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Ayutthaya boat tour

A Ayutthaya River Cruise

Around the city on canals and the  rivers
Historical Park
History and War with Burma
Ayutthaya boat trip highlights
For local use take a longtail boat or for travel, all the way down to Bangkok or further to the north maybe use the houseboats are only available on "wet lease" conditions and relatively expensive.

A typical Ayutthaya River Cruise with a longtail boat it's about Baht 500,- for an hour would just be right, there is no real problem to make the short journey it just need some negotiation. To get a good orientation to the city, canals and rivers make this cruise the boats are waiting at different locations. The best is get you to Chantharakasem National Museum, Pom Phet and Wat Phananchoeng Pier, which is not far from any location on the island.

When making this trip on the water make sure to have a cover on top because the sun is very strong and without a top sunburn is inevitable. On the map below the rivers can be seen very clearly
old Ayutthaya map
What to do and to see?

Several museums and famous monasteries plus pagodas and temples. For a day tour rent a longtail boat for a river / canal ride around. 

The Temples and monasteries are the main attractions and a river cruise on the canals around the old city should not be missed. A round tour its about one hour with a “longtail” boat and costs around Baht 500,-, which is reasonable, this cruise shows the laid back river life. There are no bullock carts anymore rural countryside with oxcart etc. can be seen and experienced in neighboring Myanmar.

On the Chao Praya River
The Chao Praya River with the
famous Wat Arun