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Cambodian art and culture

Cambodia Khmer Culture & Art

Khmer Culture has a long way back

Cambodian Culture and Art
​Khmer Art shows a highly developed creativ culture over the centuries. Unfortunately there is not much art of the old days available in Cambodia anymore.

When the French came into Cambodia looting of Khmer Art got a steep swing upwards. There was also some looting going on before but on a very small scale, rather small things as souvenirs but with the French colonialists it became a thriving business since plenty of rich people in Europe wanted exceptional and exotic pieces of art and this is what Khmer Art was.

The best and richest display of Khmer Art in Cambodia is at the National Museum in Phnom Penh. The best pieces of art still available in the country were brought from Angkor to the museum in the capital. A beautiful place in a garden setting bring the sculptures and other art objects into the right "light".