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singapore clarke quay at night

Clarke Quay  Singapore at night

Clarke Quay entertainment 

Clarke Quay attraction in Singapore.
In the evening visit Clarke Quay a great place for dining and entertainment on the riverside and make a boat ride on the Singapore-river. Here are modern prime nightlife and entertainment locations put no sexy business around. There are a couple of other Singapore attractions such as the Jurong Bird Park and Orchid Garden plus famous orchard road with shopping temples and luxury hotels.

Clarke Quay got his name from Sir Andrew Clarke Singapore's second Governor from 1873 to 1875 who managed to position Singapore as the port for the Malaysian states of Perak Selangor and Sungei Ujong. The quay is still a very Chinese area "the Hoklos" (Hokkien) refer to the street as gi hok kong si au (义福公司后).Several hotels are are arund Clarke Quay plus restaurants bars and clubs. Boats for Singapore sightseeing trips at the waterfront and a underground station for qick transportation. Some nightlife is right over the river, about 60 meters off the riverside is a piazza with open air live music every evening with style form salsa to rock sometimes also Chinese music and latino a very busy nightspot indeed. Singapore Clarke Quay is not far from Marina Bay want to gamble there? give it a try. The next swimming pool is at the holiday inn.

At Clarke Quay are countless restaurants along the river and some are built into the river they guarntees a busy nightlife and are some of the main evening attraction in Singapore.

Up market chic clubs

Professional ive music entertainment and myriads of restaurants offer diverse food, there is also a weekend flea market. The Quay together with the Singapore casinos is probably the prime entertainment area.

Clarke Quay hotels including budget lodges offer some fun for the lower end traveler since Singapore bacame one of the price destinations they better do something for budget tourists. Its high life until very late and professional shows make it clear that the  made a transformation from a rather dull place until about a decade ago into a bustling Asian entertainment city.

Most visitors who are searching for trendy nightlife will sooner or later visit Clark Quay, if they do it rather sooner than later they have a good time more early. There are at least 2 dozen restaurants along the riverfront and at the buildings behind.

Food camps with Chinese Thai Spanish Italian and plenty of other are available and amazingly its not so expensive. If you want to visit a expensive restaurant, its there, plenty of them, but if you are rather on a budget its also there, plenty of them, they even have a Hooters where the girls run around in hot pants, reminds me somehow at Patpong Bangkok and big relife not screwed up ladyboys who get more aggressive in Pattaya everday.

Nightclubs and bars are full with Singapore visitors and locals a great unternational blend. The Quay has been renovated sometime ago, before simple tables where placed along the river front of the " Lion City ".

Clarke Quay on the Singapore River

As it is visible on the pictures you could also make a boat tour on the Singapore River.

The place is open from morning until late along Clarke Quay and the waters around.

Presently its more or less the best nightlife spot when the nightlife girl business is not included. If you are a male individual traveler and want to do have some short time fun better use the SMRT to Aljunied Station and have a short walk towards the 81 Star Hotel, that’s a left turn before the Shell Petrol Station there are about 10 parlors where you can look for a girl and visit one of the hotels nearby, girls are also standing at the roads there. Yes, in the City State they really work they are not as lazy bumps as in Thailand or Myanmar.

These Singapore hotels have such strange hotel names like fragrance hotel, 81 hotel, ruby hotel etc. Hotel rates are from S$ 20,- upwards for short time. ​They are also are also for normal business and offer some of the best hotel deals in the city, e.g. at the 81 star hotels at you get a room from S$ 60,- per night from Sunday to Friday and at the weekend for S$ 70,- and more, the hotel rooms are not large but everything functions

Plenty of shops and restaurants around are open 24 hours. Since the Aljunied area is a low level "red light district|" even the Singapore freelancer hang out on the road until 6 am. Another reason why it makes sense to consider staying in a hotel around here is, this is real Chinatown you probably won't find the other quarter in Singapore with such a genuine mix of Chinese restaurants and food courts.
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Hanky Panky in the night

Clarke Quay Photos
Tattoo shops and pretty Singapore freelancer who try to give you a good time are around.

There is also something positive on this subject, the "hanky panky" business is not illegal here, means no problems and not as much hypocrisy as the countries around where all this is officially banned but the biggest brothels are around there.

A funny stuff which shows the twisted minds of the people who rule the countries around (not Singapore) is e.g. In Muslim-dominated Malaysia the Islam police will jail every local woman when they spot them on the naughty business. Now when looking at the car registration numbers it is clear that most people involved in the bang-bang business are coming in from Malaysia and this are women from there who are brought to this small brothels over the border. 

It's ridiculous in the north of Malaysia the guys drive over the Thai border to Dannok for a good time.  Which means  Thai girls  massage karaoke and more and in the south of Malaysia the girls are driven to Singapore from their pimps to make money, isn't this peculiar?
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Like Macao? Enjoy Las Vegas? Probably like Singapore relax have fun and a good time hand over your money and bye bye.
They all search for jobs since the construction boom goes on since years and the newest additions are the Singapore casinos such as the Marina Sands and the RWS Casino on Sentosa Island. Singapore travel shows a place in Asia where the urban meets the traditional modern architecture integrates greenery and high tech merges with age-old historical cultures. The Lion City offers plenty of unique experiences shopping sightseeing, partying dining nightlife great hotels and resorts plus other attractions such as international and tasty food and a vibrant nightlife .​