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Khao Lak Beach
Khao Lak south beach
A pretty waterfront hundred kilometer north of Phuket with several luxury beach resorts are behind the beach and some mid-range accommodation and budget hotels are between the through road and the hills, this is a slim stretch of land. 

Seafront hotels are often a bit isolated, there is no real town or village nearby. The area is a great destination if you like it calm or if you like scuba diving which means around Similan islands Marine National Park that is one of the prime scuba diving destination in Asia. Since there are a lot of tourists around prices are relativly high because the idea of Thai people is all tourists are millionaires and behave like a lame turtle so they should be milked.

The beach sand quality gets better from north to south.

The waterfront sand is a bit reddish and coarse in the north and towards the south a bit more yellow and finer but there is no much difference.

Pine trees swing in the strong breeze hit by rain from time to time but to see that clear there are almost no palm trees left unless the beach resorts have planted them.​​ 
Thai are often strange people they cut down one of their best assets which palm trees are all along the Andaman Costs since they don't consider palm trees as now what? "Trees" so people can do whatever they want although it is strictly banned to cut leafy trees but finally they do it anyway.

The clouds make the weather they stall on the hills behind Khao Lak the long Village and bring the rain over the beaches This is all the way down from Mergui in Myanmar. Which means Khao Lak in Phang Nga Province north of Phuket receives more rain than the Island of Phuket.

From Tap Lamu Pier which is south of the village speed boats and bigger ships carrying divers to the dive grounds further west about 40 km in the Andaman Sea, it's all good organized. 

Exploring the underwater world could be done either by a life aboard trip out of Phuket or just book your Andaman Sea tour from your hotel. The picture above shows the Andaman Coast pictured from the south.

Scuba diving and snorkeling  ​​

These waterborne activities are very popular because the coral reefs attract myriads of different fishes small and large. It includes whale sharks and other bigger animals such as stingrays and more around the archipelago   

The preferred dive area is around the Similan Islands. Practically every hotel offers some kind of dive tour. The Merlin Resort is at the south end of the long stretch of beaches and on the almost north end is the Meridien.

Some are expensive some are cheaper. The cheaper hotels are between the road and hill range, in the upper price category the beach resorts are closer to the waterfront. In general, it's a beach resort
and scuba diving destination.

Similan islands are out in the Andaman Sea and Khao Sok National Park about 100 km to the northeast, behind Takuapa and on the way to Surat Thani. The Khao Sok National Park is the biggest in south Thailand and is built around the reservoir of a power station and a beautiful green part of Thailand with some rivers around for canoeing and kayaking. A real attraction is the floating cottages and elephant trekking several hotel offers to stay in tree houses.

Hotels are plenty since there no bigger town in the area, only the village at the south end and no real nightlife available, actually, there is one cabaret style nightclub. Since there is no adult entertainment it quickly becomes boring in the evening. The ideal vacation destination for a family holiday, beach vacation and people who want to have a quiet life. Plus naturally scuba diving and snorkeling in the Similan Archipelago .

The whole area is in the grip of German and Scandinavian tourists or long stay and people enjoying their retirement time . During Christmas and new year, it becomes quite crowded and hotel prices move up steep.  
Almost all hotels in South East Asia \ ASEAN 
When booking a hotel keep in mind Khao Lak Beaches are quite far off any village there are some taxis available at the street entrance but this guy's really try to milk you. The Meridien Resort is probably the best around, a pretty place for great beach holiday.

If you want to have a look around rent a scooter costs are up to Baht 300,- per day but be extremely careful Thailand has one of the highest road accident rate in the whole world.

A basic rule if you see anyone person car bike bus or whatever use the horn and make sure they notice since they never care about anything everyone thinks he or she is the only person in the universe.

Floating in the Andaman Sea.

But Khao Lak could be the ideal vacation destination for family holiday plus beach vacation and for people who want to have a quiet life. Plus naturally scuba diving and snorkeling in the Similan Archipelago.

Since this is not a large place visiting is easy but needs some transportation on your own. Hotels and resorts are between the Andaman Sea waterfront and the hills in the back divided by the through road.

The closer to the beach the higher the price the place is really convenient because everything is with a short range. Shops restaurants hotels resorts are perfectly situated in this tropical climate close to Similan Marine National Park

Similan Marine National Park Beaches

High season is (as usual) from November to April and Khao Lak also has a community of long stay foreigners who traveled up from Phuket because it gets to crowded there, in particular after the Russian and Chinese took over the tourist scene.

Most resorts have lush gardens around the swimming pools embedded in a pretty landscaped tropical environment. If you want to learn more about it make a elephant ride but that needs a tough negotiation this almost all Thai thinks tourists are walking ATM machines.