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Almost every country has places with a different light spectrum depending on time mood and feeling. The best brights lights available are in southern regions which are tropical places or others such as Portugal.

Amazing Places in Lisbon Portugual 

Portuguese Photos
Visiting Portugal and Lisbon means to feel good

The first time I came to Lisbon was a few decades ago and there was a good reason because I just bought a new Alfa Romeo and thought to do an inauguration drive from the heart of Europe via France and Spain to Portugal. 

One impression was always in my mind since then which was the flood of light and a feeling of easy living in endless summer. The Atlantic ocean and the spectrum of shades in Lisbon are somehow different to places such as Nice and Cannes on the Mediterranean Sea since shadows are much harder here but this is a great place and worth a journey.

Lisbon is one of those places to go and feel fine

Here is an easy-going Mediterranean atmosphere with eternal summer where the cold and wet winter months of northern Europe can just be ignored. Many houses have walls decorated with shining tiles which brighten city streets and make them very decorative.

Hard contrasts and shadows increase the colorful beauty of the old European city. It almost never rains in this southwest part of Europe which is attractive to young and old people alike. A good example is surfing in the Atlantic ocean and enjoying retirement time which is popular with people from other parts of Europe. They like to see Lisbon shining and having a good time in a cafe shop drinking port or maybe an exceptional wine.
  1. Lisbon Atlantic Ocean Coast
  2. Lisbon and the bridge
  3. Pretty Portuguese Girl
  4. houses with tile walls
  5. Lisbon shines
  6. Surfing at Nazare
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  8. vasco da gama bridge in lisbon
  9. Lisbon Atlantic Ocean Coast
  10. Lovely Lisbon
  11. lisbon tiles decoration
  12. Lisbon  places
old town Lisbon and Tejo River
Urban views of a south European city between the Ocean and a River

Old and modern means an ideal "melange" come together in Lisbon and let the city shine see a related Lisbon clip here.

Lisbon downtown can be divided into the area before and after the earthquake in 1755.  Along the Tagus river is part of downtown with myriads of shops including a plethora of wine cellars where it is possible to taste most bottle before you buy them and there is marvelous wine available actually the country is known together with France and Spain as the premier wine producer in Europe that includes such wonderful liquids as "Port" and other.

The old Lisbon City

The town is located at the mouth of the Tagus River ("Rio Tejo") and was founded by the Phoenicians around 1100 B.C. as a trading post.

The place has accumulated a rich heritage over the centuries.

In 1147 Lisbon finally became a part of Europe when crusaders led by Alfonso I conquered Lisbon again during the Christian Reconquista after an about 400 years long Moorish domination. The location is more or less lands end on southwest Europe here is the northwest end of Europe with up to 40-degree centigrade which is for sure less comfortable. Today the Lisbon is easily accessible from everywhere in Europe and US other places may need a stopover elsewhere. 

When making a tour to visit this attractive places it could be interesting to use the local airline for the flight because they usually offer relatively cheap connecting flights to elsewhere in Europe since their hub is here. 
  1. The old Lisbon City
  2. still embracing catholics
  3. Lisbon Center
  4. lisbon streetcar in old town
  5. the southwest end of Europe
  6. lisbon streetcar
  7. fun in Lisbon
  8. Lisbon and the Ocean

Exploring northern lights

Aurora Borealis or Polar Lights is one of the planet's strangest sights. Many people want to see them and that needs some (usual) expensive travel with a dedicated package specialist because nobody can guarantee you will really see it.

A good idea could be to head to the north between late autumn 
and in early spring with the best slot in the winter which also is the coldest time. Now how to get to this remote areas in a reasonable way withing a touristic trip?

It is at its best between the autumn equinox and the spring equinox as, during this period, this part of the northern hemisphere is in the darkness between 6pm and 1am, which means this will be the optimum time for seeing the natural marvel.

Some of the best places to witness the Northern Lights phenomenon in northern Norway are at Lofoten, Tromso, Svolvor and Hammerfest. These places offer a great selection of the best vantage points to witness the Aurora Borealis in a landscape which doesn't suffer from light pollution like many other countries in Europe.

To get to these locations in northern Norway, you can choose from a wide variety of ways to travel and experience the Northern Lights, these can include a specialist Northern Lights sea cruise, a snowmobile safari or even a husky sled ride adventure through the snow-covered wilderness.

Other ways to experience the Aurora Borealis in this region could include a whole host of daily and evening activities, ranging from snowmobile trips in the polar night around the likes of Mehamn or Kjollefjord whilst you view the beautiful clear starlit landscape. How about the unique experience of a midnight concert in the Arctic Cathedral at Tromso? Enjoy a special night concert in this elegant and historical church, filled with the sounds of some of the most beautiful Norwegian folk songs, along with many classical music pieces.

Places to go to watch the northern light

Polar Travel Photos
Usually, there are many places in the far north to watch the famous polar light and very often it is not only green.

What is everywhere the same it's extremely cold the normal figures are around 40-degree centigrade. Now, what is the best way to visit this places since it needs long distances to go? I used the aircraft a few times when I was in Finland but that trip is very much depending on the weather. Another carrier to amazing places to go in the north are the  " Hurtigruten ".

Now we use a visually more interesting travel routing and that is with a huge "steamer"  which delivers freight such as cars and trucks plus other.

They also take passengers to visit this amazing places and many come although it's really cold.  A journey to the polar circle is no cheap stuff but definitely an exceptional. The ship is operated by the Norwegian  "Hurtigruten" "hurting" means fast but this ride on the north sea is for sure not fast which is not important anyway on this trip to visit amazing places in the far north of Europe to watch northern lights or a great aurora. 
  1. cruise to the north cape
  2. cruise to see the polarlight
  3. A guide in the north sea
  4. the hurtigruten polar ship
  5. Beautiful places to go in Norway
  6. Islands of Norway
  7. on the polar ship
  8. Icy places to travel
Polarlight in Norway