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Exotic Hibiscus Flowers

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The Hibiscus garden in Kuala Lumpur
That is the orchid and hibiscus oasis and that is a good name considering the peaceful area and the pleasure they pass to the visitors of the place. The aura the plants radiate is truly amazing.

Sold in a different way

It is on the market as whole flowers, pieces as "cut and sifted" plus as powder, the flavor is stronger when in whole flower form, cut and sifted it loses the flavor during storage. The powdered hibiscus is more intense but staying fresh not as long.

Hibiscus flower to make the tea from are grown in a number of different tropical countries such as Malaysia where you can see the in the "Orchid and Hibiscus Garden". When buying the tea check where it comes from to make sure to get clean stuff.

The rather exotic plant has a very pretty and fragile appearance and is grown with many colors. This red plant above is in front of my house and I always have problems to tell the gardener not to cut the bloom since they grow very quick and in abundance. Their rich variety is almost the same as with orchid colors.

Consumed in different ways

Hibiscus tea is a popular herbal drink to lower blood pressure naturally. It is also known as roselle tea and mainly consumed in the north and central west Africa such as Egypt, Nigeria and around. In general, people who live in areas where the plants grow easy such as hot tropical countries use it as herbal tea. The positive properties are among other, it lowers blood pressure. The drink is used in traditional medicine for ages and is a potent antioxidant and has the ability to lower blood pressure.

It is made from the dried calyces of the hibiscus flower and served hot or cold. It is no need to tell about the negative effect of high blood pressure in our “overweight” and stressful world, the liquid is a natural and risk-free way for doing so. Research has shown that it works similar positive as pharmaceutical medications and has no negative side effects. 
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