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Bali day tours

Bali day tours in Indonesia
The major difference to the other islands of the country is the religion,   e. g. the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple pictured above. An iconic reflection of Bali, this Hindu-Buddhist temple is from the 17th century it is dedicated to Dewi Danu.

Bali is a tiny pocket of Hinduism in a sea of Muslim-majority Indonesia. Most other Indonesians are Muslims some are Christians and Buddhist, Bali people are mainly Hindu and that really make a difference, but it has another similarity, it's becoming overcrowded. 

Travelers come for great holidays in a warm tropical climate to enjoy palm-fringed sandy beaches embedded in limestone. Here are many seafronts, short, long, with boulders and caves. Different underwater topology in front produces interesting waves everyone can enjoy when surfing. Actually, the best surfing grounds in Bali are in the northwest . When staying at a beach resort easy day tours can be arranged to anywhere because the island is rather small although roads are not good at all a very good example how it should be made is Phuket.

Kuta Nightlife
Ubud Art
Hindu Temples
The island is of volcanic origin, and the mountains are in the northern third of the island, the highest peak is Mount Agung (3140 meters), a volcano which hasn‘t erupted since a long time. There are other volcanoes which throw out lava, fire and ash more often notable Mt. Batur at Lake Batur which is a bit northwest of the highest peak of the island which is Mount Agung.

A bit of History

Bali Island size is 5632 sqkm, the population is about 3 million, this is one of the 27 provinces of Indonesia. Bali has a long known history and this is strongly connected to Hinduism and the influence of Arabs who brought Islam. The first signs of Indian influence in Bali can be traced back to the 8th century. For the time after are references to the first dynasty of rulers in the 10th century. By the end of the 13th Century, the island came under the influence of the Javanese kings of Singhasan, from 1343 the island was annexed by the Kingdom of Madjapahiut.

Between the 15th and 16 Centuries, there was a massive influx of Hindus who escaped problems with Muslims in the other parts of the country asylum were given to them. In the 17th Century, the island was divided into nine principalities. In 1743 it became a Dutch protectorate; the Dutchman had been here since 1597 by a trading post and got the island under control by the middle of the 19th Century.

Today there is a peaceful coexistence between all ethnic groups. Over time people got more tolerant; Today it's the "Island of the Gods", and "island of thousand temples". Hinduism is somehow visible everywhere in particular at the many temples where people pray to different gods such as Brahma, Wisnu, Shiva and other.
Bali & Indonesian Map
Bali Temple
Each temple has its own festival once a year and crowds of devotees from all parts of the island are taking part, it's a marvelous and colorful coming together. Economically, the island is characterized by agriculture and also has a very creative craftsmen and artists scene mainly around Ubud in the center of the island, but not only there. Rice is the most important agricultural product the vast rice fields, fenced by groves of coconut palms are mainly in the southern half, but not only there. Over the centuries the typical rice terraces have been carved out, corn, fruits, and coffee are also grown. A lush tropical vegetation dominate the landscape, the predominant colors are green and the blue-green sea. 

Bali day tours Legends

Different people have other ideas legend has it that long ago Bali was covered in lush forests, disturbed only by cool rivers curving through its valleys. In these forests lived ghouls and spirits, strange wild animals and fantastical creatures. Mortals were too afraid to enter the forests, but those who sought spiritual enlightenment were drawn to them as if by magic. It is that three holy men, or Begawantha, stayed in one of these forests and cultivated the hills nearby.  Eventually, they built a shelter which became known as the village of Begawan.

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In this part of Denpasar are countless of beach resorts plus apartments and other accommodations around the Kuta area with the best deals available the further away from the beach the location is. A view good hotels with a lower price tag are also available along the bypass road with user-friendly prices. 

Kuta in Denpasar is fun day and night and no need to travel around for it this is for sure the place to stay in Bali. It's very compact on the one side the beach and a few blocks further up is Legian Street with most bars, clubs, discos, restaurants and other fun places. You maybe won't believe it but they also have go-go girls there. Most Bali tourists on a day tour are Australian.
  1. Grand Inna Kuta Bali
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sanur beach

​Rice Business

Bali Images

Still the main attraction to the local people

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  9. volcanoe lake
  10. rice terrace
  11. rice terraces
  12. amazing hindu temple
Although tourism brings plenty of money people still farm the vertile volcano soil because there is also enough water throuout the year.
Things to enjoy and do in Kuta 
Bali Photos
Tourism with Bali hotels and travel plus tours brings arguably the most money into the country. The holiday business has a steady growth rate since the opening of the International Ngurah Rai airport at Denpasar in the early 196X actually at Bali most day tour start from the hotels.

After tourist infrastructure was subsequently expanded, but they have forgotten the streets, most are in a miserable condition except a few 4 lane stretches around Denpasar. How it really should be made can be seen in Phuket Thailand , where an excellent road network was built over the last decades.
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A day trip to the volcano & Batur Lake 
Pictures of central and north Bali
Lake Batur is at the foot of the volcano and that's a hot one nothing cooled down yet lava still burst frequently.

This is the Kintamani district. When I visited the place the edge of the volcano was still black burned from the last outflow. The farmer and fishermen learned to live with their hot neighbor and also with the tourists who bring them additional income.

When watching the picture (right) the dark brown patches is the lava from the last volcanic eruption.
On a day tour you probably would not experience an eruption in Bali.

  1. Lake Batur the volcano is to the left
  2. part of lake Batur
  4. flying the kites
Actually, the soil around is very fertile  which is natural everywhere lava is around. This is probably the main reason why people always come back after they had to flee from an outburst.

Bali is also quite overcrowded as the whole Indonesia they produce far too many kids which make all people finally poor but they are not able to understand it. It also has to do with religion, Muslim and Hindu have the highest birth rates worldwide.

Ubud Photos
Many people choose Ubud for a longer stay although there are no beaches around.

The place has the image of being the art center of the island and the local people make some money with it. Actually not only the locals.

There is a busy export scene with a worldwide shipment of the beautiful artwork and they are creative indeed producing exceptional handicraft and pieces of art it's often very similar as in a gallery in Phuket Town .  
  1. a Bali style sitting Buddha
  2. other creative work
  5. Many Buddha heads
  7. Bali consumer art