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Chiang Mai Shopping

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Chiang Mai means Buddhism, Shopping & having a Good Time
What a relief, it is a bit different to Bangkok where everyone at every second corner try to sell another useless stuff and most is a cheating attempt anyway just "hit and run" the usual Chinese behaviour. The fact is often they wont pay the employees salaries means in Thailand it is very common that people buy the jobs and try after to mega cheat to retrieve the money they invested as quick as possible because they know sooner or later they will catch them and until then they need to pocket the money inclusive a healthy margine.

This is one of the main reason why all that corruption happens since it is through the whole society. E.g. some time ago they discovered that one guy bought the the top job of a major transport company with fake documents and after he did pulled the money too shameless he got uncovered and that goes through the whole state aparatus. Also in the private industry people never get their jobs by qualifications but by belong to the "right" familiy, clan etc. by Chinese connections. 

How to get to the northern capital?

The usual way is via Suvarnabhumi Airport, by bus and road travel through Bangkok, now often direct from China by mobile home through Laos. There is also an option by train from Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Trerminal, by car or with the coach.
Ochheuteal Beach