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Bangkok Airport Rail Link

Suvarnabhumi to Bangkok City with the train

The Rail Link from Bangkok City to Suvarnabhumi Airport
An elevated rail was built but had years of delay to finish the work and open the route. Originally the end of 2007 was the target to open, actually, it was opened Monday 23. August 2010.

Since Suvarnabhumi has officially an annual capacity of 45 million passengers and eventually will be able to cope with 100 million passengers a year in the future quite a lot of people can be moved.

In 2011 the Airport Rail Link had been finished and makes a ride from downtown a short and reliable 20 minutes trip but yes but as usual the organization again is lousy techniques are imported organization is local. They run the trains at almost 20 minutes interval which is far too long, the result is rolling stock is full to the brim.

There are two lines a faster from Makkasan station and the normal City Line from Phaya Thai station which again directly linked to the BTS Station. It's somehow similar to most road traffic problems which are linked to the persons in uniform who control and do the traffic light switching.

This is right in the city center and runs via Makkasan and Bangkok City Airport Terminal (CAT), to the international airport. The airport side is an underground station beneath the main terminal. The CAT has 32 airline check-in counters, automatic baggage handling system, and the usual flight information for passengers. The eight-station double-track elevated and underground line will have automatic rail operation.

Maximum rail speed is160 km/h but actually is around 100 km/h. Two types of services are operated. The express service called SA run non-stop from Makkasan - CAT to the airport. A separate commuter rail called City Line run from Phayathai station to the airport and serve six intermediate stations.

There are also connections with SRT's local rails at a number of stations.
The carriages are supplied by Siemens, one train unit consists of for four cars for the Express. They are equipped with a separate baggage compartment. The City Line operate five three-wagon units. Capacity can be increased by coupling three and four sets to a total of 10 cars.

They operate in 20 -30 minutes intervals; this can be decreased to 10 minutes but is never done. Actually, they could operate rails at two-minute intervals but never do. Start to end travel times are estimated at 15 minutes for Express and around 30 minutes for the City Line.

At the highway which runs parallel up to an hour and increasing since the car traffic continuously expands, this figure does not include the time to reach the highway which can easily be longer than the whole road travel time on the highway. The motorway to the airport also takes most traffic to the south-east of Thailand such as Pattaya and Rayong Trat plus Cambodia with Koh Kong Province.

Further destinations are Chanthaburi, Ko Samet, Koh Chang and the most important deep sea port at Leam Chabang. Here around are also most car manufacturer such as Toyota Ford and GM Honda is in the vicinity of Ayutthaya.

Airport rail link traffic is estimated at 4000 passengers per hour per direction at the beginning and could reach 50,000passenger by 2030. Bangkok City Line is a commuter operation, will be much more busy, starting at about 37,000 and reaching about 200.000 184,000 by 2030.

The Airport underground Terminal 

The half hour travel time from the Phayathai terminal in the city center to the underground station at the other end is about 30 minutes. That sounds not bad but as usual, it is not organized properly because the train intervals are around 30 minutes and with that there are a real lot of people already waiting at the platform.

What is the result?

Most of the time the station is cram packed with people and they have a problem to get into wagons. The whole station etc. looks quite good optically, it was constructed by Siemens, after passing it over for operation to the Thai organization is just not good, they can't organize things it's always chaotic. To make this in a proper way intervals need not more than about 10 minutes, they talk about this problem from time to time but they never solve it.
Bangkok Airport Link Station

Actually, in 2014 they found out that the Thai person who runs the company manipulated his CV and greased some people to get the job he had no qualification to run such a company. It's difficult to believe that but most of the good jobs people have to buy in, it's never a matter of qualification. After they bought the job they do everything to retrieve the money they paid by corruption as quick as possible.
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The airport link at Phayathai BTS station.

 The Airport rail link station