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Heading 3

Bangkok Mo Chit bus terminal

Bangkok to Phuket by Bus

Bangkok to Phuket by Bus

Bangkok to Phuket by Bus

Bangkok to Phuket by Bus

Bangkok to Phuket by Bus
By coach, it's road travel to southern destinations such as Phuket.

There is no train to Phuket Island which is probably because the bus operators have the better lobby actually the train has no lobby. The tracks are along the coast via Chumphon and Krabi plus Trang and Hat Yai and Padang Besar to Malaysia.

Bus travel is popular and low priced, a one-way bus ticket is about Baht 680, - for the normal version. There are so called VIP buses for almost Baht 1000,-. The difference is, they have fewer seats installed in a one left two right 
There are two long distance coach terminals Bangkok where buses to the south are leaving, one is at Mor Chit about 15 minutes by scooter taxi from the BTS station.

The other is the "southern bus terminal" behind the end of BTS station in the southwest of the capital.

Mor Chit bus terminal counters
Mor Chit bus station counters
The Mor Chit terminal usually serves the north and east half of Thailand but also the south and west but nobody knows the context and nobody tells because when telling anything maybe a business opportunity is lost, traveler? Who cares about the traveler?

The BTS or Skytrain in between 

Now, when moving from the terminals to Bangkok City you have to stand in the wagons (which is the normality because they don't employ enough rolling stock) the head will be just close to the icy outlets of the air-condition and you will be sick the next day.

These useless BTS amateurs who never care about others are making thousands of people's ill every day. In the beginning, to operate the BTS they had some German helper but after handing over to the local crew there are always problems. A very interesting story is how the boss of this BTS got his job, he bought it. It is very common in Thailand that people buy lucrative jobs and use it afterward via corruption to squeeze money out of it nobody is asking for qualification only money count. 

Bangkok Mega Bridge is a gigantic road monument over the Chao Praya River

Driving time is about 12 hours and to leave the city two gigantic bridges has to be crossed.

The Phuket bus leaves the south Bangkok terminal in the afternoon between 4.30 pm and around 7 pm every half hour on both ends. There is one possibility in the early afternoon via Ranong and the coast which takes around 16 hours.

Rest stop at half way distance with a big market

There are many rest stops on the Phetkasem Road, this is the main highway into southern Thailand also known as A4. The routing is from the capital to Hua Hin, passing via the bypass, down to Chumphon, Hat Yai, and
Dannok at the border to Malaysia, read more.

People in the bus to the south

Phuket International Airport is the second busiest airport in Thailand, direct international flights connect to Malaysia, means Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Other to Singapore and plenty of other flight destinations in Asia plus Russia are available. Direct charter flights arrive from many other destinations, there are also direct flights to Chiang Mai and Pattaya via U Tapao, air travel to other parts in Thailand always needs a touchdown in Bangkok, read more.

Phuket Airport
Between Phuket and Ranong

Bangkok Airport departure hall

Airfare from Bangkok to Phuket is relatively low.

It is around Baht 2000,- for one way by Air Asia, Nok Air is somehow similar but Bangkok Air and Thai Airways are in the Baht 3000,- to 6000,- region but its fluctuating quite heavily. If you are on international travel it might be useful to try Tiger Air via Singapore it's often cheaper than the domestic flight in Thailand.

Here is the picture journey.

Bangkok to Phuket by Bus south terminal

south Bangkok bus terminal counters

south Bangkok bus terminal waiting

south Bangkok bus terminal left luggage

south Bangkok bus terminal ATMsouth Bangkok bus terminal slots
minibus for short distance to Kanchanaburi

minibus for short distance to Hua hin

south Bangkok bus terminal boarding for via Phang Nga

bus to Phuket via Ranong takes about 15 hour

leaving for Phuket in the afternoon

the highway to south Thailand

the highway to south Thailand at monsoon time

rest stop at Chumphon after 6 hours

our bus in the night

our double-decker bus heading south

a quick meal in a nice highway station

rest stop at Chumphon about half way

An interesting variant would be to rent a car.

Hua Hin Beach and the skyscraper
megabridge in west Bangkok
Chao Praya River underneath ther bridge
Arrival in Bangkok