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19th street Yangon Street Food

Street Food Dinner  in Chinatown

Yangon   Nightlife 
Street food is Myanmar style fast stuff and here at 19th street along Maha Bandoola the crowd is around in the evening all to eat some "quickie", chicken, beef and pork skewer are popular.

The open fire is common and the dishes are cheap and all around is not clean at all. If you are not a native be very careful since the hygienic around this food are often hair-raising and just to eat something quick because it looks good and it's cheap can easily ruin your vacation. It won't matter now if this is only meat or also vegetable don't spoil up your few days in the city.

The most dangerous are whole fish balls

Myanmar's like it anyway don't take any kind of seafood even there are plenty of them laying around. There are also some noodle eateries around and among the Indian & Pakistani community biryani in various forms with rice, chicken, mutton, and beef are delicious food. At a few places, they serve hamburger and Korean and Japanese style dishes.

Fresh mushrooms roots and vegetables

Fresh Mushrooms, roots, and maize are good for in between, supplemented with some other vegetables and some juice makes a quick lunch. There are many vegetarian in the country, either Indian origin or Burmese.