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Southeast Asia is a very interesting travel holiday and vacation destination with all what people like to have for their most precious time of the year regardless of the age and gender. Most countries which are clustered along the equator are tuned for the tourists and have the right spots to make everyone happy. What needs you to do? Not much just do as locals do which means such simple things keep in mind that east meets west but with different traditions and rules. Hotels and resorts are plenty beaches and island too and just think positive there is no need to be negative because everything is not the way you are used from at home.

Focus on Bangkok Photos

A Bangkok Gallery with old and new Images

After the fall of Ayutthaya came the rise of Bangkok (Krungthep in Thai)
Here is a Bangkok image gallery with old and new photos.

King Rama ordered to move Bangkok which was declared the new capital after Ayutthaya was sacked by the Burmese army. The city was moved from Thon Buri, which was almost an empty piece of land (left side on the photo above) to the east bank of the Chao Phraya River

The relocation was to ensure the safety from Burmese attacks by putting the wide river between their army and the new capital. The land on the east bank is like a cape with an area low enough for the new Royal Palace. The river is a natural protective moat on the west and south sides of the city. Additional moats were dug on the north and east sides creating a secure island for the new capital city.
This meant that those enemies who lacked the naval skills would find it difficult to get by. If the enemies were to advance, the Siamese army was able to move back to Chanthaburi, the former headquarter, easily.

Furthermore, Thon Buri was an important city that had control trade routes, which proved beneficial when dealing with foreign and other regional cities, and easy transportation routes for moving military supplies including any facilities used to defend and develop the country. As the new capital city was not far from Ayutthaya, it was easy for people to move there and settle down in the new capital.

King Tak Sin the Great built his royal residence within the Wichai Prasit Fort, on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. He ordered the excavation of moats and built walls on all sides. To the east of the river was the Royal Palace. Near the Royal Palace, there were two temples on the other side of the river.

Wat Chaeng  / Arun (the Temple of Dawn) to the north; and Wat Thai Talat (Wat Moli Lokayararn) to the south
Chao Praya River Cruise Bangkok and Wat Arun

Thon Buri is on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River

On the east bank of the Chao Phraya River were two temples: Wat Salak (Wat Maha That Yuwarat Rangsarit to the north; and Wat Pho (Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram) to the south.

The center of Thon Buri was the residential areas of the Chinese and Vietnamese, while the outer sectors were the residential areas for the Laotians and Malays. 

Thon Buri, a small-size town situated on both sides of the river what used to be a major fort city important in terms of defense and commerce since the days of Ayutthaya. The fort that was built during King Narai the Great's reign is the Wichai Prasit Fort, situated on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, the city was in a good geographical location as the river was deep and not far from the sea. 
The modern gate to Thailand is Suvarnabhumi Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok city during the day​​

The capital of Thailand also known as "Krungthep" locally is a very busy Asian metropolis and after nightfall the city change to a different theme that is nightlife and the photos are here.

It becomes a hot nightlife and party place. Great nightlife is on at the usual hotspots like Patpong, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and dozens of other places full of bars, nightlife, show performances plus girls. There are thousands of nightlife places including watching Thai kickboxing. World famous go-go bars with dozens of young, pretty and very open minded Thai bars girls wait for you to kick off your night adventure.

Bangkok somehow is a synonym for nightlife of any version from a smooth Bangkok bar or clubs maybe around Surawong Road with pretty Thai girls to the screaming Bangkok disco with hot Bangkok girls, dancing the night through and maybe finding a companion for the night further below are Thailand bar girls pictures.

Bangkok seen from Pantip Plaza
At Central World
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Around Sukhumvit Road
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Bangkok Market Photos
Bangkok Traffic Pictures
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Bangkok is a synonym for low priced shopping as long as this are local made goods if imported it get expensive. There are several shopping districts on of them is Pratunam in the city center have a look. If you cant or dont want use the ads above at same prices as the shops on the road side without the traffic jams and it is delivered right to your door. No hassle just a honest deal.
Bangkok and the Mega Bridge over  the Chao Phraya River.
The tallest building in Thailand
Thailand highest building
In 2016 the MahaNakhon Building in Bangkok
was finished and immediately at Bla-Bla storm of so called activists erupted because it was built by a German architect and not a Thai. When people were asking why this "activists" full of xenophobia brought that up after the building was finished and not before it was built they couldn't answer. The picture left is from BP.
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City of angels at night
Bangkok is known as a sexy girls nightlife center in southeast Asia and there is a reason for.

There is no other place in the world where nightlife with women is so openly ecposed without shyness and almost everyone has fun withit. I guess when some Saudi Arabian and Pakistani religious people would ever visit this place they would fall into an instant coma. But everyone who left this religious brainwash behind like it.

The Bangkok photos at right are showing an extensive nightlife along Sukhumvit Road and Soi Cowboy near Asoke BTS Station. Sukhumvit Road and the area around Silom & Surawong Road houses most of the Bangkok nightlife spots.
  1. Bangkok night at Sukhumvit Road
  2. Bangkok night at Sukhumvit Road (1)
  3. Bangkok sexy girls night (1)
  4. Bangkok sexy girls night
Bangkok city to the airport
Bangkok Nana and the Arab Quarter
Bangkok Photo Gallery
This is definitely little Arabia in exotic Middle East Backdrop.

It is somehow similar to an Egypt, Lebanese or any other Souk in the Golf region mixed with Thai style and the usual chaos.

Most Arab restaurants won't serve beer and other alcoholics which won't matter since for drinking and girls you will visit Nana Sukhumvit anyway which is just across the road close to the BTS Station.

What makes this place interesting in the night is the wide range of exotic food from various regions of the Middle East such as the Gulf, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, Persia etc.
  1. Arab Style at Nana Sukhumvit
  2. Arab restaurant in Bangkok
  3. Arab shopping in Bangkok
  4. Arab beauty shopping