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Davao City Tour and Night Entertainment 

Davao Mindanao day & night
Mindanao also called the fruit basket of the Philippines and Davao City the durian capital. Travel to the island is usually by air, Manila to Davao or Cagayan de Oro via Cebu with several flights per day.

Domestic flights and abroad, e.g., from Changi Airport in Singapore, from Cebu, Zamboanga City and elsewhere. Ferries are connecting with various places in the Philippines. There is some nightlife entertainment but not as big as in the capital although there are many pleasant places for a great night.

Good hotels are around on the mid-range and budget level, one of the tops is the Royal Mandaya pictured here, a real oasis to switch off and relax in an excellent setting, Marco Polo Hotel is also quite good just use the hotel booking icon above.

Davao Map
samal island
Shopping for native items in Davao City, the malls carry just the same things as all other in the country. There is one exception, some pearl shops which have jewelry including semi-precious stones, but the design is rather baroque and conservative.

It appears that not much new jewelry designs were made since the Spaniards left; the pearl farm has     
more interesting items on display. Pearl jewelry and loose gems are sold in a couple of shops downtown they also have some semi-precious stones such as jade, malachite and more. Some of this precious things look quite pretty if you don't know what souvenir to bring home this are ideal little presents and all women  like them.
The local waterfront  destination is Samal Island and an interesting resort there is the Pearl Farm where they still do some business with South Sea Pearls. It's strange how the people try to squeeze money out from the waterfronts considering that everywhere in the ASEAN region, except here. Everywhere in ASEAN this is public areas and here they try it really excessively to milk anyone with hefty entrance fee to visit a seafront which is not attractive anyway.

Mindanao has by far better seafronts elsewhere but since the roads are so bad they are difficult to reach. The photo left show Samal Island beach opposite Davao City.
Davao City Waterfront view from Samal Island.

What's up in Mindanao?

Davao Images
Go for dinner and pay a cooking fee 

It did not happen here but  some days before in Manila where they sell the fish, cash it and after they ask for another cooking fee separately a real twisted mind, this actually is a Chinese invention to milk the customer. I experienced such things until now only in Bangkok and the owner of those restaurants are always Chinese.

That reminds me what I experienced in Phuket the other day where 2 tour buses have been parked outside a Seven-Eleven store which was overwhelmed by them. I found out that the travel agent (a Chinese) had a deal with the store to deliver their clients and cash for everyone who buys something Baht 30,-. They do the same with other shops especially jewelry where they sell the tourists almost worthless junk and the tour company get a hefty "commission".

A few days ago the Thai tourist police closed down 2 of this Chinese travel agents, confiscates over 20 big buses, 25 bigger ships, took 2 big hotel  all this was owned by 2 native Chinese guys who bought a Thai ID card from local people who already bought the cards a couple a years ago and did a lot of illegal stuff with it, it's incredible what they are doing.

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Davao Beach on Samal Island
A brief history of the city

There are several theories about the origin of the city name.

One is was that the former Dabaw morphed into Davao over time. The name is derived from its Bagobo origins. The local tribes, Tagabawa who called the river "Dabo", the Giangan, the Diangan who called it "Dawaw, and the Obo called it "Davah".  It seems that the early Christian inhabitants of the settlement were the proponent behind the official adoption of the name "Davao" in 1868.

This is somehow a legacy of the Spaniards who came to this part of the world in 1848 with the so-called "yellow fever" = gold hunt. Today it is different; an avalanche of traffic makes life often difficult.

Davao at night

 Nightlife Photos
  1. davao nightlife
  2. BBQ at night
  3. Davao entertainment at night
  4. davao nightlife music
  5. red stallion beer is real hard stuff
  6. pool bar
  7. Music in Davao
  8. The stage is close to the Marco Polo Hotel
Nightlife, Restaurants and Entertainment

Although there is nothing around like in Manila it is a pleasant surprise with plenty of entertainment, restaurants, open air show with singing and dancing, no dull for sure. First stop is at Shrine Hills Matina, a mere 30minute drive from the Domestic and International Airport. Jacks Ridge is known for good food, wonderful music that everyone can jive to and a spectacular view of the city one of my friends who visited, told me that this is one of Davao's a must see places.

Well I can’t blame him it is a quiet place to hang-out and enjoy the cityscape at night; at Jacks Ridge you can find Taklobo and Karlos Coffee Shop. Taklobo that senses mouthwatering delicacies that is guaranteed to satisfy pallets with their sizzling dinner platters, fresh off the grill barbecues at very affordable prices. Karlos Coffee shop is known for their different concoctions of coffees may it be brewed, iced, latte or cappuccinos and fruit smoothies aside from that they also serve appetizers like sandwiches, pastries, pies and my personal favorite the Swiss delicacies. Still nothing beats the atmosphere.

While this place in Davao has their share of visitors, the park still allows you to lie down on the grass and have a covenant with the moon.

Next stop is Torres and Rizal St’s.: Want a Street of compacted Davao Nightlife and Davao Entertainment ? Nightlife in Davao is as lively as a casino. But these 2 streets deserve a great description of nightlife. Rizal Street is well known for foreign and local restaurants which
opens at night. The Road is usually closed for some live music. I recommend dining at Iron Horse. For a mere 95 Pesos it is enough to fill your hungry tummy! Torres Street- Long before, it was just nothing. But as the restaurants flocking to it's new location, no wonder if this street will be called "Street of Nightlife" because of it's fine dining restaurants that are open until midnight.

Whenever you pass by this street, several restaurant names are brightly shown. Just be casual, no slippers pls. Damosa Gateway, we came Friday night and the place is filled with yuppies. Other restos/bar has some oldies though. There's a trio playing and singing on the stage they have put up in the portion of the parking area one of the places I love to visit at damosa is Big Brothers Burger a taste of first class grilled burgers and honestly the place reminds me of American style, carefree, hip hop, casual, relax and unwind.

Davao Dinner
Matina Town Square its not just a square It's a fun place. There are restaurants, bars & a coffee shop. There's a local band playing in the middle of the compound. For those who just want to "Hold hands while walking" there is a park with benches. For families, there is also a playground for kids. This is where you can find the yummy Aling Foping's Halo-Halo and also Tabuan Resto Bar that has mix of small restaurants that have their own specialty, personally I recommend Jickongs which is located just beside Tabuan resto bar, Jickongs serve their own pizza at an affordable price and every time you ask for beer you’ll get an ice cold beer and not only for dinner in Davao.
The Capital of Mindanao
Davao Photos
Marrakesh Bar: A touch of something exotic! Colorful drapes...mat on the floor .... cushions, and pillows .... you'd think you're inside a bar in Morocco...but nope, you're in Davao's Marrakesh Bar.

Nothing could be more comfortable than taking your stiletto's off, sit on soft cushions, cross your legs and drink the night away. Once again, another small, cozy bar. None of that crazy crowd, unless it's your very own set of friends. We had a very good night here, relaxed, just talking, laughing, listening to the music, anything comfortable and no dress code.

A taste of home cooked meals Tita Annies Family Restaurant is food and fun, if you crave for those sizzling plates with tuna, pork, beef,
chicken, and some other fish dishes, this is the right place to be a very relaxing atmosphere conveniently close to the Marco Polo hotel definitely a must try for those party goers to. Last stop but definitely not the least is STARR a classy bar located at Autoshop compound a mere 5-minute walk from Torres Street. A perfect place to party all night and meet nice people and you’ll receive first class service from the staff.
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