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Visiting Myanmar Temples and Pagodas

Bagan Stupa and Shrine

Buddha Head Sculpture
Buddhist Architecture
Shwedagon Pagoda
Buddhist Life
Buddhist stupas & shrines in ASEAN
Beautiful pictures of shrines and Buddha monuments. The most famous "pagoda city" is Bagan in the dry zone of Myanmar (Burma) the biggest country in the ASEAN region a truly impressive and incredible object for photo shooting. The monuments are a real attraction under various light conditions posing a challenge for every serious photographer and video creator.

The type of the subjects is also totally unique since there is nothing similar on earth, that's the stuff mega photos are made from.
Now is the time for new exploration because in a few years (today 2016) the tourist 
Tsunami will swap over this great plains and then no much space left. This incredible Buddhist shrines have fascinated people coming from east and west. The main colors are always golden earth tones and white, the forms are amazing.

Bagan is the pagoda and temple city "par excellence" there is nothing similar on planet earth, maybe on Alpha Centauri but we don't know, never been there before since my Honda Scooter has some limitation inherent to "Earthlings" also Luke Skywalker has no idea how to bridge the gap so what? There is only one structure in Myanmar which can match that and that is the Shwedagon Pagoda which is the most prominent single stupa structure in the country although it is whether the oldest nor the tallest but it is the most fascinating followed by the Shwezigon of Bagan and the Shwenandaw of Bago.
Stupa definition
Images of Buddhist Stupas
Although the shape of a stupa is more or less a bell enclosing a huge pile of earth, stones and bricks the meaning is the important subject.

Considering that a pagoda was one of the first religious monuments (a stupa is finally a pagoda) it is the simplest way to build something upwards and it points to heaven that is the meaning.

Over time this monuments morphed into temple structures because people wanted to enter the holy shrines a stupa cant be entered so the meaning is also a bit different. This is a closed and filled up structure from the very beginning of construction only a small chamber was made inside to house donations and religious items including Buddha relicts.

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