five star resorts. For more directions see the map at right.Also in the luxury segment, if you want to have action and nightlife you better travel to Phuket which is not far from Krabi. Ko Samui is more or less at a similar distance from as Phuket its easy to take a bus and travel there. Bangkok is about 10 hours with the bus and flights to Bangkok are available several times per day and take about one hour.
Making a short trip maybe to Railay Beach east and west

Just take one of the long tail boat’s waiting at the waterfront at the other side of the road along the water at Ao Phra Nang. The waterfront at Railay Beach has spectacular cliffs facing the Andaman Sea and  the sandy beach below (watch the header picture of this page).  Try to hire a longtail boat and have a look for Chicken Island which is not far off, the scenery there is much better, also the sand is almost white at the island which makes it visually appealing.

A bit to the south is fossil shell beach (see below) with plenty of handmade shell items. The long tail boats will take you also to any other places you want to see offshore. Accommodations of all kind, from expensive hotels to cheap beach huts are available.

Have a massage, rent a motorbike, find a hotel and do some shopping it's all there. If you are in search for the luxury high-end stuff try the Krabi Sheraton a few kilometers to the north.

Ao Nang has a spectacular waterfront

But this is not a sunrise beach, rather a sunset but for sure one of the real good ones in Thailand. Tropical beaches are plenty and Railay Beach is for sure somehow spectacular as you can see in the pictures. At my experience, only some waterfront at Similan Islands , Ang Thong Marine National Park, Phi-Phi, Trang Archipelago and Ko Tarutao can match.
Krabi is a great vacation spot, on top of it everything is quite low priced. Especially food, restaurants, and transportation have user-friendly prices, the quality of food is also not bad.

That's the same with accommodation. For about US 40,- a good hotel room can be found. Want to stay longer ? Rent an apartment for around $ 150,- per month and up. Of course, high-end accommodation is also available just search the Hotel List right above. 

There is plenty to do in Krabi Province , no need to get bored or hang around on a beach the whole time.  Beside of some premier, rock climbing circuits scuba diving, sailing, paragliding and jet skiing are just a few more activities available around the waterfront.

If you want to spice up your next vacation with some adventure southern Thailand is just the right spot to visit, this is a great outdoor destination with jungle hiking, elephant riding and other things to do in several National Parks.

Another hot spot is Ko Lanta

This destination are actually two islands, yai and noi) if you choose Ko Lanta be aware that it needs two ferry rides and the ships are quite full during high season. This is crucial to consider when with a car. From the final landing jetty, it's about 10 km to the main highway and another 30 km to the airport which is south of Krabi Town.

Fossil Shell Beach
Krabi Photos
An interesting Krabi sightseeing spot attracting several hundred visitors per day is fossil shell beach.

This amazing spot in Krabi province is also called the fossil shell cemetery which is about 80 million years old and was built up over time. Today a flat platform of compacted fossils is along the shore with a few sandy beaches in between. 

About 35 million years ago today's Ban Laem Pho Cape was a large freshwater swamp with millions of snails. The remains formed a fossilized shell layer almost 40 centimeters thick.

The car park and shops are on the cliff where a stairway leads down to the Fossil Shell Beach, the stairs are broken off at the end . That means the real Fossil Shell Beach can only be reached from Ao Nang by boat, which probably is no need for since everything is visible from the viewpoint at the car park where also these pictures were made.

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Railay Beach