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Ang Thong Marine National Park

Ang Thong Thailand 

Ko Samui
Islands in the Gulf of Thailand off Ko Samui

To enjoy the panorama over the 40 limestone islands of the Ang Thong Park is not as easy because the climb up to the viewpoint is sure a challenge. Don't do this climb if you are not fit and your legs in perfect conditions.

The first step is to book the tour at the hotel or a travel agent, he or she will arrange a pickup around 8amin the morning, they carry you to the jetty for breakfast, and also most hotels can do the booking. Be aware that you should do this as a day tour since there are no real accommodations.

The Ang Thong marine national park HQ entertains a few rotten local style bungalows as they do in almost any NP but forget it. It's very difficult to book those and there is also no support for camping. It is also annoying to discuss the conditions and as usual the money "under the table". The best is take the speedboat leave Ko Samui in the morning and handle it as a day trip.
After an hour’s pleasant speedboat ride somewhere before reaching the archipelago, the speedboat driver stops for a while so everyone who likes can go swimming and snorkeling. The translation of the name Ang Thong means "golden basin".

An alternative is to float with a larger vessel which costs less but takes longer for most "daytripper" a climb up of the main hill on Ko Wua Talap bring gigantic  panoramas and make you breathless because it’s a steep trek over 500 meters where most of the time need to pull you up on a thick rope. What gets you out of it? A fantastic few when you are on top of the hill, just watch the picture with islands in the background.

On the islands are plenty of white pristine beaches some with countless palm tree’s contrasting the emerald Andaman Sea. Main activities are kayaking and snorkeling plus climbing up to the view point. It is not possible to stay overnight on this spot in the Gulf of Thailand without plenty of problems and begging so better consider it for a daytour. To do kayaking around the islands make the booking together with the whole trip.

The lookout makes the people who do the tour for sure happy although the climb / pull yourselves up on the ropes is a real challenge. Most important take comfortable and suitable shoes and if possible take some gloves as the stones you have to hold on have very sharp edges and you also have a better grip on the rope. The people who made this trek have done a great job at this once pristine archipelago.

Until 1980 the Thai navy controlled the place because before it was a hideout for pirates.
The attractions are without doubts the tropical islands, the emerald sea, the great beaches and the proximity to Ko Samui and Ko Phangan which is well known for its rave scene and the full moon parties.

Speedboats have a capacity for around 20 people but they squeeze 40 into boats which are powered by up 3 outboard engines each with 200hp means 600hp all together, that is producing quite a thrust. The tour is also ok for families with children. In 2016 a Tsunami from China rolled over the country far too many fully unskilled local people doing the speedboat job.

Since at the beginning of the year already more than three dozen tourists (mainly Chinese) have been killed in accidents when boats crashed into each other although Thais can’t do these jobs because they have no skills and training, they just don’t care. E.g. at the Songkran week which corresponds to the “New Year” elsewhere the dead count on the road always reaches around 400, this is one week only.
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The weather is similar to Ko Samui

which means it follows the usual Thailand pattern, even in the rainy season the sun shines almost every day even during monsoon times it’s an all year round vacation destination. 

On Ko Mae Ko is the emerald lagoon (picture below), it can be reached after a steep climb over some metal staircases ( picture below) fixed to the limestones.
This small lake is fed by seawater and it is not allowed to jump into the lake, don't do because you won't be able to get out afterward. There are no accommodations in the archipelago since this is a rather small national park. on any of the islands, use a Phangan or Samui hotel or resort.

Some small animals are present in the Ang Thong marine national park in upper southern Thailand.

Such as wild pigs, snakes, macaques, leopard cats and other creatures, but normally you won’t see them also swiftlets are present 
Some highlights are Ko Mae Ko with the emerald lagoon which can be reached after a steep climb over some metal staircases fixed to the limestones. 

This small lake is fed by seawater and it is not allowed to jump into it, don't do it because you won’t be able to get out afterward.

There are no accommodations in the archipelago because
this is a rather small national park.
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Ang Thong National park green lagoon
How to travel there?

It's very easy, either take an aircraft from Bangkok.

Check first which airport it is departing since they have two (2017) or use the bus to Surat Thani which leaves at Bangkok’s southern bus terminal but also from the northern. Keep in mind the Thai philosophy is “same same but different” got the message?

That is one of the reasons why the politicians are constantly fighting in Bangkok and the deep south bombs are exploding every day, an alternative would be the train from Huang Lamphong Station.
Use the BTS Skytrain to the western terminal and after about a 30 minutes’ drive by taxi (roughly Baht 200,-). Browse the counters from different bus operators since they have various departure times and prices and don't listen to anyone since there are always people who try to pull you somewhere to get a commission on you. They practically try to sell you to the highest bidder, you won’t see this but they do it everywhere in the country also at hotels, taxis etc.​​
Ang Thong Marine National Park Thailand