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Visiting Bali Indonesia 

Bali  Indonesia fun in Southeast Asia

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Marvelous Bali in the Indian Ocean
An ASEAN holiday environment with a tropical climate and palm-fringed sandy limestone beaches. 

Here are many seafronts, short, long, with boulders and different underwater topology in front which make the waves everyone can get what he or she wants inclusive different sand colors, palms, leaves and coniferous trees. When staying on one of the waterfronts easy day tours can be arranged to anywhere because the island is rather small although roads are not good at all a very good example how it should be made is Phuket.
After Phuket, this is the best-known island destination in the ASEAN region.

A global tourist destination with attractive beaches, fascinating waterfronts near the South China Sea, Buddhist and Hindu temples and rich culture centered on Hinduism.

This spot in the Ocean is not a typical one because whole Indonesia is a Muslim nation and only Bali stands out with the great Hindu and partly Buddhist culture for a better explanation of the location check the Bali Map on the page.

The Indonesian island is one of the major tourist destinations in the region and that has to do with the location since most tourists are from Australia and Singapore plus the culture, scenic attraction, beaches, fantastic tribal music plus paintings and rich artwork, especially around the Ubud area, they are a legend. But to say it clear the infrastructure especially roads is lousy over the whole island. 
Major attraction for sun-seeker and beachcomber are the waterfronts around the island most having hotels resorts apartments and other accommodations in the background.

The better are Sanur beach Soka  Kuta  Lovina Legian Medewi Nusa Dua and the Jimbaran Waterfront. Actually there much more but this is the most popular and not difficult to reach. Since most roads in Bali are of a low standard it is always needed to ask how to travel there and what things to do.

The island has, similar to all other spots in the region only two seasons dry and wet best for sun-hungry visitors is June to August. When intending to travel around on the island the best is to hire a motor bike but this is also the most dangerous because of two reasons.

First the country hasnt really left the ox-cart age yet in terms of the behaviour of the people on the road and this is because everyone thinks he/she is the only only one in the universe and dont care about any other person.
Bali Indonesia

Now what's the first thing to do?

Probably a tour across the island to get an idea what's up and around since this spot in the Indian Ocean is quite diverse.

From beaches to volcanos large lakes and great surf grounds to the rich culture around the temples and in Ubud. The place is famous for the panoramas with the paddy fields and what the people made out of it over the centuries including the easy way of living.

But people are very lazy. E.g. I guess they earn too much money, why? I tried in vain to get a tour for me (one person) nobody interested unless they can fill up a whole bus. 
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Indonesian Island Photos

Raja Ampat Island is another spot in the ocean

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This is one of the countless islands of Indonesia far north of Bali but nevertheless, a great scuba diving location, check it out.

The Indonesian Archipelagos have dotted with wonderful holiday destinations an excellent destination in the ASEAN community in the east it's almost Australia. ​Beside of   exotic tropical beaches , islands, water sports such as scuba diving and other the country has plenty things to show and discover for a start try the photos and videos here that are real "eye candy". I am always amazed when thinking how the Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and other maneuvered this difficult and pirate-infested waters with their clumsy and heavy vessels long time ago. Don't forget to make a comment further below.

Bali beach scene

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The Kuta seafront and "hinterland" has the most affordable attractive spots in Bali.

For a couple of days with beach fun and nightlife. Plenty of budget accommodation are around here plus hot and sometimes very unconventional things to do on the night which includes great restaurants, bars, disco, clubs, lounges and the only places with go-go girls on the island. All this is just about ten minutes walk away from the Kuta beachfront.

Since the weather is a warm tropical one all year long it could be also a good place for some weekend fun because airline tickets are quite low and service not bad at all, try Air Asia they are the regional "Dominator" just try and enjoy that beach vacation.

There are plenty shopping possibilities for native art with the best for sure in Ubud, rent a scooter to travel there but be extremely careful on the road the road travel  is even lowest than in Thailand and means something since Thais are already on the bottom of the road accident list only before Zimbabwe. but for beach wear, clothes and accessories better shop here before since most of those things to shop you won't find in Bali. 

A bit further to the east the legendary South Sea starts with countless islands and dozens of countries which just consists of them.